Patrick Moffly’s Murder: Where Are Charles Mungin and John Glover Now?

The murder of Patrick Moffly is covered in detail in ‘Death in Dorms,’ with details that uncover something even more criminal going on behind the scenes. The two men responsible for the crime were Charles Mungin and John Glover, whose motivations and backgrounds are also explored in the show. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the viewers have developed a strong sense of curiosity pertaining to the case, with many people also wondering about the whereabouts of Mungin and Glover.

Patrick Moffly Was Killed During a Drug Altercation

On March 4, 2016. the police officers of Charleston, South Carolina, arrived at Patrick Moffly’s house to find him wounded from a gunshot. While he was at the door of the house, the sidewalk in the front was littered with various Xanax pills. The student of Trident Technical College reportedly told the authorities while bleeding that he had been robbed and shot by a man, though there had been another person present. A friend of Patrick’s, who had been at his home when he had been shot, shared how some of Patrick’s last words to him were a request.

Patrick Moffly

Even when shot, Patrick had found it crucial to request to his friend that he let his family know that he was so sorry that he was leaving them behind. This was something that Patrick’s mother, Elizabeth Moffly, shared. Though Patrick was rushed to the Medical University Hospital, he ended up passing away, much to the grief of those who loved him. As the investigators looked into the case further, they realized that it was connected to a ring of drug distributors that the police were already looking into.

Around the same time, the police uncovered that many students of the College of Charleston were involved in distributing huge amounts of cocaine and other narcotics in the downtown Charleston area. Apparently, several fraternities were being used as centers for the distribution, and Patrick was connected to some people involved in this particular scheme. The police even found a small house that was being used as a place to store narcotics.

Charles Mungin

Following up uncovered clues, the police arrested Charles Mungin on March 17, 2016, believing him to be the person who had robbed and shot Patrick. As presented by the police, Patrick and Mungin had apparently met up for a drug purchase. The conversation regarding the same had seemingly led to an argument during which Mungin shot Patrick and then fled. One woman was reportedly suspected of being present when Patrick had been shot but was later cleared.

The person who was linked to the murder of Patrick Moffly was John Jonny Glover. The latter was allegedly part of the drug distribution ring and was believed to have been involved in the killing. He was arrested in February 2017 on the charge of murder. Given how Patrick’s death seemed connected to such a massive drug distribution ring, the investigators did have to make sure that anyone linked to the murder case received justice.

Charles Mungin is Serving His Sentence in Prison, While John Glover is Likely on Probation

In September 2019, Charles Mungin stood in court to answer for the murder of Patrick Moffly. The trial went on for four days, following which he was found guilty of murder and armed robbery. He was sentenced to life in prison for the former, while the latter added another 30 years to his punishment. As of writing, he is serving his sentence at the Lieber Correctional Institute in Ridgeville, South Carolina, having been moved there on January 29, 2020.

John Glover

Mungin started working as a prison library helper on June 23, 2023. However, he was removed from the position when he was placed in protective custody on January 29, 2024. The reason behind the latter might be the disciplinary actions that were imposed against him, as he was accused of possessing or trying to possess a cell phone. He was also to either use or have some form of narcotics or drugs. As a result of the rules that he apparently broke, Mungin lost television and telephone privileges for 90 days. He was also barred from visiting the canteen or receiving visitors for the same duration.

Meanwhile, John Glover decided to plead guilty to two counts of heroin distribution and one count of helping someone in the aftermath of a murder. Other charges that he accepted against him included the distribution of marijuana and Alprazolam. He was initially given a 15-year sentence in December 2019, which was reduced to seven years in prison, followed by five years of probation. Records indicate that Glover may be out of prison and serving his probation period.

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