Palm Royale: Where is the Apple TV+ Series Filmed?

Crafted by Abe Sylvia, ‘Palm Royale’ follows the tumultuous life of Max Simmons as she tries to secure a seat at one of the most exclusive and ostentatious clubs in the world: Palm Royale. Adapted from Juliet McDaniel’s ‘Mr. & Mrs. American Pie,’ the Apple TV+ drama series transports us to 1960s Florida, where newcomer Max Simmons becomes immediately taken by the extravagance of the Palm Royale as soon as she lays eyes on it. The established members of the club, especially Evelyn Rollins and its community of wealthy middle-aged women, are dismissive of Max’s ambitions and find her tedious at best.

Determined to prove herself worthy of their respect and admiration, Max studies the workings and practices of Palm Royale, learning to navigate and eventually upset its intricate social hierarchy with cunning and finesse. As Max begins to ingratiate herself into the inner circle of the club, she discovers that beneath its glamorous facade lies a dark underbelly of secrets and scandal. However, as Max rises in prominence within the club, she becomes the target of jealousy and resentment from those who would see her fail. Schemes and plots are hatched against her, and Max must use all of her wits and resourcefulness to outmaneuver her adversaries.

Themes of ambition, social class, and intrigue pervade the miniseries, as we enter the unexpectedly cutthroat world of Palm Royale, where appearances are everything and loyalty is a commodity. Set against the backdrop of 1960s Florida, ‘Palm Royale’ recreates the essence of a vibrant and nostalgic era. With lush palm and clam beaches complementing the glamorous venues and events of the prestigious club, questions regarding the actual filming location behind the series are likely to arise.

Palm Royale Filming Locations

The picturesque locations seen in ‘Palm Royale’ are largely recreated using sites around Los Angeles, California, with some shots of Palm Beach, Florida. Initially titled ‘Mrs. American Pie,’ the series began filming in May of 2022 and was wrapped up by November of the same year. Despite filming for prolonged periods of time, the cast and crew of the production remain in high spirits behind the scenes.

“The joy of falling into bed 14 hours after filming a day from last Monday. Working with a mega team of professionals and creatives has been a dream since last Month. Love to all my incredible co-stars and production team,” wrote actor Ricky Martin in the caption of a picture he shared on social media. Let us take a closer look at some of the shooting sites observed in the backdrop of the series.

Los Angeles, California

Most of the filming for ‘Palm Royale’ takes place in the Hollywood capital city of Los Angeles. Everything, from the exquisite exteriors of the Palm Royale and its amenities to the glitzy halls and opulent parties, was created using various studio lots and commercial properties around the city. Most of the interior scenes of the series are filmed at Paramount Studios at 5515 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. One of the oldest film studios in the world, the facility remains open to the public through guided tours of current and past backlot sets and prop warehouses.

The Biltmore Hotel and its 6,300 square-foot Crystal Ballroom becomes a filming site for the gala scenes in ‘Palm Royale.’ Located at 506 South Grand Avenue, the venue boasts a grand hand-painted ceiling, Austrian crystal chandeliers, and regal balconies that can be spotted during the extravagant gala where Max attempts to socialize with Evelyn Rollins.

The entrance and frontage of the Bel-Air Bay Club stand in for those of the Palm Royale Club in the series. The private beach club, situated on 16801 Pacific Coast Highway, is known for its 1920s Mediterranean-style architecture and a cliffside lawn with an ocean view for private events. The Ebell of Los Angeles is also employed as a filming site for ‘Palm Royale.’ The non-profit women’s empowerment organization sits at 743 South Lucerne Boulevard, where they carry out cultural and educational events. The historic campus was utilized to depict the interiors of the Palm Royale.

Palm Beach, Florida

The affluent town of Palm Beach can be spotted in a few establishing shots of ‘Palm Royale.’ In particular, the aerial shots of the Palm Royale seen in the series, are actually of the Bath and Tennis Club at 1170 South Ocean Boulevard. The historical private club is extremely exclusive in its membership and is known for hosting big names in Hollywood alongside politicians and industrialists. Famous for strictly guarded gates when it comes to offering memberships, the club is second to none when it comes to its secrecy. So tight-lipped are its members regarding the events and parties hosted there, that the club may as well be the template for dramatization in ‘Palm Royale.’

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