Poplight Shark Tank Update: Illuminating Homes with Innovation

A well-lit home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also crucial for creating a comfortable and functional living space. However, the process of installing suitable lighting fixtures can be both laborious and expensive. Addressing this challenge, Poplight emerged as a beacon of innovation in the 11th episode of the 15th season of ‘Shark Tank.’ This revolutionary solution provides a more accessible and convenient option for illuminating homes, offering an alternative that combines style with affordability. Poplight’s introduction to the market signifies a shift toward making quality lighting more achievable for households, revolutionizing the way we approach home lighting solutions.

Poplight: Who are They and What Do they Do?

Embarking on a new chapter of their lives together, Rose Fierman and Caroline Matthes found their first shared home in the historic Santa Fe Arts District of Denver. The charming house they acquired dated back to 1879, steeped in history but in need of a modern touch. As they envisioned renovating and infusing new energy into their residence, they encountered a significant challenge—the outdated wiring insulated with horsehair. Recognizing the opportunity to transform and personalize their space, the couple understood that updating the lighting was a crucial step in the renovation process.

Despite their initial plans to install traditional wall sconces, Rose Fierman and Caroline Matthes encountered various obstacles in the process. The conventional options proved to be expensive, requiring professional contractors for installation. Eager to find a more cost-effective and DIY-friendly alternative, they explored the market but found no suitable options that didn’t involve hardwiring. Understanding the financial challenges ahead, the couple took a proactive approach and launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Their initiative garnered immense support, raising over $160,000 in preorders. The influx of funds not only facilitated the manufacturing of their lighting solution but also helped them establish a thriving community around their product. Launched in 2020, Poplight stands out as a groundbreaking wall stick-on lighting solution designed to meet various home needs. Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, this innovative product comes with its leveler and can be effortlessly attached to the wall. The light component can be swiveled into the base for a secure fit.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the removal and replacement process is simple, allowing users to easily take out the battery for recharging. Removing the light from the wall is a breeze – just pull the tape, leaving no stains behind. Poplight utilizes energy-efficient LED bulbs, allowing users to change the color temperature and adjust the brightness. Offering most features of a smart bulb, Poplight can be conveniently operated from either an Android or iOS device. Rose Fierman and Caroline Matthes found themselves on the path to success when one of their TikToks went viral.

Initially, when contacted by a ‘Shark Tank’ producer, they dismissed it, thinking it might be a scam. However, when the producer reached out for a second time, Caroline and Rose decided to take the call. To their astonishment, they realized that this was a golden opportunity for their company, marking a dream come true. Despite lacking a background in design or manufacturing, and with no prior entrepreneurial experience, they embraced the journey that awaited them, ready to navigate the challenges of building their business.

Where is Poplight Now?

Poplight continues its journey of growth and learning each day. The company is actively working on expanding its product offerings by providing a variety of lighting color options. Additionally, they are striving to make Poplight integrable with popular smart home systems such as Google Home and Alexa, aiming to broaden its compatibility with other products. Poplight’s innovative approach is particularly beneficial for individuals renting spaces, as the wall stick-on lighting eliminates the need for drilling holes, avoiding displeasure from landlords and potential deductions from security deposits.

Since their appearance on ‘Shark Tank,’ Poplight has experienced a notable increase in sales, prompting the team to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of their growing customer base. Each Poplight unit is priced at $95, providing an affordable and convenient option for users seeking a versatile wall stick-on lighting solution. Additionally, the company sells battery packs separately, available for purchase at $24 for each unit. The charging cord, a basic USB-C charging cord, is also offered at $9 on the website.

While Poplight is still in the pre-order phase, with products set to be dispatched starting January 2024, the company is committed to keeping customers informed. A more precise timeline for dispatch will be provided to customers as soon as the items are ready, ensuring a clear and reliable delivery process. In conclusion, Poplight has positioned itself as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of home lighting, catering to the modern needs of convenience, affordability, and innovation. With its user-friendly design, ease of installation, and features comparable to smart bulbs, Poplight has established itself as a game-changer.

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