Project Runway Season 10: Where Are the Designers Now?

Image Credit: Lifetime Network

‘Project Runway’ season 10 premiered in 2012 like a kaleidoscope of style and innovation. As Heidi Klum guided the contestants through each episode, the runway became a theater where dreams took shape in the form of garments. The post-show tales of season 10’s designers are as diverse as the patterns they once crafted. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the designers have continued to influence the industry, each contributing a chapter to the ongoing narrative of fashion evolution.

The echoes of their creative endeavors reverberate through runways and ateliers, illustrating the enduring impact of the ‘Project Runway’ experience. After the show ended, the designers’ stories served as a testament to the transformative power of the runway, showcasing not just skill with a needle but resilience in the face of unpredictable fashion currents. As these designers continue to shape the industry, their journeys stand as vivid threads, intricately woven into the rich and ever-expanding fabric of fashion history.

Dmitry Sholokhov is a Creative Director Now

Dmitry Sholokhov, winner of season 10, showcased his unparalleled design prowess. Not resting on laurels, he clinched victory again in the intense competition of ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ season 4. His sartorial genius wasn’t confined to the runway – in 2013, Lord & Taylor carried his exclusive capsule collection, a testament to his burgeoning influence. As the creative director of Dmitry Sholokhov Corp since January 2013, he’s been steering his eponymous brand’s success. Beyond the atelier, he imparted his wealth of knowledge as a Senior Theses Development Instructor at Parsons School of Design.

In a global showdown of talents, Dmitry returned in 2019 for ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ season 7, securing the runner-up position in a field comprised solely of previous winners. The apex of recognition arrived when he was crowned Fashion Designer of the Year by the Metropolitan Fashion Awards in Los Angeles in October 2019, solidifying his indelible mark on the fashion landscape.

Fabio Costa has his Own Clothing Brand Today

Fabio Costa, the creative force behind the distinctive clothing brand Not Equal, seamlessly blended innovation and style. Making waves on ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ in seasons 4 and 6, he captivated audiences yet again in the dynamic landscape of season 20. In 2018, his avant-garde designs earned him a coveted spot in the official lineup of Casa de Criadores, solidifying his status in Brazil’s premier authorial fashion week. Beyond the runway, Fabio shared glimpses of his happiness, revealing a newfound love on his Instagram, adding a touch of romance to his narrative.

Melissa Fleis is Now a Professor

Melissa Fleis, a multifaceted talent in the world of fashion, seamlessly intertwines academia and creativity. As a professor of fashion at the Savannah College of Art and Design, she imparts knowledge with flair, enriching the minds of budding designers. Before academia, Melissa wore the hat of Design Director and Owner of her eponymous brand for an impressive 7 years, leaving an indelible mark.

Her influence extended beyond her label, serving as a Product Design Consultant for Betabrand and lending her creative touch to the hospitality industry as a Uniform Design Consultant for Dirty Habit Restaurant. In the realm of personal bliss, Melissa, happily married to Steve Johnson, adds warmth to her life with a furry companion, her beloved pet dog.

Christopher Palu has Found Unconditional Love in his Life

Christopher Palu, a designer of resounding talent, rekindled his passion in the fashion realm as a freelance visionary for the brand Haute Hippie. The allure of competition called him back to the ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ stage in season 3, where his creativity once again took center stage. In a pivotal 2016 moment, Palu secured his first investor, propelling the launch of Christopher Palu New York. Since then, he has become a fixture at every New York Fashion Week, showcasing his distinct aesthetic. Adding a personal chapter to his story, Christopher tied the knot with John Paul in 2021, seamlessly blending love and design into the fabric of his life.

Sonjia Williams is the Owner of a Design Company Today

Sonjia Williams extended her creative journey after dazzling in season 4 of the show. Beyond the runway, she stepped into entrepreneurship, launching Something By Sonjia, a distinctive design perspective. In a dazzling debut at New York Fashion Week 2016, Sonjia showcased her Fall collection, marking a milestone in her burgeoning career. Also, her role as the head designer and creative director at Annabelle New York from November 2012 to April 2017 further solidified her imprint on the industry.

Elena Slivnyak’s Influence Extends Globally

Elena Slivnyak, a trailblazer in the fashion realm, gave life to her brand “Iimuahii,” a testament to her avant-garde vision. Returning to the spotlight on ‘Project Runway: All Stars,’ she continued to showcase her distinctive style and creativity. Her accolades speak volumes, with the title of the best avant-garde designer at Fashion on The Square in 2013. Elena’s influence extends globally, having her work featured in Elle Russia and CNN Style, as well as gracing the pages of the Hi-Fructose: New Contemporary Fashion book. She also collaborated with Sprint Community, demonstrating a versatile approach to her craft. Elena doesn’t just create; she curates experiences through exhibitions and fashion shows, carving a niche as a dynamic force in the industry.

Ven Budhu Stays Off the Limelight Now

Ven Budhu, a memorable presence on the show, stood out for his bold language and unabashed demeanor. Despite raising eyebrows, he hinted at a forthcoming literary venture, teasing the intriguing book titled, ‘Ven and the Art of Douchebaggery.’ Interestingly, in a surprising move, Ven chose to stay off social media after the show, adding an air of mystery to his post-television presence. His unfiltered candor and unconventional choices continue to make him a distinctive figure in the fashion landscape.

