Physical Season 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Physical’ follows the story of Sheila Rubin, who changes her life after getting into aerobics. The transformation is exceptional for her after being stuck in a loveless marriage and battling an eating disorder made worse by the voice inside her head. She takes great strides towards changing life by building a brand around herself. However, she also remains her own worst enemy and makes some questionable choices that lead her to the events in the fifth episode of the third season.

In the previous episode, Sheila gave into her fascination with Kelly Kilmartin and spent a wild night with her, in which she drunk-dialed a few people and got so hungover that the next day she ended up modeling in a dress so tight that she tore it off in front of everyone. She fell off the wagon and went on a binge. One would think she has hit a low, but it turns out that things can get worse. Here’s what the events of this episode mean for her. SPOILERS AHEAD

Physical Season 3 Episode 5 Recap

When she was drunk, Sheila thought she called Carlos but forgot that she had also called John. He shows up at her door the next day and immediately realizes she doesn’t even remember calling him. He’s a little disappointed, but nothing he didn’t expect. Now that he’s here, they might as well talk, he believes. He tells Shiela about his wife, who has been struggling since the birth of their child. He has been trying everything, getting help from the church, but it only seems to worsen things. Sheila advises him to get his wife to a psychologist.

Their conversation is interrupted when an angry Greta comes knocking. She is shocked by Sheila’s behavior and worries it might hurt their deal with Hartman. Sheila confesses that she temporarily fell off the wagon, says nothing of her time with Kelly, and assures Greta that she will not let this happen again. Satisfied but not happy with her answer, Greta goes away to secure the deal.

Once John leaves, Sheila finds her inner voice booming in her head and decides to exercise, but it doesn’t help. She lands in a class where things are a bit slow for her taste and leaves midway. While returning to her room, she sees Carlos, whom she’d asked to come over after having called him while drunk. He takes her to dinner, and after a seven-course meal with him, Sheila decides to do things differently with her business.

Meanwhile, Danny’s sister arrives at his house. It’s a huge relief to him because she agrees to help with his daughter. She livens things up around the place, changing all the habits she believes were knocked into her brother and niece by Sheila. This gives Danny time to think, and he goes to Sheila’s workplace to talk to her about how he understands what exercise means to her. Instead of meeting her, he meets her secretary, and something else happens between them.

Physical Season 3 Episode 5 Ending

After talking to Carlos, who talks about why he didn’t open his own restaurant, given how interested he is in all things food, Sheila realizes that she wants the same for her business. She didn’t get into aerobics because she wanted to make a huge business out of it. She did it because she wanted to change her life and hoped to help other people. So, if the deal with Hartman fell through, it wouldn’t matter. She wasn’t supposed to go into the food industry in the first place.

When Greta returns, she reveals that she talked to Hartman and salvaged their deal. There is a catch, but before she can tell what that is, Sheila starts talking about how she has changed her mind and wants to go back to the basics. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, Greta meets Carlos. She thinks he was there before when she came to Sheila’s room (not realizing it was John). She tries to knock some sense into Sheila, especially when she discovers this change of mind came after her conversation with Carlos.

Greta is furious because this deal with Hartman meant a lot to her. Following it, she had an argument with her husband, whom they’d pushed out of Sheila’s business. Greta also realizes that Sheila never saw her as an equal partner. How could she hurt their business and through Greta’s hard work down the drain after talking with some man she’d just met? Greta tells Sheila about crossing paths with Kelly Kilmartin, who is impressed with Greta’s business acumen. She calls Kelly more professional than Sheila, and considering that her friend won’t take the deal now, she decides to take it to Kelly, who would surely appreciate it.

While Sheila might have considered herself the face of her brand, she knows how important Greta is to the business. With her gone, everything can fall apart, especially when Sheila herself is not in a good state of mind. If Greta leaves, things can get much worse for her business, and everything she’d worked so hard to build would fall in a blink of an eye. As her inner voice scolds her for ruining the one good thing left in her life, she tries to assure herself that all is not lost. She still has the TV gig, and she still has herself. She can pull through this difficult time. But for how long?

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