Outlander: Do Rob Cameron and Jemmy Go to the Past? Is Rob a Time Traveler?

The seventh episode of Starz’s historical seriesOutlander’ season 7 revolves around Rob Cameron’s efforts to get closer to Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie and Roger MacKenzie’s family. He also spends time with their son Jemmy and eventually gets permission to take the boy out for a movie night with his nephew. Soon, Brianna and Roger come to learn that Rob has been lying to them as they realize that he kidnapped their son. Roger’s search for Jemmy leads him to the conclusion that Rob went to the past with his son through the stones. But has he really traveled to the past with the boy? Let us provide the answer. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Rob Cameron and Jemmy Go to the Past? Is Rob a Time Traveler?

Brianna and Roger realize that Jemmy got kidnapped after the latter’s sister Amanda dreams about the same. After calling Rob’s sister, Brianna confirms that Jemmy was never at the former’s house for a sleepover, only for her to perceive that her colleague kidnapped her son. Roger and his relative William “Buck” MacKenzie commence their search for Jemmy, which leads them to the stones, the doors to the past. At the stones, they discover Jemmy’s scarf, which makes them conclude that Rob went to the past with Jemmy to find the gold hidden by Jamie Fraser in the Spaniard’s Cave.

In the eighth episode of the seventh season, Roger sets out to travel to the 18th century to find Jemmy. Buck joins his relative and together, the duo travels to the past through the stones to find Rob and the little boy. However, Rob most likely hasn’t traveled to the past because he isn’t a time traveler like the MacKenzies. Leaving the scarf behind at the stones is likely a trick he pulls on Roger to make him go to the past in search of his son, which allows him to fulfill his vicious plan to lay his hands on the hidden gold. In Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ novels, the source texts of the series, Rob doesn’t travel to the 18th century with Jemmy as Roger believes.

In the novels, Rob locks Jemmy up in the tunnel where Brianna encounters a strange portal. After making sure that Roger isn’t in the twentieth century to stop him, Rob goes to Lallybroch to talk to Brianna. He asks her to make Jemmy reveal the location of the gold hidden by his grandfather, which doesn’t happen. Rob then asks Brianna to have sex with him if she wants the whereabouts of her son. Brianna fights her vicious colleague, locks him up in a priest hole, and sets out to find her son. With the help of her daughter Amanda, who is strangely or supernaturally connected to her brother, Brianna finds Jemmy.

Brianna and the children then seek security at the house of Fiona Buchan. Meanwhile, Rob manages to escape from Brianna’s custody and arrives at the Buchans’ house to learn about Craigh na Dun stones. He disappears from the place when Jemmy calls the police but returns again to find the gold. Brianna and her children escape from Rob with the help of Fiona’s husband Ernie and Lionel Menzies, Jemmy’s school principal. They eventually end up in the United States, seeking safety from Rob and his cruelty. Therefore, it is safe to say that Rob and Jemmy most likely haven’t traveled to the past in the series since the former isn’t a time traveler.

Although Brianna is expected to find her son Jemmy and reunite with him, she may confront another challenge soon. In Gabaldon’s novels, Roger ends up in 1739 after traveling through the stones rather than in the 1770s. Brianna and their children may travel to the past to find him.

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