Phil Reilly: The Deputy Chief of Jawbreaker is Now a Business Owner

Netflix’s ‘Spy Ops’ takes viewers on a thrilling journey in each episode as the show delves into the details of some of the most well-known spy operations from across the world. In the episode titled ‘Operation Jawbreaker,’ we are introduced to crucial members of the eponymous initiative taken by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after the attacks that took place in the USA on September 11, 2001. This list of prolific personalities included Philip “Phil” Reilly, who served as the Deputy Chief for the operation. Naturally, many people are curious about what the former spy has been up to these days.

Who is Phil Reilly?

From 1978 to 1982, Phil Reilly was a student at Georgetown University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs. He then joined the Airborne Army Special Forces in August 1982 and remained a part of the organization until August 1985. He started to work with the CIA in September 1985, and it was during his time with the organization and his excellent reputation that he was elected to be a part of Operation Jawbreaker as a Deputy Chief.

Operation Jawbreaker

During his time in Afghanistan, Phil helped in several crucial missions undertaken by the US forces and provided much intelligence for his country. For over 29 years, he was a part of the CIA but left the organization in August 2014. In October of the same year, he became the Senior Vice President of the National Security Division for Constellis, a post he retained until February 2016. He also became a member of the Board of Directors of Third Option Foundation in September 2019, remaining a part of the same until his exit in December 2019.

In September 2019, Phil joined Dun & Bradstreet’s Government Advisory Board, serving the organization for over three years until his farewell in November 2022. Interestingly, the ex-CIA member was a Senior Executive fellow at Harvard University in 1996 while still working for the intelligence organization. In his recent appearance in the Netflix series, Phil admitted that while he was honored to be selected to be a part of Operation Jawbreaker, his motivations might have been slightly selfish as he was full of anger and vengeance when it came to responding to the 9/11 attacks.

Where is Phil Reilly Now?

With over 29 years as a member of the CIA, Phil Reilly’s reputation preceded him, and he continues to be a huge part of the technological and corporate industry. Presently, he is the Principal and Owner of  PFReilly Consulting LLC, a position he took up in July 2015. Additionally, he has been serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Glasswall Solutions since February 2017. His other roles include being an Advisor for Orbis Operations, and his position as a Senior Advisor for The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is also quite impressive.

Though it does not look like Phil is very active on social media, he remains an influential figure within the United States. His work while in service for his country has earned him several accolades, and he continues to be proud of everything he has done in life. We wish him and his loved ones the best in life and hope that Phil continues to retain his strong sense of determination.

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