Where is BET’s Perimeter Filmed? Is it a True Story?

Under the creative direction of Armani Ortiz, ‘Perimeter’ takes us to 1990s Atlanta, which is in the middle of a societal upheaval with the Olympic Games scheduled in the city, while the crack epidemic runs rampant. At the story’s core lies Paige, a bright and ambitious Spelman sophomore with a councilman father and a drug dealer boyfriend. Meanwhile, against the backdrop of Atlanta’s burgeoning prominence, particularly during the global spotlight of the 1996 Olympics, the series delves into the ambitions and machinations of individuals like Robert Dawn.

Dawn’s rise to power as the eventual mayor of Atlanta along with the city’s first black woman becoming police chief, showcases the sacrifices and moral dilemmas inherent in the pursuit of success in a racially charged environment. Throughout the BET+ series, we are drawn into a captivating narrative that deftly intertwines personal dramas with larger societal forces. From Paige’s journey of self-discovery to the moral quandaries faced by those in positions of power, ‘Perimeter’ offers a nuanced exploration of the human experience against the backdrop of a city in flux. With the evolving landscape of Atlanta serving as a backdrop, the show touches upon some culturally and historically relevant issues, likely generating questions regarding the authenticity of the tale, as well as that of the locations.

Perimeter Filming Locations

‘Perimeter’ is filmed entirely around real-world Atlanta. Some shooting takes place on location, while a studio is used for much of the interior scenes. There is very little information regarding the filming schedule, and the series likely began principal photography by the end of 2023, and the first four episodes completed production by January 2024.

Sharing his experience behind the scenes on social media, actor Donovan Christie Jr. wrote, “(Armani Ortiz) did a masterful job of putting together the creative team and creatives to execute this vision. The mindset on set became a culture that you could viscerally feel between each individual. We were making something special, and we all knew it” Let us take a closer look at the filming locations of the series.

Atlanta, Georgia

‘Perimeter’ aptly depicts its settings using sites around Atlanta, a city that holds further relevance to the series due to its importance in the civil rights movement. Filming ‘Perimeter’ in Atlanta offers the series a unique opportunity to authentically capture the essence of the city and infuse it into the very fabric of the narrative. From the bustling energy of downtown to the leafy campuses of prestigious universities like the depicted Spelman College, Atlanta’s diverse neighborhoods provide a rich array of settings for the unfolding drama of the show.

Shooting for many of the series’ sequences takes place in Tyler Perry Studios. Also the production company behind the series, the studio is located at 315 Deshler Street South West. The facility is built on a former army base, sprawling across 330 acres and containing many standing sets including a residential neighborhood, an airport terminal, a golf course, a strip mall, two baseball fields, and a near-exact replica of the White House. As one of the largest film studios in the United States, Tyler Perry Studios offers ‘Perimeter’ access to top-tier soundstages, production facilities, and resources. Other projects filmed at the facility include ‘Mea Culpa,’ ‘Sistas,’ and ‘The Oval.’

Perimeter Explores a Time of Radical Change in Atlanta

‘Perimeter’ is not based on a true story, but sets its narrative around a time of transformation in 1990s Atlanta, highlighting various historical and cultural events and realities through its branching plotlines. “Exploring Atlanta in the early ’90s is like finding a cave full of diamonds,” explains Ortiz in an interview. “As Atlanta developed its persona — preparing to take the world stage with the Olympic Games while simultaneously coming of age as America’s Black Mecca with its rich character of natives, HBCU culture, Black governance — the history of Atlanta is undeniably one of a kind.”

One of the central events explored in the series is the iconic ‘Freaknik’ event. This massive annual gathering, which began in the 1980s, drew thousands of predominantly African American college students to Atlanta for a weekend of festivities, music, and celebration. ‘Perimeter’ captures the spirit and energy of ‘Freaknik,’ depicting it as a pivotal moment in the lives of its characters and a catalyst for the unfolding drama. Additionally, the series delves into Atlanta’s emergence as a prominent global city, particularly during the lead-up to the 1996 Olympics. As the world’s attention turned to Atlanta, the city experienced a period of rapid growth and transformation.

However, it also galvanized authorities to intensely crackdown on the drug problem in the region, something which plays into the series’ narrative given many of the characters’ association with the drug trade. While ‘Perimeter’ is a fictional portrayal of these events, its authenticity lies in its attention to detail and its ability to capture the spirit and essence of Atlanta during the 1990s. Through its compelling storytelling and richly drawn characters, the series invites us to reflect on the historical and cultural forces that shaped the city.

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