Oshi No Ko Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Oshi no Ko’ episode 11 titled ‘Idol,’ B-Komachi girls finally give their first stage performance at the Japan Idol Festival, which goes really well as they had planned. Later, Mem-cho realizes that Kana Arima has feelings for Aqua but is unsure of whom to support in the love triangle that involves Aqua and Akane as well. When the popular manga Tokyo Blade gets a stage adaptation, Kaburagi ensures that Akane and Aqua get the top roles. Aqua accepts the offer since it gives him a chance to get one step closer to his father.

Kaburagi Gets Aqua And Akane Acting Roles

Shortly before their performance, a group of fans at the Japan Idol Festival talk about going to see Mem-cho’s performance. When one of them learns that she has joined the B-Komachi group, he tells his friends that they have taken the name from an old band, which was immensely popular because of the famous idol Ai Hoshino. With their dreams finally becoming a reality, Kana, Ruby, and Mem-cho get to the stage and start their performance.

Naturally, they were really nervous seconds before they got to the stage, but once the performance started, they overcame it and delivered a great performance that was loved by all the fans. Interestingly, Aqua was cheering for them from the crowd. As they were returning home in the car, Arima seemed really pissed with Aqua since she suspects that he is close with Akane. Miyako understands her feelings and forces Aqua to open up about his relationship; that’s when Arima learns that he is not seriously committed to her.

Suddenly, Arima’s mood changes, and she becomes quite playful with Aqua. Mem-cho finally realizes that she has feelings for him but is unsure of what Aqua feels or whom to support in the love triangle. Meanwhile, the popular manga Tokyo Blade is getting a stage adaptation for which one of the producers is looking to hire more actors. He meets Kaburagi regarding this, and he eventually ends up hiring these roles to Aqua and Akane.

Why Do Akane and Kana Don’t Like Each Other?

In order to sustain a public image that they are together, Akane and Aqua meet each other at a restaurant. They take selfies there and then post them online. Akane feels that this is enough to keep the fans gossiping about their relationship, which is good for them as entertainers as it keeps them relevant in the news. Then Akane talks about the role of Princess Saya in Tokyo Blade and asks if they reached out to him as well. When she mentions that the Lala Lai theater is at the center of the production, Aqua recalls what Kaburagi had told him.

Aqua then tells Akane that he would definitely take the role. She appears really excited and tells him that he will be playing the role of her character’s lover, Touki. Although the show comes under the Boy’s Love genre, it has a significant male fan following because of the straight romantic relationships. It turns out that story features a love triangle between the characters Touki, Saya, and Tsurugi. Akane says that the actress for Tsurugi has not been decided yet; that’s when Kana arrives there and announces that she has got that part in the play.

Kana Arima then shows the duo their social media post and points out that they shouldn’t be posting in real-time as this will give stalkers a chance to track them down. She explains that scheduled posts for outdoor photos are a common practice for obvious reasons. Akane appears furious and tells Arima that she thinks she has already quit the industry since the two of them haven’t really acted together in a long time. This comment does not go well with Kana, who then mocks Akane’s inability to get any lucrative roles in the past.

When Kana walks away, Akane tells Aqua that they have known each other since their childhood acting days. Aqua sees that there is animosity between the two of them and asks them to try and get along. Akane refuses to do so as she recalls losing all acting opportunities because of Kana, as she was considered a gifted actress. She is adamant that she won’t let Arima outshine her this time. Meanwhile, Ruby visits her mother’s grave after she has officially become an idol, just as Ai had predicted. Aqua, on the other hand, vows to find his father.

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