Physical Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

The brooding comedy series ‘Physical’ follows the self-deprecating housewife Sheila on her journey as she shrugs off domestic life and transforms into an aerobics trainer and celebrity. The caustic, inner-monologue-driven series, in episode 6, finds its leading lady beginning to sell her cassette tapes out of the trunk of her car — a welcome landmark after her turbulent journey to get there.

However, the danger of the stolen camera being discovered still lingers, as does her husband’s obnoxious friend Jerry who Shiela briefly fantasizes about killing. Having gained so much confidence since the time we are first introduced to her, and yet only a small push away from losing it all, Sheila is walking a thin line. Let’s take a closer look at her journey in ‘Physical’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Physical Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 opens with Sheila and Bunny, who is now on board with the home-workout-video business idea, practicing for their first shoot. The two are excited, and things seem to be looking up as Sheila gains confidence. However, her husband’s upcoming campaign ad is a source of worry for the almost-broke housewife. Having spent all their savings on her junk food binges, Sheila attempts to hide their lack of funds by keeping false accounts of their transactions. She also enlists Tyler’s help in finding cost-effective locations to film her husband’s video.

Egged on by Jerry, Sheila goes to the mall to try and convince the mall’s owner and property developer, John Breem, for space in his building. Surprisingly, he gives her a large, unused area that is so good that our scheming leading lady decides to use it to shoot her aerobics videos instead of her husband’s dreary campaign ad. As Sheila begins to shoot her glitzy videos at the mall, she and Tyler help her husband Danny make an impressive ad outdoors. We also see Sheila bearing the exorbitant costs of running two simultaneous productions.

Greta, who is Sheila’s wealthy and highly insecure friend, leans on her heavily for support, and as Sheila obliges, the two become closer. However, at a tea party, the latter begins to talk about the aerobics videos she’s making and hijacks all the guests’ attention, eventually ending up selling all the exercise tapes she’s made. A bitter Greta then realizes that the exercise tapes were made using her husband’s stolen camera and confronts Sheila, who gives her the one she originally found in the video camera. Her wealthy friend takes it and asks the apologetic Sheila to get out of her house.

Physical Episode 6 Ending: How Does Sheila Get Money for the Videos?

Our leading lady, happy to have sold her tapes but concerned at her theft being discovered, returns home to find Jerry and Danny gushing about the ad she helped make. The two are convinced that Danny’s new campaign ad will rocket him to fame and plan on increasing the advertising budget to publicize it more. Sheila’s weak protests about not having enough funds are immediately squashed by Jerry, who shows her the accounts diary that she herself has filled out to show that there are sufficient funds for the increased spending. A panicking Sheila, once again caught in her own trap, forces a smile as she tries to come up with a way to get the extra money.

So, Sheila’s perpetual financial troubles continue and seem to be getting more acute as her expenses increase. The measly earnings that she gets from selling a few tapes don’t come close to covering what she has already spent, and the thousands of dollars she now needs seem to be weighing on her mind. However, in this episode, we also see Sheila spending copious amounts of money on filming her and her husband’s videos. All this money, we find out, is being taken by Sheila on credit. The multiple swipes on her credit card that we see signify that the budding aerobics trainer is falling deeper and deeper into debt.

The fact that she is worried about the additional spending on Danny’s ad is most likely because she can’t pay for air time with a credit card or has already reached her credit limit. Therefore, at the end of the episode, we find Sheila truly out of options and confronted with her own false financial accounts. To boot, she is now in massive debt after funding the two shoots with her credit card.

What is on the Tape Sheila Gives Greta?

Sheila and Greta’s faceoff has been a long time coming as the leading lady has been trying to hide the fact that she stole Greta’s husband’s video camera. Her initial supposition that Jerry, who has a huge collection of gadgets, would not miss his camera proves to be woefully incorrect as the wealthy entrepreneur goes on a rampage when he realizes his camera is missing. His wife Greta is especially incensed when Jerry fires their babysitter, suspecting her of the theft.

Greta is unable to figure out why her husband is so agitated about the missing camera. The reason, as she is soon about to find out, is not the camera but the tape in it. As Sheila earlier discovers, Jerry has a fetish for women with shaved heads and has made recordings of them. This is what is on the tape that she hands over to Greta, who has long suspected her husband of having an affair. Sheila also uses the tape’s explosive and incriminating contents as an excuse when asked why she didn’t come forward earlier about the stolen video camera.

Will Greta Reveal Sheila’s Theft?

After Sheila hijacks the tea party and sells her tapes to the party guests, all of which were recorded using the camera she stole from Greta in the first place, the two women’s friendship seems to not be well and truly be on the rocks. If Greta decides to reveal the theft, all of Sheila’s plans of making aerobics tapes will come crashing down. Once Jerry finds out about the theft, he could also pull funding from Danny’s campaign, which would effectively shut it down.

Fortunately, Greta is grateful to have Sheila as a friend and, despite being angry, might just come around. This would also be a very good outcome for the housewife-turned-aerobics trainer who, apart from Greta’s silence, also needs her rich friends to sell her videos to. In the past, Sheila has been rude to Greta but has always been forgiven by the woefully insecure woman who doesn’t seem to have anyone else to confide in. Combined with the fact that the tape is soon going to reveal her husband’s strange proclivities, Greta might just realize that she values Sheila’s opportunistic friendship more than her husband’s incriminating video camera. Therefore, Sheila’s secret about the stolen video camera might just stay safe with Greta.

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