How Long Did it Take to Film Physical 100? Was it Filmed in One Day?

Given just how thrilling Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ is, it is no wonder that fans worldwide are eager to learn as much as they can about the show. The Korean reality series introduces viewers to various tasks whose completion by the participants never fails to entertain the viewers. One of the prominent attractive points of the Netflix series is the manner of its production. From its elaborate sets to well-formulated tasks, the competition holds a grandeur many cannot help but be awed with. However, it has also made many people curious about the timing of the set tasks. Was the whole competition conducted within a day? If not, how long did it take for the showrunners to find their winner? Well, we are here to explore the same!

Filming Duration of Physical: 100

Given the structure of the show and comments made by various cast members, it is evident that ‘Physical: 100’ was not filmed within a day. In fact, it seems like each round of the show took at least a day to be fully organized. Fans of the show might be aware that season one of the Netflix fitness competition contained seven different quests of various kinds, which indicates that the show was likely filmed for about one week.

If one is to consider the time taken by the respective games simply, we must pay attention to the outcomes of featured quests. The Pre-Quest was conducted in two rounds, with the Kim Min-Cheol creating the winning record of 18 minutes and 15 seconds. This means that this particular challenge took approximately 36 minutes. The time taken by the Second Quest is comparatively easier to approximate since it had 50 matches of 3 minutes. However, some of them were increased by a minute in case of a stalemate.

The five rounds of matches in Quest 2 were each 12 minutes, leading to an hour’s worth of active gameplay. While it is not easy to calculate the time the Revival Quest consumes, the Third Quest is a different story. The winning team in the challenge took 13 minutes and 34 seconds, whereas the runner-ups completed the task in 19 minutes and 55 seconds. Additionally, the third group took 22 minutes and 15 seconds.

Given the information shared on the show, we know that The Punishment of Atlas in Quest 4 went on for about an hour and a half. The Fire of Prometheus was quite a shorter game, whereas The Wings of Icarus was comparatively longer, though not by much. Given its emphasis on endurance, The Tail of Ouroboros was a significantly longer challenge; and The Punishment of Sisyphus was played in multiple rounds of 40 seconds.

Moving on, we have the Final Quest, which comprises four games. The first task was a significantly shorter one though not precisely timed. The second game of Square Flip has two rounds of 3 minutes each, while the third game contained about 50 rounds of athletes running from one point to another within the designated time of a few seconds. The very last challenge was more time-consuming but was made thrilling due to the high stakes.

From what we can see on the show, the contestants did not seem to head for one task straight after the other. They had their common area, which they often relaxed in when not preparing for upcoming challenges. We know that the Fifth Quest was held on a day of its own, given the comments made by the finalists. Additionally, Agent H has specified that the Pre-Quest and Quest 1 were organized on different days.

Many more indicators suggest that the competition was held over a longer period than a single day. Participants like Cha Hyun-Seung and Yun Sung-Bin altered their hairstyles throughout the competition. At the same time, eagle-eyed viewers were also quick to note Euddeum’s roots growing out over her stay in the show. Given just how physically exhausting they were, it stands to reason that all challenges would not have been conducted on the same day.

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