Peter Martinez Murder: Where Are Jonathan Ferreri and Katherine Milkier Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Blood Relative’ chronicles how 35-year-old Peter Martinez was killed in the front yard of his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in March 1986. Based on witness testimony, the police arrested the alleged perpetrators the following. day. But a court acquitted them of charges after finding a lack of evidence. 

How Did Peter Martinez Die?

Larry and Kelly Schlott were asleep in their Monica Drive West home in Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado, on March 29, 1986. It was around 2:30 am when they heard someone banging loudly at their front door. Awoken by the noise, Larry opened the door to find their neighbor, Louise crying. She stammered amidst her tears that her partner, Peter Lloyd Martinez, was shot and lying in front of the residence. She came to Larry’s house because he knew CPR.

Larry rushed to perform CPR on Peter as Louise called 911, and emergency respondents arrived at the scene to rush the victim to a local hospital. He had been shot five times with a .25-caliber semi-automatic pistol. According to the medical examiner, he was shot once in the chest, shoulder, and stomach and twice in the arm. When the investigators arrived at the hospital, he was in critical condition as the doctors performed surgery on him. Unfortunately, the 35-year-old succumbed to his injuries the following day, on March 30.

Who Killed Peter Martinez?

The detectives surveyed the scene to find five shell casings on Peter’s lawn and one in his yard. They also found a silver crescent wrench on the front lawn. The officers noticed the front yard appeared to be trampled down, indicating some struggle had happened there before it continued into the street. However, they found no neighbors who had witnessed the shooting despite some being woken up by multiple gunshots. They could not interview Peter’s partner or their kids since they had followed his ambulance to the hospital.

Officers met Louise and the two kids, Peter Jr. and Eric, in the hospital lobby. While the children were still in shock, Louise agreed to speak with the detectives. She told them she and Peter had been together for 15 years despite not being technically married. They worked as custodians of a building downtown, and even though it was hard work and low pay, they were happy to spend time with each other. According to Louise, they had returned home late and retired for the night when they heard knocking at their front door.

Peter opened the door to find his sister, Katherine Darlene Milkier, and one of her female friends at their doorstep. They were intoxicated after partying somewhere and had come over to Peter’s house for the after-party. While initially tense, Peter loosened up, and they cracked open some beers and laughed over old times. However, Peter and Katherine fought, with the latter storming out of the residence, crying. Louise informed the officers that Peter and Katherine had a complicated relationship and always argued.

After they retired to bed again, Peter and Louise were awakened for the second time to find Katherine had returned with her children to pick a fight. Louise was going to call 911 when she heard gunshots and rushed outside to find Peter lying on the curb. She described two vehicles, one red and another gray, speeding away as she tended to her partner. Based on Louise’s description, the police located the gray car at the 2000 block of Corona Street and arrested the occupants — Katherine and her husband, Hank.

Katherine was too drunk and immediately lawyered up. Meanwhile, the officers interviewed Peter Jr. to learn he had seen his father’s shooter – Jonathan G. Ferreri. Jonathan was a Private E1 in the US Army and resided in room 316 of Building 1665 of Fort Carson. He was brought down to the station for questioning, where he admitted to the shooting almost immediately. He claimed he dated one of Katherine’s daughters, Nina. Jonathan was staying over at her place when he was woken up and taken to Peter’s house to settle a fight.

Jonathan Ferreri and Katherine Milkier: Life After Legal Exoneration

According to the show, Peter had slapped Katherine at his home, and the latter came with her children, Nina, Rico, Marta, and Jonathan, to settle the score. While Jonathan waited by the car, the family members argued and eventually engaged in a scuffle. After Peter bluffed to bring out his gun, the assailants receded and started driving away. However, Katherine was too drunk to start the car, and Jonathan sat on the passenger’s side when Peter went up to the window.

Amidst arguments, Peter allegedly pulled out the crescent wrench. However, an inebriated Jonathan mistook it for a gun, pulled out his service pistol, and emptied it at Peter. The 18-year-old soldier was charged with second-degree murder, while 33-year-old Katherine of 1225 Aspen Avenue was charged with being an accessory to second-degree murder.

They were held at El Paso County jail, and Katherine posted her $2,000 bond. When their case went to trial, a grand jury found the case lacked evidence to prove beyond doubt Jonathan had committed criminal activity. He was acquitted, and by extension, Katherina was also released from all charges. Their current locations are not in the public domain.

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