Preachers’ Daughters: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

Reveling in rebellion, ‘Preachers’ Daughters’ is a docusoap series that follows the lives of young girls as they navigate the issues within their families. The Lifetime show focuses on the families of pastors and their young daughters. As some deal with pregnancy, and others assuage their parents to ease the rules, the episodes deal with the drama and mayhem of a chaotic household. While families try to bring back the harmony, things always fly out of proportion in the end. Having first aired in 2013, fans have been curious to know how the lives of the young girls have taken shape over the past decade. So, if you’re also wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Olivia Perry is an Emotional Health Coach Now

Overcoming the travails of drugs and underage drinking, 18-year-old Olivia tried to turn her life around for her daughter, Eden. Since then, the reality television star has managed to turn a new leaf. Olivia enrolled in community college and decided to get a job to secure her and her daughter’s future. On the personal front, she was also able to find love.

The television personality married Caleb Marmolejo on January 10, 2015. He is the Creative producer for Bethel Music and the owner of Rhema Creative. The couple lives in California with their two children – Eden and River. In addition to caring for her family, Olivia is a Certified Emotional Health Coach and continues sharing her struggles and triumphs with fans on social media.

Mark Perry Continues to Support His Family

Mark Perry continued supporting his family throughout the show, guiding his daughter toward becoming a better version of herself. The television personality is still a Pastor at Everyday Church. Mark is also the Founder and Director of Iris Leaders School and is the Executive Director for Everyday Global. When the public speaker isn’t engaged with work commitments, he unwinds with his wife, Cheryl Perry, and his daughters and grandchildren. The loving grandfather is an author who penned ‘Building Kingdom Churches.’ Based in California, Mark regularly takes to social media to post messages of inspiration and enthusiasm for fans.

Cheryl Perry is a Real Estate Agent Now

Ensuring that her children find the right path, Cheryl continuously instilled the right values in them and even helped Olivia get through hard times. Years later, she has remained the loving wife, mother, and grandmother to her children. In addition to the familial bliss she shares with her loved ones, Cheryl is an accomplished woman. The television personality has become a Real Estate Agent and works with Douglas Elliman in California. Readers and fans can find the listed luxurious properties she represents in California on her social media.

Emily Perry Runs Greenhouse Coffee Company With Her Father

Helping her sister see tough times through, Emily became a close confidante and a relying force for Olivia. Almost a decade later, she has branched out as well — she manages and runs the Greenhouse Coffee Company with her father in the heart of the Central Coast in Los Angeles. With extensive experience and knowledge in the LA restaurant scene, Emily has continued accelerating her company’s growth. On the personal front, she likes to keep things under wraps. Nevertheless, the absence of a partner on social media leads us to believe that Emily is currently single and focusing on her career.

Audrey Perry is Actively Balancing Career and Family Today

Like her sisters, Audrey has also found happiness and success. The mother of three married Josh Chastain in August 2015 and has since explored new heights with her family. The television personality continues to balance work and the upbringing of her three children – Eliana, Navah, and Aidan. Audrey is still close to her siblings and parents and regularly shares moments of family trips and getaways.

Taylor Coleman is Pursuing Her Artistic Career

Finding herself tied between the expectations of her parents and the excitement of youth, Taylor’s rebellion became a pivotal storyline in the docusoap series. Years later, she has found her footing and no longer knocks head with her parents. Based in Chicago, Taylor explored success in acting and singing. Aside from starring in the Lifetime series, she has acted in ‘Voiceless,’ ‘Call Center,’ ‘Ignite Your Love,’ and ‘A Promise That Was Broken.’ Taylor is a musician and has released two singles, ‘Love In The Making,’ and ‘Feels.’ The dog mom tied the knot with Bryan Bartee in 2019. When the couple is not busy with work commitments, they like to unwind together and spend time with their family.

Marie Coleman is Continuously Engaged in Real Estate

Marie always tried to assuage her family’s dynamics to ensure that the household’s peace wasn’t broken. The mother of two still occupies a monumental role in the life of her husband and daughters. Marie is based in Illinois with her husband, Ken, and the couple regularly takes to Instagram to post their latest adventures with their church community.

Ken Coleman is Continuously Engaged in Real Estate

Occupying the role of a firm and just father, Ken tried to balance his parenting throughout the series and encouraged his daughters to become responsible and own up to their mistakes. The Pastor is now a Bishop and continues to enjoy the fruits of his labor with his family and members of the Church. Even when the television personality had to deal with a rare genetic kidney disorder that left him with zero kidney function, he managed to recoup with the blessings of his loved ones.

With a major disease, Ken momentarily stepped away from his professional and personal duties. During this time, his wife took the reins and helmed all the family responsibilities. Nevertheless, the Bishop of City of Refuge Pentecostal Church continues to enjoy all the happiness life has to offer.

