8 Best Comedy Movies on Peacock (June 2024)

Comedy movies carry a lot of advantages for their audiences. Although they aren’t prescribed as medicines, they can work wonders for your mental health. To tune it down a bit, watching comedy movies relieves stress, brings joy, and serves as a great getaway from a mundane life. Of course, you can watch them even if your life isn’t mundane, and they will have the same effect, perhaps even better than usual, as they will only add to your already happiness-filled life.

So, here we bring you nine great comedy movies of different kinds, all of which are available for streaming on Peacock. Each of these movies, while being connected by humor, offers a different type of comedy customized to complement the story, offering you a unique experience with each watch.

8. The American Society of Magical Negroes (2024)

Directed by Kobi Libii, ‘The American Society of Magical Negroes’ is a satire on the Magical Negro trope that mocks the use of black stock characters to aid the white protagonist as prevalent in American cinema. In the film, Aren (Justice Smith), an African-American, is recruited into the American Society of Magical Negroes to help bring joy to the lives of white people. However, things get complicated when he falls for a white girl, Lizzie (An-Li Bogan), whom he is supposed to set up with one of his white subjects, Jason (Drew Tarver), and help him gain reassurance and love. Aren’s feelings for Lizzie can lead to his expulsion from the Society and even cost him his memory. Is he willing to take the chance? To find out, you can watch ‘The American Society of Magical Negroes’ right here.

7. Better Watch Out (2016)

A horror comedy directed by Chris Peckover, ‘Better Watch Out’ stars Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, and Ed Oxenbould. It shows what happens when 17-year-old Ashley arrives at 12-year-old Luke Lerner’s suburban home to babysit him. Luke’s friend Garret also joins them. Luke has feelings for Ashley and plans to seduce her, but things take a dark turn when someone breaks into the house. It is slowly revealed that the intruder isn’t the criminal but one of the three already inside the house. Who is it? To find out, you can watch this movie here.

6. Step Brothers (2008)

This cult comedy stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as Brennan and Brennan, respectively, two 40-year-old slackers who live off their parents’ money. However, when Dale’s widowed father and Brennan’s single mother marry, these two guys are forced to share the room, which seems impossible. Their rivalry takes the shape of hilarious consequences that, propelled by the impeccable comic timings of comedy legends Ferrell and Reilly, make ‘Step Brothers’ a laughter riot. Directed by Adam McKay, the film co-stars Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins. You can watch it here.

5. Welcome to Me (2015)

Kristen Wiig pulls off one of her most charming roles ever in ‘Welcome to Me,’ directed by Shira Piven, and proves that she is an actor of high caliber. The movie transcends the comedy genre as we meet Alice Klieg, who has borderline personality disorder. After winning $83 million in a lottery, she decides to put aside her meds and produce her TV show where she speaks her heart out to the world, her inspiration being Oprah Winfrey. But while she is all set to reveal herself to the world, is the world prepared for her? ‘Welcome to Me’ is problematic not as a movie but as an experience that shows the absurd world as seen through Alice’s eyes while providing a fair share of laughter. You may watch the film here.

4. The King of Staten Island (2020)

Starring Pete Davidson, Marisa Tomei, Bill Burr, and Steve Buscemi, ‘The King of Staten Island’ follows twenty-four-year-old high school dropout Scott Carlin who lives with his widowed mom and dreams of his a tattoo artist. Scott lost his father, who was a firefighter when he was seven, but is still grappling with his death as well as dealing with Crohn’s disease and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). When her mother starts dating another guy, Ray, who is also a firefighter, he doesn’t like it at all. However, more time spent with Ray changes things for Scott, who also starts walking Ray’s children, Harold and Kelly, to school. This change that Scott undergoes is the film’s central aspect, showcased masterfully by director Judd Apatow. Davidson also co-wrote the script alongside Apatow and Dave Sirus. You can watch the film here.

3. The Little Hours (2017)

Directed by Jeff Baena, ‘The Little Hours’ is a dark comedy set in 14th-century Italy and centers on a trio of sexually impoverished nuns and their new deaf-mute gardener, Massetto. Each of these people has secrets underscored by the overwhelming urge for sexual pleasure. It is how pleasures of the skin are incorporated in such a religious setting that adds to ‘The Little Hours’ effectiveness. Even the father, who runs the convent, and the Mother Superior are shown to be in a secret relationship. Dark, twisted, surreal, and humorous, ‘The Little Hours’ is a fun-to-watch period comedy pulled off by compelling performances from Alison Brie, Kate Micucci, Aubrey Plaza, and Dave Franco. You can watch the film here.

2. Bernie (2011)

This independent dark comedy is based on Skip Hollandsworth’s January 1998 article, “Midnight in the Garden of East Texas”, published in Texas Monthly magazine. The film is set in Texas in 1996 and shows the companionship between mortician Bernie Tiede and 81-year-old wealthy widow Marjorie “Marge” Nugent and the subsequent murder of Marge by Bernie. Why he did it, how he did it, and how his heinous crime was discovered is what we find out in this Richard Linklater directorial. Jack Black as Bernie Tiede is a treat to watch, and his performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination. Legendary actress Shirley MacLaine plays Marjorie to a T. The cast also includes Matthew McConaughey, Brady Coleman, and Richard Robichaux. You can watch ‘Bernie’ here.

1. Irresistible (2020)

Starring Mackenzie Davis, Rose Byrne, and Steve Carell, ‘Irresistible’ is a political comedy directed by Jon Stewart. It revolves around campaign consultant Gary Zimmer, a Democrat, who is heartbroken due to the defeat of the Democrats in the 2016 presidential elections. So he is looking for a new candidate to make a face out of and finds one in Marine veteran Col. Jack Hastings from the fictional town of Deerlaken in Wisconsin. Thus begins Zimmer’s work of convincing Hastings to run for mayor of the town and grab the national spotlight. A political satire, by all means, ‘Irresistible’ is a great watch. You can watch the movie here.

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