Paloma Navarrete Tribute on Phenomena: How Did She Die?

Image Credit: Paloma Navarrete/ Facebook

Netflix’s ‘Phenomena’ follows the story of three paranormal investigators. Gloria, Paz, and Sagrario are a part of the Hepta Group, formed by Father Pilón. They have solved many cases together, and their next case is the series of paranormal disturbances in an antique shop. Investigating it alone, Father Pilón sustains a fatal injury, leading the women to take the case into their own hands to figure out what happened to their leader.

Packing a couple of twists and turns and revelations related to a previous case, the film ties up all the plot’s loose ends. In the end, a title card reveals that the Hepta Group is real and has been operating for over three decades. The film also pays tribute to Paloma Navarrete. If you want to know more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Who was Paloma Navarrete?

‘Phenomena’ is based on the true story of the Hepta Group and the Monk’s Chest case, which remains one of the most baffling paranormal cases in the country. The character of Gloria Palomeque, the psychic medium in the group, is based on Paloma Navarrete, the real-life member of the Hepta Group.

Navarrete discovered her ability to perceive things beyond the living world at an early age. She once talked about her grandmother, who would sit by her bed and talk to her after her death. At the time, Navarrete was a child, and she didn’t stop to think that seeing one’s dead grandmother was not a normal thing. Later, she explored the depths of her ability in Guatemala with a shaman. She expanded her sense of perception and explored the fields of psychometry, astral travel, and using a crystal ball to see the future.

When she returned to Madrid, Navarrete honed her craft by studying everything that fell under the umbrella of parapsychology. She became a student of psychology, mythology, chirology, chirology, Kabbalah, and numerology, among others. She also studied anthropology to some extent. Her expertise allowed her to write horoscopes for publications like Vogue and Mujer Hoy. She also appeared on various TV programs and was a regular on several podcasts that discuss paranormal phenomena.

Navarrete is credited with founding the first Futurology Cabinet in Madrid. Later, Father José María Pilón invited her to join the Hepta Group, through which she investigated some high-profile cases like the case of the Linares Palace and the Reina Sofía Museum. With Iker Jiménez, she hosted ‘Cuarto Milenio,’ a TV show that delves into mysterious occurrences. Navarrete also authored several books, like ‘Experiencias en la frontera,’ in which she detailed her experiences as a paranormal investigator.

How Did Paloma Navarrete Die?

Paloma Navarrete died due to a prolonged illness on July 15, 2022. Apart from an illustrious career in the paranormal investigation field, she was also a pharmacist, a detail that the film adds to the character of Gloria Palomeque. Navarrete called tarot cards her “great love” and liked to interpret the meaning behind signs and portents. She was a firm believer in the afterlife, which consoles her fans that she is still out there somewhere on a different plane. Whether or not the afterlife exists, Navarrete made the most of everything while living. She took her job seriously and didn’t hesitate to call herself a witch. Her passion for the paranormal and the life beyond has made her one of Spain’s most beloved paranormal investigators.

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