Preview: Ahiru no Sora Episode 43

The quick-paced action of a basketball match and the buzzer that follows after every quarter makes up for the perfect setup of a high school anime. Harping on this setup, ‘Ahiru no Sora’ brings an anime that perfectly blends coming-of-age teen drama with some hoop madness. The anime is now 42 episodes into its first season and if you’re already looking forward to its next episode, here’s everything you need to know about its release date and streaming availability.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 43 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Ahiru no Sora’ premiered on October 2, 2019, and has a total of 50 episodes in its first season. ‘Ahiru no Sora’ Episode 43 is scheduled to release on August 12, 2020.

Where to Watch Ahiru no Sora Episode 43 English Dub Online?

You can stream ‘Ahiru no Sora’ on Crunchyroll and HiDive with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Ahiru no Sora Spoilers

‘Ahiru no Sora’ centers on a teenage boy named Sora who is very passionate about basketball. Throughout middle school, he manages to bring several accolades under his belt and hopes to carry on his winning spree in high school as well. After bidding farewell to his middle school team, he joins Kuzu High and tries to catch up with the school’s basketball scene on the first day itself. That’s when he gets to know that no one in Kuzu High takes the sport too seriously. Although the school does have a basketball court, it is often taken by the delinquents of the school who don’t let anyone enter its premise. At first, after realizing that all odds are against him, Sora thinks of giving up on his dream. But then he finally takes ownership of his future and sets out to start a basketball team in his new school. Along the way, he even meets a boy named Chiaki who joins forces with him and helps him establish a basketball team.

Sora fearlessly heads over the basketball court and confronts the delinquents. They make fun of his petite stature and even look down on him because of his worn-out shoes. But Sora takes full advantage of this and challenges them for a game of basketball. He makes a deal that if he wins against them, they’ll have to comply with his demands of leaving the court and even train under him as players of his team. Amused by his deceiving demeanor, the boys accept the challenge. Sora then shows him how great he is at basketball and surpasses their expectations. Ultimately, he even wins the match and leaves them with no option but to play under him. Off for a rocky start, Sora’s basketball journey at Kuzu High finally begins. Although many obstacles lie ahead, a bright future awaits Sora and his team.

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