Sheets Laundry Club Shark Tank Update: Where Is Sheets Laundry Club Today?

‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 7 witnessed a multitude of interesting products and companies, including entrepreneurs Chris Videau and Chris Campbell’s Sheets Laundry Club. A cost-effective laundry detergent solution that also fights against the use of plastics is honestly too compelling of a product to resist. Thus, we decided to jump in and chart out the growth of the company.

Sheets Laundry Club: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Chris Videau is an army veteran who worked as a U.S.Army UH60 Standardization Pilot and Aviation Safety Officer from 1996 to 2016. He also owned a franchise of the unconventional art classes, Painting with a Twist, before embarking on his journey to put Sheets Laundry Club on the map. On the other hand, Chris Campbell held the CEO position at Capital Management Investments before co-establishing Sheets Laundry Club with Videau.

While in the US Army, Videau was made aware of the harmful implications of the overuse of non-biodegradable plastics on our environment. During his duty tours, he witnessed the effects of plastic waste and experienced the toxic chemical smoke from plastic burn pits first-hand. Thus, deciding to do his bit in saving the environment, Videau did his research and found that maximum liquid detergents ship in non-bio-degradable plastic containers that are rarely reused and mostly thrown away as waste.

Therefore, taking the laundry detergent industry as a starting point, Chris Videau and Chris Campbell established the company, Sheets Laundry Club, and launched laundry sheets as an alternative to liquid detergent. As evident from the name, the detergent comes in small sheets, one of which is enough to use for a whole load of laundry. The user only needs to put the sheet into the water until it dissolves and turns into detergent.

Moreover, the detergent is free of plastic or any harsh chemicals. Thus, it is perfect for sensitive skin as it only includes polyvinyl alcohol, coconut oil, and essential oil fragrances. Sticking to his original mission of combating plastic waste, Videau packs his laundry detergent sheets in 100% bio-degradable boxes, which are a welcome change from plastic containers.

Sheets Laundry Club: Where Are They Now?

Videau was quite surprised at the positive response he got shortly after launching Sheets Laundry Club and was quite amazed that so many wanted to try out an alternative to tried and tested detergents. The boost in sales also encouraged Videau to grow his business. Thus, he began looking into other forms of soaps and detergents which might do well in the market. Additionally, Sheets Laundry Club’s rapid growth also drew media attention, and the company was featured on WCNC and Fortune.

At present, apart from laundry detergent sheets, the company also sells scent boosters, floor cleaners, dryer sheets, dishwasher detergent, and plastic-free deodorant. The prices are also quite reasonable as a single box of laundry detergent sheets holds 50 pieces and will cost you $19.99. The rest of their products also range from $8.99 to $19.99, and customers can also choose to go for complete premade bundles.

Additionally, the company also offers a subscription service with a customizable delivery period option which includes added discounts. Sheets Laundry Club products can be purchased online from Amazon or their own website, where you can avail free shipping all over the USA for orders above $12.99

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