Hyun Seung Cha: Where is the Model on Physical 100 Now?

Fitness enthusiasts across the world cannot seem to be getting enough of Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100.’ In fact, fans of the show have been eager to follow the progress of each and every participant as the competition goes on. Naturally, many viewers have their favorites, especially since many of the cast members are well-known celebrities in their own right.

This includes Cha Hyun-seung, a model for whom the Korean reality series is far from the first time he was ben affiliated with Netflix. His fame and skills have made many people eager to know more about the TV star and his current whereabouts.

Who is Cha Hyun-seung?

Born on May 2, 1991, Cha Hyun-seung is a popular mdoel and dancer. A graceful dancer and model, the Netflix star became well known due to his appearance in ‘Single’s Inferno,’ a popular Netflix dating show. Even though he made his entry after half of season 1 was over, Cha quickly captured the attention of fellow cast members as well as viewers with his good looks and physique. The series itself garnered much fame after its release in 2021 and even joined Netflix‘s Global Top 10 list in January 2022.

Given his captivating presence in the beloved dating series, Cha soon developed an impressive fan following. His role as a backup dancer for Sunmi, a popular Korean artist, also became a public fact. Following his Netflix debut, Cha went on to appear in shows like ‘Aiki’s Thumbs Up,’ ‘Hidden Singer,’ ‘Be Mbitious,’ etc. His fame also helped him gain many modeling opportunities, and the reality TV star has partnered with many brands on different occasions.

When Cha Hyun-seung entered the Netflix fitness series, he was seemingly underestimated by many due to his profession as a dancer and a conventionally smaller frame. In fact, Kim Kyung-jin, a farmer, had similar reasons in mind while choosing Cha as his opponent for the knockout match in the first quest. While upset at being underestimated by others, the dancer was eager to prove his mettle to others. Interestingly, this was far from the first time that the reality TV star would physically fight someone else for a task he had to partake in a wrestling match in season 1 of ‘Single’s Inferno.’

In the end, Cha ended up winning his match against Kim Kyung-jin, much to the surprise of many. The result seemed to baffle many of the cast members as they had expected the physically bigger farmer to win. However, the public could not be more delighted by the dancer’s victory and commented that the fight between the two was quite entertaining. While Cha progressed ahead to the second quest, Kim had to return home, though not without a fan following of his own.

Cha Hyun-seung is Thriving Today

As of writing, Cha Hyun-seung seems to be thriving in his career as a model and dancer. The reality TV star has posed for many brands who were more than happy to partner with the dancer. In fact, Cha had to honor of being featured in association with S.T. Dupont for the company’s 150th anniversary. He also continues to maintain a good relationship with Sunmi and his fellow backup dancers for the Korean singer.

Thanks to his popularity, Cha has over a million Instagram followers who have been more than happy to cheer him on during his time on ‘Physical: 100.’ The Netflix star also has a YouTube channel with about 184 thousand subscribers as of writing. His content often revolves around dancing though he is also known for posting vlogs about various developments in his life. Cha also enjoys traveling and partaking in adventurous activities like scuba diving and hiking.

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