Kim Min-Cheol From Physical 100 is Thriving in His Life Today

For fitness enthusiasts worldwide, Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ is the show to watch. The Korean reality series is full of challenges one cannot help but follow with bated breath as people in their physical prime try to achieve seemingly impossible goals. Many people featured in the show have garnered much love and respect from the public, including Kim Min-Cheol. The ice climber established his mettle from the show’s first challenge and continued to impress everyone with his talents. Naturally, people are eager to learn more about Kim and what he is up to. So, let’s explore the same together, shall we?

Who is Kim Min-Cheol?

Kim Min-Cheol is a member of South Korea’s Bukhansan mountain rescue team with an avid interest in athletics. The man is a part of Korea’s National Ice climbing team and always works hard to complete the most challenging routes. In fact, frozen walls are not the only heights that the reality TV star likes to climb, as he is also a talented wall climber and has experience in rock climbing. Additionally, Kim likes to run and is part of a sports team for the same.

When Kim first stepped foot into the Netflix show, he was quite in awe of his fellow competitors. The appreciation also increased his determination to show the world what he could do. For the pre-quest/Quest 0, all participants had to hold on to a metal structure for as long as possible. The task was far from easy, and many renowned athletes dropped into the water. However, Kim held on for 18 minutes and 15 seconds, making him the best performer in the task.

Thanks to his talents and skills, Kim cleared the first quest and was a part of Choo Sung-Hoon‘s team for the second and third rounds. For the penultimate quest, he ended up participating in the game known as The Wings of Icarus. As part of the challenge, Kim and his competitors had to climb up an ever-descending rope without their feet touching the ground; whoever stayed up the longest would win the challenge. Given his background as a climber, Kim’s performance was quite exemplary, leading him to become one of the five finalists.

Where is Kim Min-Cheol Now?

As of writing, Kim Min-Cheol seems quite happy with his life. He remains passionate about his various athletic ventures and can often be seen climbing one summit or the other. Furthermore, Kim has been quite excited about his appearance in the Netflix show and has eagerly promoted the series through his social media channels. His athletic skills and fame have allowed him to partner with well-known sports brands like 100 Percent Korea, Urban Packers, and All For Gear.

Since the pre-quest challenge of the show first aired, it became a huge TikTok sensation, with people eager to see just how long they could hold themselves up from the ground. Dubbed the “Hanging Challenge,” the trend quickly became widespread as influencers with impressive fan followings attempted to follow in the footsteps of reality TV participants. The realization of just how the task has only boosted Kim Min-Cheol’s respect and fame.

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