Where Was Physical 100 Season 2 Filmed?

Created by Jang Ho-gi, Netflix’s season 2 of ‘Physical: 100’ turns up the heat with a larger proportion of professional athletes, more dynamic and unpredictable competitions, and most strikingly, a humongous arena reminiscent of 19th-century underground mines. The unscripted reality game show has the simple premise of determining which physique is the most well-rounded and, therefore, the best. However, the methods of arriving at an answer are anything but. A hundred challengers from various physical backgrounds compete in a series of challenges that will determine their strength, endurance, speed, agility, and mental fortitude.

The contestants are divided into five categories: warriors, superstar athletes, national athletes, athletic celebrities, and it body. These consist of both men and women hailing from diverse backgrounds, including mixed martial artists, Olympic athletes, fitness influencers, military officers, and even actors and models.

The quests and tests range from competitive treadmill running and rope climbing to pushing around minecarts, boulders, suspended weights, and oftentimes, other contestants. However, the most phenomenal feature of ‘Physical: 100’ season 2 is its expansive underground mine set. The rocky caverns, makeshift wooden scaffolding, and rustic iron arches draw us into a whole new world of gritty contests following the Darwinist philosophy of survival of the fittest. Therefore, many enthusiasts of the series may dig deeper into where the set for the series is located and where filming for season 2 took place.

Physical: 100 Season 2 Filming Locations

The second season of ‘Physical: 100’ was filmed in Goyang, South Korea. The production team worked to create a set twice as large as the first season, with the main arena centering on the theme of a massive underground mine, distinctly setting it apart from its predecessor. Let us take a closer look at the filming location chosen to house the gameshow.

Goyang, South Korea

Situated just north of the capital city of Seoul, Goyang became the primary filming location for ‘Physical: 100’ season 2. The city was likely chosen due to its combination of being proximate to Seoul while also affording the production team a larger space to work with when it came to creating the enormous set. In particular, the season finale was set in the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX), located in Ilsanseo-gu. Featuring ten halls, an outdoor area, and a grand ballroom, the massive venue is usually home to regional trade fairs, festivals, and conferences.

While the first season had a Greek theme for its backdrop, producer Jang Ho-gi sought to bring a more recent part of history to life with the underground mine. He specifically targeted an era where people faced fierce competition and had to physically and mentally fight against injustice. This overarching theme pervades every quest of the season, with them feeling less like games and more akin to a battle.

Remaining true to the production standards we have come to expect from top-of-the-line South Korean series and films, the show immerses us in this dingy setting of primal contests with a life-like recreation of a cavernous mine housing everything from jungle gym-like setups to MMA cages. The team went so far as to add fake cobwebs that are barely ever visible to cameras, just to create an immersive atmosphere for everyone involved. “When contestants are playing the games, I hope they immerse themselves as if they’re in another world. So, that’s what we try to make with these sets,” said producer Jang in an interview.

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