Paolo Macchiarini’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Disgraced Doctor?

Image Credit: ABC News/The Con

If there’s only one word we can ever use to describe former thoracic surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, it would have to be manipulative considering the lies he spewed over the years for personal gain. That’s because although he did give a lot of individuals hope in both his personal and professional lives, as explored in Peacock’s Dr. Death’ season 2, every single one of them was utterly baseless. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about his latter falsities, along with his actual background, career, as well as overall net worth as of writing, we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

How Did Paolo Macchiarini Earn His Money?

Despite the fact Paolo is Italian by roots, he was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland, as an only child mere years following the tragic World War II, which sadly always left him feeling like an outsider. It was thus no surprise when he chose to pursue further studies in his native land almost as soon as he was able, meaning he reportedly enrolled at the University of Pisa around the mid-1970s itself. That’s when he unexpectedly lost his father too, just to then go on to attain a medical degree with a specialization in thoracic surgery before starting his own family alongside a local in 1986.

Image Credit: ABC News/The Con

However, as time passed, Paolo admittedly realized he wouldn’t be able to make his aspiring splash all on his own, driving him to move to the United States in 1990, according to his curriculum vitae. He subsequently allegedly did a fellowship at the University of Alabama prior to continuing his studies in Besançon, France, to obtain a Master’s as well as a Ph.D. in organ and tissue transplantation. Though, as per another one of his resumes, he actually completed a Master’s in biostatistics in Birmingham, Alabama, before ever stepping foot into France for a Ph.D. in life and health science.

In other words, Paolo’s distinguished medical pedigree often clashed, just for it to come to light that not a whole lot of his “experiences” after the 1980s could be positively backed by any real source. This included his rather incredible, long-drawn possible academic stints, with positions comparable to tenure in a few European establishments before he ultimately came to Karolinska Institute in 2010. He’d once said, “I think if you stay in a single place for your entire life you restrict your capacity…. In 10 years it came to a point where I was adult, and I needed to go away to express my creativity.”

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Therefore, even though Paolo remained a part of Karolinska right until the time of his 2016 arrest for involuntary manslaughter turned misconduct, he’d also simultaneously expanded to Russia. This surgeon had big plans to have a lab in the US too, but to no avail — it turns out the “miracle man” procedure of synthetic trachea transplants he’d been administering hadn’t even been animal tested. Paolo’s patients were hence his unwitting experiments; they were all under the belief the unique regenerative surgery they were receiving had just successfully broken ground. So they praised him until they didn’t.

Paolo Macchiarini Net Worth

Considering Paolo’s lengthy career despite his falsehoods, his lavish lifestyle in Barcelona as well as his world travels, and his prior 2012 arrest for medical/patient/financial extortion (dismissed in 2015), it’s safe to say he has managed to amass significant wealth over the years. After all, his published papers, media appearances, plus guest university lectures, all the while he maintained an active career in academia, also contributed to his income before the recent legal battles likely drained a whole massive chunk of his life savings. So, as per our best estimates, Paolo’s net worth is close to $3 million as of writing.

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