Project Power Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘Project Power’ is a superhero movie that shows us what happens when power falls in the hands of the wrong people. What if someone found a way to give away the chance of becoming a superhero to everyone? What if just one pill could change everything you thought you knew about yourself? Starting from these questions, the movie takes us on a journey where we discover the thrill of owning a superhero power along with the risks that come as a part of the package.

It follows the story of three people, all from different walks of life, coming together to save their city which is being infested by criminals who are using the superpowers to do more damage than previously imagined. In the midst of this, the heroes also struggle to use their own powers, weighing the pros and cons of falling into a cycle that they are trying to prevent. All this while, their primary focus is on saving the city. In giving us a different superhero story, the film also gives us a new city to protect from the evil that is closing in on it. If you want to know where ‘Project Power’ has been filmed, here’s the answer.

Where Was Project Power Filmed?

In the origin of every superhero story, there is a city that they hold dear. There is no Batman without Gotham, and Spider-Man doesn’t feel at home unless he is in New York. In the same vein, to create a foundation for the new world of superheroes, ‘Project Power’ needed a city that would not only be a feast for the eyes but also allow the audience a look into the character of its protagonists. After much consideration, they settled on New Orleans. Not only does the city flaunt its colorful and culturally diverse surroundings on the screen, but also shows us how important it is for the characters and why they would do anything it takes to save it. For this purpose, the production set camp in New Orleans, Louisiana to get that authentic look into the place and give it a stronger standing.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The fact that ‘Project Power’ spent most of its filming budget securing outdoor locations all over New Orleans shows just how important a role the surroundings play in the story. The city has become a major filming hub for all sorts of movies and TV shows with titles like ‘Capone’, ‘Queen and Slim’, and ‘American Horror Story’, among others, under its belt.

A majority of the story takes place outdoors and the production tried to bring in as many notable spots of New Orleans into focus as possible. The film also uses the neighborhoods like the former apartment complex in the Lower 9th Ward. Its graffitied background appears in the scene where Jamie Foxx’s The Major chases after Machine Gun Kelly’s superpowered Newt. One of the scenes also features the old Six Flags amusement park which has been abandoned since 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. The cast and crew were also spotted filming in several other locations all over the city.

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