Kendra Coleman Prefers to Keep a Low Profile 

The eldest child of the Coleman clan, Kendra, occupied a pivotal role throughout the series. At 20, she had been banished from her parents’ house because she got pregnant. Kendra’s father, Ken, had advised his daughter to be safe if she was sexually active. Moreover, he had told her promptly that she’d have to move out of the house if she got pregnant. Since Kendra was already working, Ken gave his daughter a jeep and asked her to leave and find an apartment. Since then, the television personality has decidedly kept her life under wraps. Kendra no longer uses social media and likes to keep her professional and personal information confidential.

Kolby Koloff is Developing Her Music Career

At 16, Kolby felt her life spiral in all directions as she divided her time between her divorced parents, Nikita and Victoria. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old has managed to overcome the issues that plagued her at the time. In 2015, Kolby kickstarted her journey in music, finding her inspiration in Christian and pop music. She released her debut song in 2015 titled “Grow.”

Through the years, Kolby has grown as a songwriter and musician, apart from becoming an online creator. Kolby is an Instagram influencer and YouTube creator and has been vocal about her infertility issues online. Along with her husband, Andrew Knell, the television personality has been chronicling her journey as they map the problems arising from an inability to conceive.

Nikita Koloff is Continuously Spreading His Message as an Evangelist

Born Nelson Simpson in Minneapolis, Nikita Koloff rose as a prominent wrestler in the 80s after leaving behind a prospective career in football due to injuries. He has been listed as the winner of multiple championships and accolades in the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Fame. After retiring from wrestling, Nikita has been working as a traveling Evangelist and regularly conducts events to spread the word of God.

Over the years, Nikita has explored work in different fields. The former wrestler has authored three books and even appeared in productions like ‘Pastor Greg’s Reboot – Hope for Christmas,’ and ‘Stuck in the Past.’ On the personal front, Nikita is single and has kept his dating life under wraps since his divorce from Victoria was finalized in 2007.

Victoria Koloff is Actively Hosting Shows and Radio Programs

Victoria, originally a friend of Nikita’s first wife, Mandy Smithson, didn’t connect with him till the latter passed away due to Hodgkin’s disease. Later, the duo hit it off and tied the knot in 1990. Along with her daughters Teryn and Tawni, Victoria established a family with Nikita and later gave birth to Kendra and Kolby. Years later, she remains a vital presence in her daughters’ lives.

The television personality has become a host and worked in reality shows like ‘My House Is Your House,’ ‘Home Suite Home,’ and ‘In Your Corner with Kerry Pharr.’ Victoria has also worked as a radio host and hosts two local radio programs with Mike Carson. The reality TV star stepped down from her position as Director of Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee in 2018. She now enjoys her time with her family and friends and likes to keep a life outside social media.

Kendra Koloff is Managing Operations and Running a Business

Kendra has grown professionally and personally since her exit from reality television. Based in Hawaii with her husband Brandon and their daughters – Loulou and Linnie, she has worked as an Operations Manager at CDF Engineering LLC. Not just this, Kendra and her husband run a traveling and guide business. The television personality is now an Instagram influencer and continues to share snippets of her life on social media.

Tawni Koloff is an Influencer and Emergency Room Professional Now

At 37, Tawni is still a supportive older sister to Kolby. Additionally, the television personality is the mother of four children. Along with her husband, Matt, she embraces life’s new challenges. Tawni is an Instagram influencer and even worked at the ER. In addition to being vocal about her faith, she advocates for women’s rights and raises her voice against discrimination.

Teryn Koloff is Advancing in Real Estate and Business

Aside from starring in HGTV’s ‘My House is Your House’ with her mother, Teryn has experienced equal fulfillment in her personal life. Along with her husband, Chad, she still enjoys familial bliss as a wife and a mother. Besides, the business owner also appeared in ‘Home Suite Home.’ Based in Nashville with her family, Teryn works as a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Woodmont Realty. In addition, she is the Director of Business Development at Stay Local Nashville Inc.

Megan Cassidy is Working as a Pharmacist

Megan became a pivotal figure in seasons 2 and 3 for her issues with drinking and abstaining. While she was deemed the party girl during the show, she later took to her TikTok to explain that things were quite different. The television personality posted a since-deleted video on her TikTok where she detailed how a drug test was shown positive when it was actually negative in reality. Years later, Megan has shed the shadow of her past and is currently experiencing new things. Based in South Carolina, Megan earned her doctorate from the University of South Carolina and is currently working as a pharmacist. On the personal front, she enjoys equal bliss with her partner Nick DeChalk and their dog, Millie.

Tori Elliot is Working in Aesthetics and Beauty

After getting an eviction notice, the former NOPD officer had to move back in with her parents and younger sister, Courtney. While Tori’s time on the show was also full of ups and downs, the television personality has undoubtedly made exponential progress in her life. Tori recently received her certification in aesthetics and beauty. She is currently working at Lynnie’s Luxury Lounge in Texas, where she provides a variety of services for clients. After learning the profound importance of family, Tori continues to enjoy life with her parents and her sister. On the personal front, the television personality likes to remain tight-lipped.

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