Project Runway Season 14: Where Are The Designers Now?

Image Credit: Lifetime Network

Season 14 of ‘Project Runway’ burst onto the fashion scene In 2016, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. Heidi Klum, the radiant fashion luminary, guided this season’s journey. Making its debut on the Lifetime Network, the season transformed the runway into a fierce battleground, where designers armed themselves not just with needles but with aspirations and an unyielding thirst for triumph.

The lasting impact of season 14 resonates as a vivid testament to the boundless potential that surfaces when expertise and determination harmonize on the catwalk. Every designer’s journey contributes to a distinctive chapter in the fashion industry that transforms. As we delve into this journey, let’s uncover the subsequent stories of these exceptional designers post-show, outlining the journeys that have unfolded in their careers.

Ashley Nell Tipton is an Entrepreneur Today

Ashley Nell Tipton took the fashion world by storm when she clinched the coveted title of winner on season 14. Since then, she’s seamlessly blended her roles as a fashion and costume designer, entrepreneur, instructor, and self-love speaker. Ashley’s journey goes beyond the runway, as she cultivates a vibrant online presence with an engaging YouTube channel and an online shop.

Notably, her commitment to sustainability shines through collaborations with Instagram for National Thrift Shop Day and designing plus-sized patterns for Simplicity. Teaching fashion classes and joining forces with Revlon’s Contours and Conversations showcase Ashley’s passion for education and meaningful dialogues in the industry. Her jewelry line, a collaboration with K&M Accessories, is a testament to her ever-expanding creative repertoire.

Kelly Dempsey Now Pioneers Sustainability by Transforming Thrifted Clothes

Kelly Dempsey, a runner-up from ‘Project Runway’ season 14, is making waves in the sustainable fashion realm. Beyond her commendable achievements, Kelly channels her creativity into online sewing courses and a thriving shop, reflecting her dedication to empowering others. At the helm of Rack Addik, she pioneers sustainability by transforming thrifted clothes into fashionable statements, earning her a prominent place in the eco-conscious fashion movement.

Kelly’s partnership with Bernina on upcycling techniques and collaboration with Dossier perfumes underscores her commitment to making sustainable fashion accessible and stylish. As the founder and lead fashion designer at Rack Addik, Kelly combines her love for design with a passion for sustainability, showcasing the transformative power of fashion education and eco-friendly practices.

Edmond Newton Co-Hosts Old Fashion Health Radio

Edmond Newton, the seasoned fashion designer who graced again the stage of the show by participating in the ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ season 6 stage, is a true icon in the industry. His enduring presence is not just limited to the runway but he co-hosts Old Fashion Health Radio, showcasing his depth of knowledge in fashion. Edmond’s unique design perspective and dynamic engagement with the intersection of fashion and well-being distinguish him as a multifaceted talent. While he keeps personal details under wraps, his impact on the fashion world speaks volumes.

Candice Cuoco has Launched a New Lingerie Brand

Candice Cuoco stands at the helm of her eponymous clothing line and serves as the creative director of Frederick’s of Hollywood, a lingerie brand synonymous with glamour. Her designs, featured in prestigious pages like Vogue, and gracing fashion weeks, have adorned renowned personalities including Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, and Megan Thee Stallion. Beyond her professional accolades, Candice is not just a designer but also the recipient of the Best Designer award at Project Women, further solidifying her status as a trailblazer. Adding a personal touch to her narrative, Candice finds love in Aquiles, a fellow designer, creating a dynamic blend of professional success and personal fulfillment.

Merline Labissiere Pursuing Masters of Fine Arts

Merline Labissiere wears many hats as a designer, CEO, and founder of Merline Labissiere Collection, Mlabi Studios, and Merline Labissiere Couture. Pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Animation at the Academy of Art University, Merline’s creative influence extends into various ventures. Hosting an architecture and design summer camp for girls at the SCAD Museum of Art reflects her commitment to mentorship and education, nurturing the next generation of creative minds. Her dynamic presence in the fashion and animation spheres showcases the seamless integration of her diverse skills.

Saisha Shinde Came Out in 2021

Saisha Shinde, formerly known as Swapnil from ‘Project Runway’ season 14, emerged as a beacon of authenticity and identity. She is now a renowned fashion designer in India. Her coming out in 2021 marked a significant moment in her journey, as she embraced the pronouns she/her. Beyond her TV appearances, Saisha takes pride in her brand and passionately advocates for the LGBTQIA community in various interviews, infusing a sense of empowerment into her narrative. Saisha is not just a designer; she is a voice for inclusivity and representation, making her mark in both the fashion and advocacy realms.

Laurie Underwood is Renowned for her Bridal Line, Laurie Brides

Laurie Underwood is the creative mind behind Laury Brides and has woven her passion for fashion into a remarkable career. Renowned for her bridal line, Laurie recently unveiled a new bridal collection, adding a fresh chapter to her design journey. Before making waves in the bridal scene, Laurie’s fashion odyssey commenced with the launch of Wanda Grace, a ready-to-wear line that showcased her knack for chic, wearable designs. Her custom bridal creations have graced notable figures, including author Luvvie Ajayi and actress Keke Palmer. Beyond the runway, Laurie shares her life with her husband, Damon, embodying a love story that mirrors the timeless elegance of her designs.

Lindsey Creel is an Assistant Professor of Art

Lindsey Creel, as an Assistant Professor of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University, is a creative force with a multifaceted journey. As a designer entrepreneur at M.E. Shirley and former assistant director of admission at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Lindsey brings a wealth of experience to her role in academia.