Gunnar Deatherage is Currently Working as a Creative Designer

Gunnar Deatherage from ‘Project Runway’ season 9 again appeared for season 10 to give his luck and talent a second chance. After the show, he is now the creative director and designer at Deatherage Designs. Recently, he added another feather to his cap by gracing YouTube’s Brandcast 2023, marking a new high in his ever-evolving fashion journey. His narrative extends onto ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ season 4, where his design prowess took center stage on Lifetime Television.

Venturing beyond the catwalk, he takes the helm as the fashion editor for NFocus Magazine, infusing his unique style into the broader fashion landscape. On the digital canvas of Instagram, Gunnar shares his creative spirit, showcasing TV show-inspired costumes and engaging DIY projects. His exceptional work has garnered recognition with three consecutive Streamy Awards nominations.

Alicia Hardesty is Now Gearing Up to Make a Comeback

Alicia Hardesty, not just a designer but a mentor and coach, embodies a unique lifestyle centered around small farm living, emphasizing growth, creation, and sustainability. Her journey began with the Tomboy Store, a manifestation of her design ethos, until she took a hiatus in 2013. During her sabbatical, she embraced a new chapter working with Kohl’s, contributing her expertise to Active Apparel design. Now, Alicia is making a comeback, reviving her earlier venture with the relaunch of the Tomboy Store. This return marks a fusion of her past experiences, showcasing resilience, creativity, and a commitment to a fashion-forward yet sustainable way of life.

Buffi Jashanmal has Now Ventured into Event Planning

Buffi Jashanmal encapsulated her wealth of experiences and love for designing in a book titled Buffi’s Dress Designs. Currently, she channels her creativity as an event planner at the Second Degree Dinners in Bali and serves as the guest experience manager at The Standard Hotel. Buffi’s multifaceted journey continues to unfold, blending her design expertise with the art of event curation.

Nathaniel Paul Integrates Fashion with Philanthropy

Nathaniel Paul, the creative mind behind Nathaniel Paul Designs, not only showcased his talent on the runway but also extended his influence to meaningful causes. His creation adorned Chrissy Metz at the Golden Globes. He also contributes to an autism fundraiser, as seen through his social media posts. As a staunch supporter of Dressember, combating human trafficking, Nathan seamlessly integrates fashion with philanthropy, making his mark at Vanity Fair events and gracing the pages of leading magazines.

Raul Osorio made Significant Strides in the Fashion World

Image Credit: Raul Osorio/Facebook

Raul Osorio, the maestro of style, catapulted into the fashion stratosphere with a meteoric launch of his eponymous brand. A dazzling trail of success follows him, adorned in glossy magazine features and illuminated by his stellar presence at avant-garde events like Estilo Moda 2022 and Envision. In the symphony of creativity, Raul orchestrates a crescendo through his brainchild, Tabu by Raul Osorio, where each stitch and event detail narrates a tale of his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and event curation. As Raul’s journey unfolds, it’s not just fashion; it’s a captivating odyssey through the corridors of innovation and sartorial spectacle.

Kooan Kosuke is Sadly Not with Us Anymore

Kooan Kosuke, a luminary in the realm of fashion, departed in 2021, leaving behind an indelible imprint on style and creativity. His enduring legacy, embodied in the iconic brand KOOan, continues to weave threads of innovation through the fabric of the ever-evolving fashion landscape. Though his physical presence may be absent, the resonance of his artistic spirit resonates vibrantly, ensuring that Kooan Kosuke’s influence is not just a memory but a timeless emblem of sartorial ingenuity.

Andrea Katz is a Professor

Andrea Katz, post-acclaim from ‘Project Runway,’ transitioned into academia as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Pratt Institute. Formerly a professor at Parsons The New School for Design, she founded AKO, contributing to the academic and design realms. In her downtime, Katz enjoys spending quality time with her kids and grandkids. She is also a fitness enthusiast and partakes in activities like Marathons whenever she can. Although her time on show was short but her fans still remember her and wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

Lantie Foster is Now an Entrepreneur

Lantie Foster’s post-‘Project Runway’ journey unfolds as a dynamic designer and entrepreneur. His time on the show was very limited but the exposure he got from Tv helped him in developing a victorius career in real life. From leading roles at Circa Hotel and Casino and designing for Chinese mega-brands, she ventured into her brand, Lantie. Recently, she invested in the innovative dog fashion line named Lutii, showing her commitment to evolving fashion trends. Also, her Instagram shows that she is an ardent supporter of the cause of gay pride.

Beatrice Guapo is the Founder of La Cloth Today

Although Beatrice Guapo was the first contestant to be eliminated from the show, but her passion and dedication traversed the reel stage and made her successful in real life. She,now the creative director and founder of La Cloth, has significant roles in the fashion industry. Formerly the creative director at Michael Stars and the head designer at LAmade, she maintains a private life, evident in her decision to keep her social media profiles private, emphasizing a desire for personal privacy in the public eye.

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