Project Runway Season 6: Where Are The Designers Now?

Vying for the coveted title, ‘Project Runway’ features a number of designers going head to head in a series of challenges to produce their independent line judged by renowned names in the industry. With a panel of Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Tim Gunn, and several others, the Lifetime reality television show features a competition like any other. Released in 2009, season 6 of the show brought about drama and fashion in proportionate amounts. Years since it first came on air, fans remain curious to know more about the entertainment stars. So, if you’re also curious to find out more about them, look no further because we’ve got all the information on the Top 8 designers of the show right here!

Irina Shabayeva is Exploring Art and Travel Now

After taking away the show’s title, the Parsons graduate used her unique vision to solidify herself as a designer in the sartorial industry. Immediately after she walked off with the show’s prize, Irina assumed the role of Creative Director for her label and expanded her line. Over the years, her work has been presented at Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and she has dressed celebrities like Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood. The star also made a comeback on ‘Project Runway All Stars’ twice and came in third on season 7 among a barrage of talented designers who had once secured the win on the show.

Along with worldwide acclaim, Irina’s apparel has also been available at INC, Macy’s and Kleinfeld’s from time to time. Using her expertise to transform bridal, lingerie, accessories and luxury wear, Irina has consistently climbed the ladder to success. She currently serves as the Creative Director for Maison MJZ in New York. While Irina’s work keeps her overseeing multiple projects, the reality star also devotes time to herself and is always exploring and traveling along with her friends and loved ones. The star also has a penchant for art and shares her talent on social media regularly.

Althea Harper is Managing Both Family and Career Today

After interning and working as an assistant for different companies, Althea showcased her distinct talent and eye for detail by placing second on ‘Project Runway.’ Since her exit from the Lifetime reality show, the star has continued accelerating her career. While Althea joined Tory Burch’s firm in New York to make traction as a Designer, she didn’t stop working on her own label.

After leaving Tory Burch in 2010, Althea has solely focused on her eponymous brand. Using her unique style and design, Althea has become an industry expert. Over the years, the designer has styled stars like Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Heidi Klum. Aside from her booming career, Althea is also a mother and a wife. The star tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Stewart Adam, in 2011, and the couple now share parental duties for their six children.

Carol Hannah Whitfield is Creating Bridal Apparel, Hunting Vintage Finds

From falling in love with sewing at the young age of seven to becoming a renowned name in the fashion industry, Carol Hannah Whitfield’s career took a pivotal turn after she placed third on ‘Project Runway.’ Soon after the show came to a close, the South Carolina-born and-raised designer made a move to the Big Apple in order to kick off her label. Here, the reality star shared a studio with her fellow castmate Logan Neitzel.

Since her days on ‘Project Runway,’ Carol has designed, developed and produced a number of designs and established her niche in bridal apparel. The star offers a plethora of choices to her clients in terms of evening gowns, dresses, accessories and even cocktail dresses. With her store located in the heart of New York, Carol has continued to create milestones in her career. Aside from work, the star is often travelling and searching for invaluable in New York’s vintage markets.

Gordana Gehlhausen is Enjoying Family Travels

Having made her exit from the show, Gordana decided to move her brand from South Carolina to California. After spending more than a decade as a high-end couture designer, Gordana relocated to California to give herself an impetus. Since then, the star has transformed her brand GOGA by Gordana into a luxurious retail experience. Gordana’s stores can be found in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Aside from creating a high-profile clientele and solidifying herself in the industry, Gordana also returned to reality television in 2012 when she appeared on Lifetime’s ‘Project Runway All Stars.’

In addition to her brand, Gordana has also lent her expertise as a costume designer in the short film, ‘Whatever It Takes.’ While her work keeps her busy, Gordana also out time for her children and husband. Gordana’s daughter is a motion graphics contractor and has worked with Billy Ray Cyrus on ‘Old Town Road.’ On the other hand, Gordana’s son is stock market savvy. Naturally, since their children are involved in their work, Gordana and her husband spend their free time exploring and traveling around the world.

Christopher Straub is Developing Diverse Design Ventures Today

After walking away from the show, the self-taught designer explored the horizons of the fashion industry but did not stop just there. Christopher went on to release his line of accessories and launched his Cricket Syndicate line, where old vintage T-shirts were used to reconstruct men’s boxer briefs. He also established his clothing and accessories line for women in 2011. A few years later, Christopher also showcased his talent as an author, illustrator, and designer when he launched a children’s book and plush toy design named ‘Albert the Confused Manatee.’

Over the years, Christopher’s work as a designer even led him to design limited-edition yogurt cups. The reality star’s collection now includes handbags, accessories, toys, blankets, books, pins and stickers. Along with his husband, Ronnie Cooper, Christopher raises their two adopted sons.

Logan Neitzel is Engaging in Costume Design Now

Using his suave designs, the Idaho-born and raised reality star produced his first collection during ‘Project Runway,’ and continued on the path to success even after leaving the show. Since 2010, Logan has expanded his label exponentially. His apparel has taken the stage at the New York Fashion Week and has been featured in publications like Elle, Marie-Claire, and Vogue. Logan continues to channel his fascination for material and leather to produce exquisite designs. Along with his work, he has also worked as a costume designer for Macklemore Feat. Windsor: Next Year music video in 2021. The star likes to spend time with his dogs and family.

Nicolas Putvinski is Designing for Theatre, Contributing to Miss Universe

While the Russian native’s ability to transform simple fabric into bewitching couture had enthralled many, his real success came after the cameras closed in on him. Post ‘Project Runway,’ Nicolas became a costume designer for theatre and movies. Since then, the designer has worked in a number of productions, including ‘Cleopatra,’ ‘Wet Dream,’ ‘Zoolander 2,’ ‘Legendary,’ ‘Halston,’ and ‘Spirited.’ Not just this, Nicolas’ work also took centre stage in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. The star was also a designer for the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 pageant. In the same year, his work was also a part of Billy Porter’s Met Gala outfit.

Shirin Askari is Diversifying into Interior Design Today

Shirin received a knee injury as a blessing in disguise and decided to take the plunge by enrolling on ‘Project Runway.’ Since then, the Iranian-American designer has become an industry leader and exponentially widened her horizons. Shortly after she left the show, she moved to New York City to work on her collection. Over the years, Shirin has produced over forty collections, and her designs have been sold across nationwide boutiques. Recently, the reality star took another dive and decided to try her hand at interior design and real estate. She is now based in Dallas, focusing on her booming business and raising her two children along with her husband.

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