Oshi No Ko Episode 8 Recap: First Time

In ‘Oshi no Ko’ episode 8 titled ‘First Time,’ Akane shocks everyone with her brilliant portrayal of Ai on the dating show. Aqua gets quite conflicted about his feelings for Ai and spends a day with Kana to find some clarity. He later learns that Akane has studied Ai quite deeply and she understands her quite closely. When the shooting for the dating show eventually wraps up, the director tells Aqua that he will keep his promise and schedules a dinner with him so that he can reveal some of Ai’s secrets.

Akane Wows Aqua With Her Acting

With her acting brilliance, Akane manages to leave everyone in awe as she deliberately portrays herself as Ai. The cameraman to the co-stars is impressed by her, while Aqua is in a state of shock. All of a sudden, he seems to show a different kind of interest in Akane. Yuki and Mem notice this shift in his demeanor and ask Akane to continue acting in the same manner. When Akane is asked if she would accept Aqua’s proposal to date her, she accepts that she would consider the possibility.

When Kana watches the show with Ruby, she appears to feel jealous and acts as if she no longer cares about it. Meanwhile, Aqua is conflicted and wonders what Ai means to her. He later asks Kana to bunk school and spends some time with her outside. The duo spends some time together and Aqua uses this opportunity to truly understands his feelings. The following day, Aqua talks to Akane about her portrayal of Ai. It turns out that Akane has done a lot of research to pull off that role and she has also come to the shockingly accurate conclusion that Ai had a secret child.

Aqua realizes that Akane can be of use and comes to the conclusion that he cannot cut cords with her. On the last day of the dating show, he kisses her in front of the camera. When Kana finally sees the episode, she is really disappointed and it is quite obvious that she likes Aqua. After the show wraps up, the director schedules a dinner with Aqua, so that he can tell him some of Ai’s secrets. At the party that night, his co-stars tease him about dating Akane.

Are Akane and Aqua Dating?

At the party when everyone is busy, Akane and Aqua decide to talk alone. Akane reveals that she already knows that Aqua is not interested in her romantically. Aqua is also quite straightforward in this regard and tells her that she is right. However, he then goes on to point out that he is fascinated by her acting. The duo agree to remain, boyfriend and girlfriend, as part of their jobs. It turns out that Yuki and Nobu have started dating in real life. Interestingly, the former has previously rejected the latter’s proposal on the show. But it turns out that she just wanted to keep things private.

Will Mem Join Ruby’s Idol Group?

After the party, Mem and Aqua part ways with the rest of the show’s actors and walk together in the opposite direction. When Aqua inquires if she is going by taxi, Mem reveals that she lives close enough to walk back home. It turns out that the neighborhood is mostly occupied by people in the entertainment industry, so it is understandable that she wants to live there.

When Mem inquires about Aqua’s relationship with Akane, he clarifies that it is purely a working relationship. Mem feels that the couple should really date in real life as she notices Aqua blushing when Akane was portraying Ai. After she is mentioned, Mem reveals her fascination with B Komachi and claims that everyone adores them. After a pause, she confesses that she originally intended to become an idol but couldn’t achieve her dream because of some setbacks.

But she is proud that she is now doing well as a YouTuber. That’s when Aqua reveals that the new B Komachi is currently recruiting new members and she could join if she wants. Mem is naturally shocked that she now has such an opportunity and does not say much. But it is obvious that she is going to accept the offer and finally fulfill her lifelong dream.

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