Project Power Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Power Project’ spins the genre of superheroes in a way that allows anyone to become a superhero. With a time limit of five minutes, anyone can get to feel like they belong in the DC or Marvel universe. But everything comes with a price. Three people get entangled in what turns out to be a greater conspiracy by the villains to take over the world. The ending opens the door to another chapter of the story. Here’s what it means for the characters. If you haven’t seen the film yet, head over to Netflix. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

A new drug arrives in the market that allows its users to temporarily become superheroes. The only catch of the situation is the drug is super pricey and it is unpredictable; you don’t know what you are going to get. Despite this, the criminals are using it to get an upper hand on the cops. While law enforcement is trying to stop the flow of drugs, a police officer named Frank believes that they should be using the drugs to level the field.

He gets his supply from a teenager named Robin, whose real talent lies in rapping. Things get more interesting when a man named The Major jumps into the fray. He is looking for the top-tier people in Teleios, the company that produces the drugs. With a vendetta on his mind, he is ready to do whatever it takes to bring them down.

The Ending

After killing Biggie, Frank arrests Art aka The Major, while Robin follows the bearded man that Art had been looking for all this while. Art tells Frank that his chief is also in with the people who are rolling out the Power drugs on the streets of New Orleans. When the chief tells Frank to not bring Art to the station, he is convinced in his captive’s favor and decides to help him get his daughter back. He leaves Art at the spot where he is captured by Teleios’s people and is taken to the Genesis which is ready to set sail. Robin’s pursuit of the bearded man brings her to the ship as well.

Frank uses the pill to force his way into the ship, followed by Robin. They take over the control of all the hatches and get eyes into every corner of the ship. Art is held captive in the lower levels. While Frank tries to set him free, Robin figures out the location of Tracy. A fight ensues with all the villains using their weird superpowers found through the pills. Meanwhile, Art tries not to use his pill, until they land themselves in the most extreme of circumstances.

Frank finds Art while Tracy is rescued by Robin. In the middle of this, we also discover that Tracy’s power is to heal things. The four of them reunite on the dock and prepare to escape using the lifeboat. However, in trying to help Art escape, Robin stays behind and is captured. Gardner uses her to lure out Art and tells him to give up Tracy. Refusing to sacrifice any of the girls, Art decides that the time is right for him to use his superpowers. He had previously hinted at the intensity of it while he was still in captivity. He had described the powers of the pistol shrimp to the man guarding him and had used it as leverage to free himself.

Another scene that had allowed us a peek into the devastation that the superhero version of Art could cause was in the flashback scene where he had told Robin why he stopped using the pills. It turns out that everything that he had told the guard about the pistol shrimp was real and not a ruse. The moment he takes the pills, a strong wave of energy flows out of him and kills everyone in his vicinity. Robin protects herself by ducking just in time. While all the enemies are killed because of it, the use of power also takes its toll on Art and he falls unconscious. This is when Tracy uses her powers to revive him and the four of them escape from the ship.

In the end, Art and Tracy prepare for their departure where Art tells Frank that the story is over from his side. Now he just wants to keep his daughter safe and live in peace somewhere away from all the danger and the drama that they have been through. He tells Robin to use the power of her words to change the world rather than relying on some pill to show her what she’s worth. He also leaves some money for her to fill the gap that she needed to pay for her mother’s operation. Now she can focus on her education and career and does not have to go back to selling drugs on the street.

While Art, Tracy, and Robin ensure that their ties have been cut from the world of Power drugs, Frank decides to bring the whole conspiracy out into the open. He plans to confront the chief about his involvement with Teleios and will also be breaking the story to the media to make it impossible for the people dealing in Power drugs to hide and continue their nefarious plans. He believes that despite his efforts and all the destruction they have caused, the story is not over yet. He has a hunch that this whole thing is much bigger than it seems and the more he digs into it, the worse it will get. But that’s all for the future. For now, their troubles are gone.

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