Poker Face Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The seventh episode of Peacock’s thriller seriesPoker Face,’ titled ‘The Future of the Sport,’ follows the aging racing star Keith Owens, who is competing against emerging racer Davis McDowell in the upcoming championship races. When Davis humiliates Owens, the latter sets out to kill the former but is met with heart-breaking consequences as his daughter Katy Owens gets severely hurt. The engrossing episode progresses through Charlie Cale’s efforts to unravel the mystery behind the accident that nearly kills Katy. Charlie comes across her colleague’s son Davis’ lies, which makes her suspicious of him. But how does she solve the case? Let us dive into the episode’s ending! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Poker Face Episode 7 Recap

‘The Future of the Sport’ begins with Owens and Davis competing against each other in a race. Although old age is catching up with his efficiency as a driver, Owens manages to take lead in the race, only for Davis to hit his car and leave him out of the race. After Davis’ win, Keith announces that he is not planning to retire anytime soon and expresses his desire to take Davis down in the next race. Keith’s decision to continue racing infuriates Katy, his daughter, who has been expecting his retirement for her to step into the racing track as the fourth-generation racer of her family.

Owens wants his daughter Katy to succeed him but doesn’t want the latter to step into the career carrying her father’s defeat. Meanwhile, Davis shows up at the Owens’ house and destroys a few things in the garden. Upon encountering Davis’ arrogance, Owens realizes that he should kill the emerging racer to make sure that his family’s legacy on the racing tracks will remain through him and his daughter. Since Davis is a mechanic, Owens calls him to repair a non-existing vehicle. When he sees a truck leaving Davis’ house, Owens believes that the racer is leaving, leading him to the garage to tamper with Davis’ racing car.

However, rather than Davis, it is his mother who leaves the house for the repair work. Davis sees Owens tampering with his car and starts to believe that he should repay the veteran racer. Before the start of the next race, Davis asks Katy whether she wants to race against her father to prove that it is time for her to grace the tracks. Katy starts the race without letting her father know about the same. She eventually loses control of the vehicle, which gets crashed and burnt down. Katy somehow gets rescued from the supposed “accident.”

Poker Face Episode 7 Ending: How Does Charlie Solve Katy’s Attempted Murder?

When Katy gets severely injured due to the crash of Davis’ car, Charlie initially thinks that it is an accident. After the crash, Davis gets his car back and he “discovers” a fishing hook in the engine, which leads him to pretend to theorize that Owens tried to kill him using the same and Katy became the accidental victim of her own father’s plan. That’s when she accidentally listens to Davis saying to a boy that Katy couldn’t wear her seat belt correctly due to a mechanical issue. Charlie realizes that Davis was laying and sets out to find out the reason behind the same.

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To clear the ambiguities revolving around the accident, Charlie meets Owens to listen to his version of the story. He confirms his involvement in the crash by lying about the same and even confesses to trying to kill his competitor after he meets Charlie. But she is convinced that Davis’ intervention played a part in Katy’s supposed accident. Charlie remembers Davis explaining Owens’ elaborate plan to kill him by detailing the nuances of the things used to tamper with the engine. She notices Davis being aware of the things used in the setup before or without seeing them, which leads her to the realization that he was aware of Owens’ actions before the day of the race.

That must be when Charlie comes across the photograph of Big Ed, Davis’ mentor and role model, at the garage rather than in his car. Since the photo means a lot to Davis, Charlie concludes that Davis kept it away from the car because he knew that it will get crashed during the race, which will destroy the photograph as well. Upon connecting the dots, she understands that Davis loosened the seat belt of his car after Owens left his garage and the emerging racer invited Katy to compete in the race with the knowledge that there would be an inevitable crash.

Why Does Davis Try to Kill Katie?

When Davis realizes that Owens has set a trap to kill him, the emerging superstar improvises on the same and makes a better plan to kill neither him nor his nemesis but the latter’s daughter Katy. Davis must have had multiple reasons to try to kill her. First of all, he may have wanted to kill Katy as retaliation for her father’s efforts to kill him. He must have thought that killing his daughter using his own plan may cause unbearable pain and guilt in Owens, which is a better punishment for trying to kill him in comparison with the aging racer’s own death.

Image Credit: Phillip Caruso/Peacock

Davis and Katy have their own history for the former to try to kill the latter. Katy has humiliated Davis in races before, hurting his ego and arrogance significantly. He must have doubted his talents as a racer after losing to Katy time after time. The hurt may have developed into a malicious motive to kill Owens’ daughter. In addition, Davis may have realized that he cannot become a superstar when he is competing against Katy, who is a far better racer than him. He must have feared being the second-best racer behind Katy, which would tarnish the reputation of Big Ed.

Thus, Davis may have tried to kill Katy to make sure that his superiority on the tracks will not be challenged by anyone in the near future. Since Katy survives the crash, she is expected to return to the racing competitions to defeat Davis as she always did.

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