Patrick Stewart’s ‘Star Trek’ Series Gets Official Title

CBS has revealed the official title and logo for the upcoming ‘Star Trek‘ series starring Patrick Stewart. The show will officially be called ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ in which Patrick Stewart reprises his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, reports The Wrap. The network also revealed a first look at the series’ official logo at its New York upfronts week.

The new logo is also shared through a short video posted on the official Twitter handle of the show. It features a Starfleet insignia in the place of the “A” in Picard’s name. “Picard will stream exclusively on @CBSAllAccess in the United States, on Amazon #PrimeVideo in more than 200 countries and territories and in Canada on Bell Media’s @SpaceChannel and OTT service,” read the tweet.

CBS All Access series brings back Picard, who was last seen in the 2002 film ‘Star Trek: Nemesis,’ after a gap of nearly 20 years. “It’s been 20-plus years, so he couldn’t possibly be that same person anymore,” Alex Kurtzman, who heads the production as Showrunner told reporters in January.

“The question becomes: What has happened to him in that period of time? Have there been occurrences that force him to reckon with choices that he’s made in his life?” he added. “How do you hold on to being the person that everybody loved, when the circumstances around you may have changed so radically? Those are the big questions that we’re asking.”

Stewart had reportedly been reluctant to play the same character after such a long gap. He made Picard immortal in the history of ‘Star Trek’ franchise while playing “The Next Generation Captain” for seven seasons and in four features. Last September, Stewart triggered the curiosity of ‘Star Trek’ followers by tweeting a picture of the writers’ room for the upcoming series.

Picking up Picard nearly 20 years after the end of ‘The Next Generation’ means that the new series will explore the farthest into the future. Picard’s storyline was set mostly in the 24th century. He not only witnessed the milestones of galactic history but played a major role in the outcome of events. Apart from a celebrated Starfleet officer, Picard is also known as an archaeologist and diplomat. He is supposed to serve as the captain of the starship Enterprise-E until the year 2379.

Kurtzman revealed earlier that the new series would never be carried away with too much futurism. CBS All Access will air ‘Star Trek: Picard’ in the U.S. while it will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in other countries. The series is expected to debut later in 2019.