Where to Stream Palm Springs?

‘Palm Springs’ is a romantic comedy, although one which does not really revolve around romance. It would be more appropriate to label the movie a “slice of life” flick. Employing a sci-fish, speculative, or fantastical premise, the film gives the message of living life to the fullest despite its monotony. It succeeds rather uniquely in doing so.

The film revolves around a carefree man named Nyles and a maid of honor named Sarah. The two meet in a chance encounter and immediately hit it off. They spend some time together. However, the next day, Sarah appears to have woken up on the same morning as the previous day. To be clearer, she gets stuck in a time loop wherein she experiences the same day repeatedly. Moreover, she realizes that Nyles has been stuck in the same time loop as well.

The character of Nyles is played by Andy Samberg. Cristin Milioti essays the role of Sarah. J.K. Simmons also plays a pivotal role in the movie while other cast members include Tyler Hoechlin and Meredith Hagner. Several people would have wondered where ‘Palm Springs’ can be watched.

Is Palm Springs on Netflix?

Netflix leads the streaming industry by quite a margin. The company’s name is practically used as a replacement word for online streaming and that speaks volumes about its brand influence. The streaming platform is renowned for hosting some compelling originals as well as prominent third-party productions. Unfortunately, ‘Palm Springs’ is not available to be streamed on Netflix. Instead, you can watch ‘Russian Doll‘ which also presents a compelling story about a time loop.

Is Palm Springs on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video is Amazon’s answer to streaming platforms. The service is a part of the Amazon ecosystem and is probably one of its most worthwhile offerings. Amazon, like Netflix, has multiple original productions that have received critical acclaim. Apart from that, the service also hosts various third-party productions. However, ‘Palm Springs’ cannot be watched on Amazon Prime. Instead, you can watch ‘Tales From the Loop,’ a sci-fi series which also employs various time loop premises in its semi-anthological format.

Is Palm Springs on Hulu?

Hulu is a dark horse in the streaming industry because it manages to defy expectations constantly. It does so using successful original productions and investment in prominent third-party movies and television series. Plus, Hulu also offers a live TV service to distinguish itself. Luckily for Hulu subscribers, ‘Palm Springs’ is available to be streamed on Hulu. Watch it here.

Where Else Can I Stream Palm Springs Online?

‘Palm Springs’ is a Hulu original. Hence, the only way you can watch the movie is via a Hulu subscription. There is no other service that offers the movie for streaming.

Can I Watch Palm Springs For Free?

We encourage our readers to pay for the art that they consume. As mentioned earlier, ‘Palm Springs’ can only be watched on Hulu. However, there is still a legal way to watch it for free. If you do not have a Hulu subscription, you can opt for their free trial. That way, you can watch the movie for free until the trial expires.

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