Peter Muston Tribute on La Brea: How Did He Die?

Image Credit: Mark Taylor/NBC

As NBC’s sci-fi series, ‘La Brea,’ moves closer to the finale, things heat up for its characters who are still stuck in 10,000 BC. People like Eve, Riley, and Josh are still missing, and their family and friends are trying to find ways to get back to them while uncovering long-hidden secrets that bring a lot of things into perspective. The show also increases in scale, with the crew going above and beyond to create a world that existed thousands of years ago. A lot of people work behind the scenes to bring the show the success it enjoys. One of those people was Peter Muston. The penultimate episode of ‘La Brea’ Season 3, titled ‘The Road Home, Part 1,’ pays tribute to him. Who was he, and what role did he play in the show?

Peter Muston Served as Production Manager on La Brea

Peter Muston died on October 11, 2023, at the age of 64, in Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital due to complications following a cardiac arrest. Described as a “big-hearted, witty, funny, dry-humored guy who was loved and respected by many people,” Muston worked as a production manager and a line producer and had more than two decades of experience in the field. With his wife, Deb, he had two daughters, Alice and Tilly, who remember him with love.

Muston was born and raised in Sydney and got his start in the television industry by landing a job on the Australian drama series, ‘Stingers,’ where he started working as a location manager. For fifteen years, he worked on a myriad of TV shows, the most notable of which are ‘Fergus McPhail,’ ‘Holly’s Heroes,’ and ‘Halifax F.P,’ among others. His credits list also includes movies like ‘Boytown,’ ‘The Extra’ and ‘Bad Eggs.’

Muston established himself as a dependable and friendly figure, impressing people with his open-hearted nature and exceptional professionalism. He also showed ambition and eventually moved on to work in production management and line production in the early 2010s. His credits for the same include titles like ‘Offspring,’ ‘The InBESTigators,’ ‘Deadloch,’ and ‘Nowhere Boys,’ to name a few. He also worked as a production manager on ‘La Brea.’

Muston is remembered fondly by everyone he worked with. ‘Deadloch’ co-creator Kate McCartney called him “a genuinely delightful, kind good egg of a person” who exemplified “the best of people in the industry.” ‘La Brea’ executive producer and director Adam Davidson called him “smart, funny, reasonable, charming, gentlemanly, erudite, and a friend to all.” Muston treated his co-workers with respect and kindness and was always there to help them, no matter what the situation. His strong work ethic and personal values made him indispensable as a team member as well as a friend.

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