Pink Picasso Shark Tank Update: Where Is Pink Picasso Today?

Entrepreneurs Ashley and Brittany Silfies presented their brilliant Paint by Numbers Business, Pink Picasso, hoping to craft a deal with the Sharks in ‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 7. Although a paint by numbers product, Pink Picasso features unique paintings ranging from beautiful floral arrangements to kids’ cartoons. With such an eye-dazzling product on offer, we sure got curious about the company behind it. Well, here’s what we found out!

Pink Picasso: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Surprisingly, neither Ashley nor Brittany had any experience in the art field before starting their paint by numbers business. Ashley completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Food Science from Auburn University before working as a Procurement Manager at Tech Candy Cases. On the other hand, Brittany earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham before working as a gymnastics coach and subsequently, a Laboratory Technician at Biolife Plasma Services.

Brittany and Ashley were settling into their new married lives when the idea of a paint by numbers business first occurred to them. Both sisters had often discussed how they wanted to use people’s creativity to help them relax, rediscover, and reinvent themselves. They were also of the opinion that painting falls into one of the most therapeutic tasks ever. Thus while staring at a blank wall in their home, Ashley suddenly envisioned it being full of beautiful pictures and hit upon an idea of starting a paint by numbers product.

Pink Picasso is a complete package that includes an artbook, numbered paints, different types of brushes, and even a number map. Recreating the paintings is also extremely easy as each print has numbered sections to be filled according to the corresponding color. Furthermore, the Pink Picasso set appeals to all age groups as it has a massive variety of art pieces, including flower arrangements, cartoons for kids, as well as Mid-Century Modern style pictures.

Pink Picasso: Where Are They Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic helped boost sales for Pink Picasso as with people staying inside, the interest in paint by numbers increased tenfold. The response to their product was tremendous, which in turn encouraged Brittany and Ashley to develop even more varieties. Additionally, they also tied up with online retailers and went the extra mile to ensure that Pink Picasso was made available in multiple brick and mortar stores across the country.

A complete Pink Picasso set with four paintbrushes, colors, a number map, and the artbook will set you back by $28. The company also sells more expensive kits priced at $36 or $42, while hanging solutions are available at $21 each. Additionally, interested customers can also buy 4 or 6 pack sets for added discounts.

Along with Pink Picasso, the sisters have also launched two other hugely successful paint by number kits named Modern Monet and Wear Your Sole. At present, the kits are readily available to purchase on their own website or the online retailer, Amazon. However, people who prefer to shop offline can walk into numerous stationery and art stores across the country to secure a kit for themselves.

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