Jo Jin-Hyeong: Where is the Physical 100 Finalist Now?

While Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ has introduced viewers to many fitness enthusiasts, few have captured as much attention as Jo Jin-Hyeong. Featured prominently in the Korean reality series, the participant had been one of the fan favorites since the very start of the competition due to his excellent performance in the first few rounds. Naturally, his ascension to the position of a finalist only cemented his fame as people across the world poured out their appreciation for him. Jo’s excellent performance has made many curious about his life and current whereabouts. If you are wondering about the same thing, worry not because we have your back!

Who is Jo Jin-Hyeong?

A car dealer by profession, Jo Jin-Hyeong has always been a fitness enthusiast and can often be seen working on his physical fitness. His love for automobiles is not limited to four-wheeled beauties as he is also an ambassador for Indian Motorcycle. Jo can often be seen taking his motorcycle on road trips, often in the company of his friends. Besides, it does seem like the gym is a pretty familiar place for the reality TV star as he spends a lot of time there and certainly has a physique to prove it.

The Netflix show is far from the first time that Jo has been part of a fitness-related television series. Having participated in TvnD’s ‘Strongman’ in 2019, he won the competition and garnered much fame. Additionally, Jo showcased his acting skills in the second season of ‘Welcome to Waikiki,’ thanks to his portrayal of the son of the vacation home’s guest owner. Given his impressive physique and strength, the car dealer turned heads as soon as he entered ‘Physical: 100’ as people could not help but consider him a strong competitor.

In the first quest of the show, Jo was chosen by Hong Beom-Seok to fight in the death match. Determined to win the challenge, he held on to the ball with all his might and defeated the former soldier, leading to his promotion to the top 50. As it turns out, Jo’s performance impressed his fellow castmates, who chose him as the eighth most popular team leader among the remaining participants.

For the second quest, Jo’s team had to fight against Kwak Myung-sik’s group, and the former ended up winning the round. He partnered up with Choo Sung-Hoon‘s team for the next level to move a 1.5-ton ship. This awe-worth combination of people completed the task in 13 minutes and 34 seconds, easily winning the round. Jo and his team members had to choose one of the five tasks to enter themselves into for the fourth quest. Initially, he was unsure if he would go on to the next round.

However, the details of the very first game seemingly eased Jo’s nerves. The task known as Punishment of Atlas required the participants to hold up a heavy boulder for as long as possible, as only the last person standing would become a finalist. As soon as the task was announced, every head turned towards Jo as many thought it was a task he would surely win. Standing true to expectation, he ended up winning the task after holding up the given rock for over one and a half hours.

Jo Jin-Hyeong is Leading a Happy Life Today

As of writing, Jo is enjoying life to the fullest. His recent appearance in the Netflix show has helped him amass a large fan following who have been quite vocal about their support for him. Furthermore, he seems to have formed a strong bond with his castmates like Choo Sung-Hoon whom he can be seen working out with. Jo has also been spending time with Shim Eu-ddeum and Song A-Reum.

More than anyone, Jo prefers the company of his immediate family. He is happily married to Kim Sea-Rom, with whom he tied the knot in December 2014. The happy couple welcomed their first child, a son named Do-Hyun, in 2017. Kim is a waxing expert who offers various grooming services, many of which are geared toward men. Not just that, the reality TV star has a YouTube channel with close to 2 thousand subscribers.

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