Preview: The Third Day Part 3 Episode 2

The first two parts of ‘The Third Day’ focuses almost exclusively on Sam (Jude Law) and his reluctant journey towards becoming the “Father” of Osea. In part 3, titled ‘Winter’, the narrative shifts completely, and new characters are induced. This time, the story revolves around a woman named Helen (Naomie Harris) and her two daughters, Ellie (Nico Parker) and Tallulah (Charlotte Gairdner-Mihell), who arrive in the mysterious island apparently for a short vacation.

Several actors portraying the locals of Osea, including the Martins (Emily Watson and Paddy Considine) and Larry (John Dagleish), reprise their roles. The producers wanted the third part to have a vastly different atmospheric feel to it than the first one, so they brought in a new director (Philippa Lowthorpe), cinematographer (David Chizallet), and even composer (Dickon Hinchliffe). SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Third Day Part 3 Episode 2 Release Date:

‘The Third Day’ episode 5, titled ‘Tuesday – The Daughter,’ is slated to be released on Monday, October 12, 2020, at 9 pm ET on HBO. The episode will simultaneously become available on HBO Max and HBO Latino. In the UK, ‘The Third Day’ part 3 episode 2 will be made available on October 13, on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

Where to Watch The Third Day Part 3 Episode 2 Online?

As mentioned above, ‘The Third Day’ part 3 episode 2 will be available for viewing on both HBO Max and NOW TV. Fans of the show can also stream it on DirecTV.

The Third Day Part 3 Episode 1 Recap

The episode opens with Helen coming to Osea with her two daughters. She had booked a cottage through Airbnb, but when she speaks with the proprietor, Helen is told that they are not open for business any longer. She then drives to the hotel that they drove past earlier, where she sees an elderly man being accosted by two other men. After the assailants leave, Helen tends to the wound of the man, who turns out to be the owner of the hotel. Despite showing genuine gratitude for her kindness, he refuses to let her stay there. Helen spots Ellie speaking with Larry outside and nearly has a mental breakdown.

Like Sam before her, Helen keeps seeing pagan iconography all over the island. After learning about what is supposed to be a newly-built resort, she takes her children there but discovers that it’s just an abandoned construction site. While they are there, they spot a ritualistically slaughtered sheep with a crown of thorns on its head and a baby doll inside the cavity of its disemboweled abdomen. The family barely manages to escape after the preacher (Amer Chadha-Patel) arrives there. When they get to the road, they discover their car is missing. Helen believes that it has been stolen.

After being turned away from virtually everywhere, Helen enters the Martins’ pub with her daughters. Mr. Martin politely tells her that they are not renting rooms any longer, but Helen has nowhere else to go. She stands her ground and eventually receives support from Mrs. Martin. Her car is returned. It was actually towed, not stolen. Later, in their room, the girls ask their mother if they are leaving the following day. She answers by saying that they will decide in the morning. In the closing scenes, the camera focuses on the screen of Tallulah’s tablet. The screensaver is a photo of her family, Tallulah herself, Ellie, Helen, and her father, who happens to be Sam.

The Third Day Part 3 Episode 2 Spoilers

In the first part, Sam refers to his wife as “Cas,” but her name is Helen in part 3. Expect this to be addressed in a future episode. We might also learn why Osea looks so economically downtrodden and what is causing the infightings between the residents. We might also find out about Sam’s ultimate fate. Katherine Waterston’s Jess might make an appearance in episode 2 of ‘Winter.’

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