Song A-reum And Kim Kang-min: Physical 100 Couple Lead a Happy Life Now

Known for its resemblance to the format of ‘Squid Games,’ Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100‘ is a Korean reality series revolving around the concept of fitness. The show has welcomed many bodybuilders and athletes who are well-respected in their respective fields. While some of the featured participants were already quite famous before becoming a part of the competition, others earned their fame through the show. For Song A-reum And Kim Kang-min, the competition was a boost to their already impressive fame as fans became eager to learn more about the fitness couple.

Who Are Song A-reum And Kim Kang-min?

Song A-reum and Kim Kang-min are married to each other and are well-known among fitness enthusiasts. Having tied the knot about six years before coming on the Netflix show, the couple was instantly recognized by fellow competitors and viewers as soon as they appeared to take part in the competition. Apart from taking part in various fitness competitions, the two bodybuilders are also known for the content that they share on social media.

Talking about competitive bodybuilding, Song has taken part in various International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness(IFBB) events over the years. In fact, she secured 2nd position in the 2019 IFBB’s Japan Pro competition in the Women’s Bikini class. Additionally, she was 3rd in the 2021 IFBB Asia Grand Prix Pro(AGP) for the same category. Thanks to her physique and talent, the female bodybuilder has also appeared in various photoshoots.

Meanwhile, Kim Kang-min is also a celebrated competitive bodybuilder and has been a part of numerous events. This includes his winning participation in the 2022 NABBA Korean Grand Prix Final and the 2021 NABBA Asia Open Championship. He has also won the 2019 NABBA WFF Asia Open Championship and the 2019 NABBA WFF Asia Grand Prix Final. Adding to his victory in the 2018 NABBA WFF Asia Open Championship, these five events mark his consecutive NABBA victories.

Apart from competing in various bodybuilding contests, Kim Kang-min also posts videos on his YouTube channel, which, as of writing, has about 440 thousand subscribers. While his content is mostly related to fitness, the reality TV star also posts a variety of blogs, often featuring his wife. Both he and Song offer seminars to teach others about the joy of bodybuilding. Those interested can book their services through relevant channels.

Where Are Song A-reum And Kim Kang-min Now?

As of writing, Song A-reum and Kim Kang-min are still happily married. The couple has a daughter named Soeun Kim, who was born on October 10, 2017. It seems like the young girl is also eager to follow in the footsteps of her parents and often partakes in exercises. Her own Instagram page, with over 4,000 followers, is full of adorable pictures that depict Soeun Kim enjoying life to the fullest. Her parents obviously hold much love for her and love to share her pictures or videos on their own social media. Meanwhile, Kim Kang-min celebrated his 31st birthday on December 2, 2022.

Both Song A-reum And Kim Kang-min are affiliated with Maxist, a brand known for fitness-related food products. The female bodybuilder is also a partner of Muscle Pro Gym, which is located in the South Korean city of Incheon. They are also associated with the apparel brand known as Be First Or Best(BFOB). The couple likes to spend time with each other and has been delighted by their reality TV appearance. In fact, they seem to have fostered genuine connections with some of the other participants, including Choo Sung-hoon, a well-0known Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

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