Completing her Master of Fine Arts in drawing at Stephen F. Austin State University in 2021, she’s not just an educator but also a TEDx Youth Speaker since 2016. Beyond the canvas, Lindsey embraces family life with her handsome husband, Robert, and her association with The Ou Telier adds a touch of collaborative artistry to her narrative. Her journey reflects the seamless integration of art, education, and personal fulfillment.

Joseph Charles Poli is a designer at the Binary Clothing Company Today

Joseph Charles Poli, a designer at the Binary Clothing Company, has found a harmonious blend of family and fashion. Married to Lisa, he takes joy in sharing moments with their two kids, Landon and Frankie Rose, evident in the heartwarming snapshots on his Instagram. While he infuses creativity into his designs, Joseph prioritizes the bond with his family, showcasing a life where love, business, and family coalesce seamlessly. His journey takes an exciting turn as he now brings his design expertise to the esteemed house of Louis Vuitton, marking a notable chapter in his thriving career.

Jake Wall is a Chief Innovation Officer Now

Switching gears, Jake Wall is now a Chief Innovation Officer and also a trailblazer in the realms of media, marketing, and advocacy. Holding key positions such as West Coast editorial director at Honeysuckle Media and Chief Innovation Officer at Platypus, Jake’s influence extends to social initiatives. His diverse roles, from former CEO at his brand Jake to a founder member of the Cannabis Media Council, showcase his dynamic engagement in the industry.

Recognized for his impactful contributions, Jake has been honored with the SF Business Times 40 Under 40 Business Leaders in 2016 and the Fashion on the Square Giving Heart Award for Social Responsible Honoree. Beyond the boardrooms, he dedicates his efforts to meaningful projects like Artful Gentleman and suits up for equality, underscoring his commitment to inclusivity.

Blake Patterson is a Wardrobe Stylist Today

In the realm of LA fashion, Blake Patterson emerges as a designer and wardrobe stylist with a penchant for creativity. Based in Los Angeles, Blake’s work extends to the film industry, contributing as a wardrobe stylist for the independent film, ‘HeadShop.’ His innovative spirit shines through the creation of The Putin Capsule Collection, a testament to his ability to infuse satire and style. With collaborations with luxury brands, Blake Patterson navigates the dynamic landscape of LA fashion, leaving his mark on the industry.

Amanda Perna Showcases Her Diverse Talents as a Designer and Speaker

Amanda Perna has evolved into the creative force behind the House of Perna, showcasing her diverse talents as a designer and speaker. Making a triumphant return to the ‘Project Runway’ stage in season 14, Amanda consistently demonstrates her innovative approach to fashion. Balancing the responsibilities of a devoted mother, Amanda founded the House of Perna and established an Atelier at Arts Warehouse Delray, infusing her endeavors with a touch of artistry. Beyond the runway, she brings her vibrant touch to A Little Wyld, a venture specializing in luxury for kids, women, and gifts.

Gabrielle Arruda is Now a Fashion Designer and Style Blogger

Gabrielle Arruda, a dynamic force in the fashion world, has seamlessly blended her roles as a fashion designer and style blogger. Her creative journey has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The New York Times and British Vogue, placing her at the forefront of sartorial innovation. Gabrielle’s talents weren’t confined to the runway; she made waves at New York Fashion Week with her captivating costumes.

With a rich professional background, she lent her creative touch to renowned brands like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Peter Som, and Coach. Her distinct style isn’t limited to traditional platforms. Gabrielle showcases her artwork and engages with her audience through her website. Featured in Lucky magazine, her influence in the fashion landscape is undeniable, making her a captivating figure whose designs and insights continue to resonate in the industry.

Hanmiao Yang has Chosen a Private Life

Image Credit: Hanmiao Yang/Twitter

On the ‘Project Runway’ stage, Hanmiao Yang left an indelible mark with her bold demeanor and unique voice. Despite an early elimination from the show, her memorable presence was characterized by a fearless approach to expressing herself. While she couldn’t clinch the top spot, Hanmiao’s journey on the show showcased her resilience and distinctive style.

Since the show, she has chosen a private life, stepping away from the social media spotlight. Her Twitter account, focused on food favorites, is a glimpse into her interests beyond the runway. Though her online presence remains dormant, we hope that wherever she is, she finds happiness and good health, carrying the spirit of her impactful journey on ‘Project Runway.’

David Giampiccolo Specializes in BDSM Couture

David Giampiccolo, who specializes in BDSM Couture, has carved a niche in the fashion realm with his clothing line, Broken Heart. His avant-garde designs have found a home in the wardrobes of A-list celebrities like Demi Lovato and Machine Gun Kelly, attesting to the widespread recognition of his distinctive aesthetic. Beyond the runway, David serves as the General Manager at Rag & Bone, bringing his innovative flair to the helm of a renowned fashion brand. His commitment to the community is evident in his volunteer work for the Los Angeles LGBT Center, showcasing a blend of creativity and compassion that defines his multifaceted career.

Duncan Chambers-Watson has Now a Passion for Travelling with His Wife

Duncan Chambers-Watson emerges as a designer with a passion for travel and a love story unfolding on social media. His Instagram is a visual journey, offering glimpses of his wanderlust and the cherished moments he shares with his wife. From his early ventures at Faherty Brand and Best Made Co to his current role as a designer at Ralph Lauren, Duncan’s career trajectory reflects a commitment to crafting timeless menswear. Each photo shared on social media becomes a canvas, telling a story of his design aesthetics and the joy found in life’s adventures.

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