Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Chapter Fifteen

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The second season of ‘Perry Mason’ nears its end, solving the mystery of Brooks McCutcheon’s murder in its penultimate episode. All the seemingly random pieces come together to give the complete picture of what happened to Brooks. While it is still an uphill task for Mason to save his clients, who are almost certainly going to prison now, he still might have the chance to soften the brunt. Wrapping up the mystery leaves the final episode wide open for Mason to show his chops in the courtroom, but first, let’s make sense of all that is revealed in this episode. Here’s what the events denote for the future of Perry Mason, his team, and his clients. SPOILERS AHEAD

Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Image Credi: Merrick Morton/HBO

Following the discovery of the murder weapon, Mason risks getting disbarred. Milligan wants him to go down for being complicit in his clients’ crimes, but the judge is not in such a hurry. Declaring a mistrial is considered, but both Mason and Milligan are against it. With the trial continuing, Mason has one last chance to figure out what is going on with the McCutcheons and who killed Brooks.

Pete Strickland feels terrible about betraying Mason. He tells himself he was just doing his job, but when Mason tells him the gravity of the situation, Strickland decides to help Mason figure out the rest of the puzzle. Picking up on Holcomb’s lead from the previous episode, they sneak into the ship that carries Goldstein’s produce. Meanwhile, Drake discovers the identity of the lady in the blue sedan, and Della learns that Brooks and Goldstein had been subpoenaed in a federal case.

Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: Why Did Camila Nygaard Order the Hit on Brooks McCutcheon?

By the end of the episode, Mason, Della, and Drake make some shocking discoveries, which are put together by the information that Mason’s new secretary, Marion. Here’s the complete picture. Lydell McCutcheon and his business associates, which includes Camila Nygaard, were trading oil with the Japanese. This, as pointed out by Marion, was illegal due to the many sanctions placed on Japan by America and other countries. They were in an ongoing war with China and needed the oil, which businessmen like Lydell and Camila were happy to provide for the profits they enjoyed in return.

Image Credi: Merrick Morton/HBO

To cover for this illegal trade, the McCutechon boats were used as carriers of produce from Goldstein. Once in the ocean, the crew would unload the produce and continue their job. When Brooks discovered that his father was throwing away a perfectly good batch of produce, he considered using it himself. He sneaked it all out of the boat and used it for the food on his boat, the Morocco. It was free of cost, saving Brooks a lot of money. But then, the feds found out about it. They used it as an opportunity to poke a hole in the McCutcheon business.

Brooks and Goldstein were subpoenaed for their illegal trade of produce. However, Lydell and Camila knew where this would lead. The feds would find a way to turn the conversation into something that would lead Brooks or Goldstein to talk about the secret trade with the Japanese. This would be a horrible thing for business. Lydell knew the only way to stop it was to get both the witnesses out of the picture. Goldstein was later killed, but Lydell didn’t want this for his son. He told Brooks to leave the country and not return until asked to.

Brooks, however, was done with his father belittling him constantly. As asked, he stayed away from the business and focused on charity work. So, the screw this time wasn’t his fault. His father got involved in a deal that brought the feds on them. He refused to leave and focused on the stadium and his boat. Lydell couldn’t kill his son, but he couldn’t stop others from doing so. Camila Nygaard took it upon herself to deal with the situation. She told Melville Phipps to pay someone to kill Brooks.

Around the same time, Phipps was going through a personal crisis. His wife, Candace, was a drug addict. She drove a blue sedan and bought drugs from Ozzie Jackson. Phipps paid Ozzie to stop selling drugs to his wife. On top of that, he also gave Ozzie money to hire someone to kill Brooks. Jackson found the Gallardo brothers, who then rented the guns from Twist to do the job.

Image Credi: Merrick Morton/HBO

Mason found out about Ozzie from Luisa Gallardo, and Drake found him, which him to the lady with the blue sedan. Drake knew the lady was an addict and would return to buy drugs from the same place again. His patience paid off eventually, and he, with Clara, figured out the lady’s identity. Meanwhile, Della visits Hamilton. She wants to know who pressured him to offer the deal to the Gallardo brothers.

Hamilton reveals that someone is blackmailing him. He doesn’t know who it is, but they have pictures of him with another man, which, if released, could destroy his life and career. He tells Della to back off and let the feds handle everything. This leads her to the federal office, where she discovers that Goldstein and Brooks had been subpoenaed. Meanwhile, Mason and Strickland found out about the true purpose of the McCutcheon ship and why they were throwing away produce smeared in oil.

While Mason and Strickland wonder where the oil fits in the case, Marion points out the situation between China and Japan. A news headline puts everything into perspective as Mason finds out about the sanctions. Now he knows that Lydell had a good reason to have his own son killed. Mason confronts Lydell, who gives up and finally comes clean to Mason about who Brooks killed. It was Camila all along. She was the one who blackmailed Hamilton to wrap up the trial because the longer it went, the more it would risk the truth coming out.

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