Phillip McGoldrick: Holly Marie’s Adoptive Dad Shares His Remarkable Story

In the intriguing case involving the deaths of Harold Clouse Jr and Tina Clouse and the absence of Holly Marie Clouse, Phillip McGoldrick plays a very unprecedented role. For him, a bizarre incident left him in the happy company of a baby girl whom he is happy to now call his daughter. However, the strangeness of the whole situation never really left his mind, and the latest revelations regarding Holly’s biological family have only prompted him to share his side of the story in ABC’s ’20/20: Dearly Departed.’ As such, the world has become highly interested in learning what Holly’s adoptive father might be up to these days, something we are also quite happy to explore.

Phillip McGoldrick Was a Pastor When Holly Landed on His Door

In late 1980, two white-clad women knocked on the door of a church in Yuma, Arizona. They were answered by Phillip McGoldrick, who was surprised at just what his guests were saying. According to Philip, one of the two women claimed to be the mother of the child they had with them, called Holly Marie. They gave the baby to him along with the child’s birth certificate. Philip was also handed a note that the two women claimed was written by Holly’s biological father, Dean, who was denouncing his rights to the child.

Baby Holly Marie Clouse

“I’m thinking, ‘Are they serious?’ And I’m also thinking, ‘”Who in the church could take care of this baby?’ And they said, ‘Oh yeah, we’re serious. We’ve done this before,'” Philip shared while reminiscing about the fateful day in the ABC show. He explained that the two women claimed to be a part of a nomadic religious tribe and declared that they could not properly take care of a baby, having earlier dropped off another infant at a laundromat.

Given the strangeness of the situation, Philip was understandably confused but decided to adopt Holly himself. As a pastor, he raised his daughter in a religious environment, declaring that she was a “beautiful child.” That said, he never hid the truth from Holly, who grew up well aware that she was adopted, often wondering about her biological family. In June 2022, the father and daughter were quite surprised when they learned just who Holly’s parents were and the mystery surrounding the whole situation.

Where is Phillip McGoldrick Now?

After it was revealed that Holly Marie was the daughter of Harold Clouse Jr and Tina Clouse, whose dead bodies had been found in January 1981, but the pair was not identified until 2021. When the couple’s relatives were contacted based on DNA information, it also came to light that their daughter, Holly Marie, was also missing. This meant that law enforcement put significant resources into tracking down the missing baby, Holly.

When law enforcement did find the missing Clouse family member, Holly was enjoying her life as a 42-year-old mother of five children, now going by the name Holly Miller. Despite the implications of the tragedy that befell her biological parents, Holly did not hesitate to get in contact with her biological family members, who were quite ecstatic that they were able to reunite with her.

Philip himself seemed happier that his daughter was able to find the missing part of herself, and his information held the investigators determine the involvement of Christ Family, a traveling religious group, in this particular case. He was also open to talking about his side of the story in the ABC special and remains a devout man of faith. It seems like the pastor also partakes in spreading the values of his faith through the power of music.

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