Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Recap: Actors

In ‘Oshi no Ko’ episode 4 titled ‘Actors,’ Aqua ensures that he sets the stage for Kana’s acting to flourish during the final episode of the show after learning that Kaburagi does not care about her at all. Eventually, Kana’s performance is praised in a small section of the viewers who stick to the series till the last episode despite the bad rating. After the DNA results come back, Aqua learns that the director is not related to him at all. Meanwhile, at the Youtou High School, Ruby makes a new friend.

Kana Is Praised For Her Acting

Although Aqua has already collected the DNA samples he needed, he decides to stick around as he realizes how important this show is for Kana. He smartly plans every step in his shot to make the final episode as interesting as possible. This eventually opens up a great opportunity for Kana, whose final shot is actually one of the best scenes of the entire show. It gives her a chance to showcase her acting abilities and truly express herself. Aqua does set things up so nicely, that Kana’s performance really stands out.

Although at this point, most people have stopped watching the show, Kana’s leave a lasting mark on a small section of the fans. The writer whose manga had inspired the series eventually congratulates Kana for her performance. During the after party, Aqua meets Kaburagi. By this point he already knows that the director is not his father and they are not releated in any manner. Interestingly, Kaburagi notices Aqua’s looks and praises his talent. He also reveals how was invovled in Ai’s life before she passed away. Later, in the Youtou High School, Ruby becomes friend with a girl named Minami.

What Makes Ruby Insecure? Who Does Aqua Recommend As the Next Member of Ruby’s Idol Group?

After becoming friends with Minami, Ruby introduces her to Aqua. Unfortunately, Aqua is cold and even goes as far as saying that he did not join the Youtou High School to become friends with people. When Ruby mocks him for not having friends, he goes on to explain that the general ed is different as it is an integrated middle and high school program. Therefore, friendships are already established in his classes and it would take some to get to know others.

After listening to Aqua, Ruby tells Minami to become his friend and she happily accepts. The conversation then turns toward the good-looking and famous students at the school. When Aqua mentions that he has hardly seen anyone who he has previously seen on any media before, so there is no need to get nervous at all. That’s when Aqua recalls this one amazing student named Frill Shiranui, who was late to the class as she had to go on live TV for a promo earlier that day.

It turns out that she is a famous multitalented star who can act, sing, and dance. Her 9 p.m. Monday TV drama is a huge hit these days and Ruby is a really big fan of hers. Just when they are having this conversation, Frill is walking past them. Minami and Ruby get excited to see her while Aqua feels that they should just treat her like any other classmate. Then he approaches her and tells Frill that his sister Ruby is in the same class as her and requests to get along with her.

Interestingly, Frill has seen the television show Aqua has recently acted in. She not only praises him but also remembers Minami’s name as she has seen her on the cover of a magazine. But to Ruby’s disappointment, Frill does not know her at all and asks her what she does. This incident makes Ruby insecure that she will get bullied by her school friends if she does not get into the entertainment industry as soon as possible.

Later that day, she tells Miyako to organize the idol group as soon as possible. Unfortunately, finding new members who are talented enough is not an easy task. Aqua is listening to their conversation and feels that he knows just the right candidate for the job. He tells Miyako to sign Kana in the idol group as she is not only talented but also has a decent social media fan following.

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