Project Runway Season 12: Where are the Designers Now?

Season 12 of ‘Project Runway’ made its grand entrance into the world of haute couture in 2014, setting the fashion landscape ablaze with a symphony of ingenuity. With fashion luminary Heidi Klum, the season unfolded as a dynamic tapestry, weaving together high-stakes theatrics and sartorial brilliance. First appeared on Lifetime Network, this season turned the runway into a fierce battleground, where designers armed themselves not just with needles but with dreams and an unyielding thirst for triumph.

The enduring legacy of season 12 stands as a living testament to the limitless possibilities that materialize when skill and resolve intersect on the runway. Each designer’s journey becomes a unique chapter in the unfolding saga of an industry in constant metamorphosis, pushed forward by the ever-shifting trends of fashion. As we embark on this exploration, let’s unravel the post-show narratives of these remarkable designers, sketching the outlines of their post-‘Project Runway’ trajectories.

Dominique “Dom” Streater Crafts Eco-Friendly Garments

In the vibrant world of fashion, Dominique Streater, affectionately known as Dom, emerged as a trailblazer and a force to be reckoned with. Seizing the coveted title in season 12 of ‘Project Runway,’ Dom made history as the first African-American winner of the esteemed competition. Her ingenuity and eye for sustainable fashion have since become the hallmark of Dom Streater Studio, where she passionately crafts eco-friendly garments that grace red carpets and prestigious award ceremonies, including the Grammys. Beyond the runway, Dom is on a mission to minimize her design studio’s environmental footprint, working on a groundbreaking project to usher in a new era of responsible and sustainable fashion.

Dom’s journey continued to soar as she clinched victory in season 5 of ‘All-Stars.’ The accolades continued to pour in as she proudly presented her inaugural collection at New York Fashion Week in 2020. Transitioning seamlessly into the role of a Freelance Fashion Designer, Dom Streater Studio stands as a testament to her commitment to both style and sustainability. Before establishing her eponymous studio, Dom honed her craft at Urban Outfitters. Balancing the demands of her thriving career with the joys of motherhood, Dom’s life is a canvas where every stitch tells a story of triumph, innovation, and dedication to shaping the future of fashion.

Alexandria von Bromssen Today Owns a Sewing School

In the dynamic tapestry of fashion, Alexandria von Bromssen has etched her unique narrative, flourishing well beyond her days on the show. The visionary designer is not only the proud founder of House of AVB but has also woven a legacy through The Camp Couture, a sewing school catering to both kids and adults, imparting the artistry of needle and thread to aspiring fashion enthusiasts.

Her commitment to education extends even further with the creation of the Little Red Square Boutique, showcasing not just her garments but also nurturing a space for emerging talents to thrive. Alexandria’s influence has reached far and wide, as evidenced by her role as a guest designer at the prestigious Made in California fashion show. A trailblazer on and off the runway, she has graced numerous fashion shows, each showcasing her penchant for avant-garde designs and creative flair.

Justin LeBlanc Imparts his Wisdom as a Professor at CCC Fashion Studies

Justin LeBlanc, an acclaimed Deaf Multimedia Artist, is not only a master of design but imparts his wisdom as a professor at CCC Fashion Studies, where his advocacy for gay pride is seamlessly woven into the fabric of his teachings. In 2023, Justin unveiled a collection that serves as a poignant exploration of deaf dysmorphia, showcasing his ability to infuse profound narratives into his designs. Justin also takes on the role of Costume Designer for the production of ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ for the Performing Arts in Skokie, marking a seamless fusion of his fashion expertise with the dramatic allure of the stage.

Justin is associated with the Ragdale Foundation also. It radiates through museums, publications, and international fashion shows. Featured in renowned platforms such as Mercedes New York Fashion Week, The Advocate, Marie Claire, and The New York Times, Justin’s artistry is a tapestry of recognition that transcends borders. Justin is now married to Kyle Andrew and a proud father to twins, embodying love as a powerful force in his life.

Bradon McDonald’s is Enjoying the Tapestry of Parenthood Now

Bradon McDonald has seamlessly transitioned from the runway of ‘Project Runway’ to the helm of his eponymous brand, Brandon. Beyond the atelier, Bradon’s canvas is painted with love, as he shares his life with his husband Josh and their two children. He also lent his artistic touch to costume design for Jessica Lang’s captivating new dance piece for the Pacific Northwest Ballet.

With a husband by his side and the joy of parenthood, Bradon’s journey is a tapestry of creativity, love, and artistic collaboration that extends far beyond the runway, making a lasting impact on both the fashion and dance worlds.

Helen Castillo is Today a Professor

Helen Castillo now imparts her wealth of knowledge as a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her creative spirit extends beyond the fabric, with collaborations with renowned establishments such as Mood Designer Fabrics, showcasing the expansive reach of her artistic vision. In 2021, Helen achieved a significant milestone, graduating with a Master of Art in Teaching, a testament to her dedication to education.

Embracing the digital age, she takes on the role of an online boot sewing camp instructor, bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern accessibility. The allure of Helen’s designs led her back to the runway for ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ in both seasons 4 and 6, solidifying her status as a dynamic force in the fashion realm. From being a L’Oreal brand ambassador to serving as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Montclair State University, her influence extends to the helm of Helen Castillo Design LLC, where she serves as the Creative Director, curating collections that embody her signature blend of sophistication and innovation.

Notably, her journey encompasses a role as a former CTE Educator in Fashion Design at Union City High School, underlining her commitment to nurturing the next generation of designers. Helen Castillo’s trajectory is a rich tapestry of design, education, and advocacy, each stitch contributing to a legacy that transcends the traditional boundaries of the fashion industry.

Alexander Pope has Today Illustrous Carrer in the Costume Department

In the realm of costume design, Alexander Pope stands as a maestro and has left an indelible mark as the Designer and Co-founder at Alexander Pope, where his creativity takes center stage. His journey extends beyond the atelier, with notable roles in the costume departments of various productions such as ‘Marry Me,’ ‘FBI,’ ‘And Just Like That…,’ ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘Monsterland.’

Before his illustrious career in costume design, Pope honed his skills as the First Hand and Assistant Draper to Sally Parsons at Parsons-Meares LTD. His artistic vision extends even further, with a role in curating collection displays for Dark Beauty Magazine, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend fashion and editorial aesthetics. Alexander’s journey in the world of costume design is a tapestry of creativity, spanning screens big and small, and leaving an enduring imprint on the visual narratives of our time.

Katelyn “Kate” Pankoke has Smoothly Blended her Personal and Professional Life

Katelyn “Kate” Pankoke, the Creative Maven of Elaya Vaughn, weaves a narrative that extends far beyond the needle and thread. As a seasoned wordsmith, she adorns the pages of leading publications such as Cosmopolitan and The Glass Magazine. Kate serves as an active Freelance Editor at Wedding Chicks and a content writer at Style Me Pretty, intertwining her love for fashion with the artistry of words.

While her designs bask in the spotlight of prestigious red carpets, Kate has seamlessly broadened her horizons. Amidst this creative whirlwind, her social media unfolds a captivating tapestry, capturing the harmonious blend of her family life with the glamorous intricacies of her professional world. For Kate, the journey is a graceful dance, gracefully choreographed between the elegance of high fashion and the warmth of family bonds.

Ken Laurence has his own Clothing Brand

Ken Laurence now has his clothing brand named Ken Laurance. His designs have graced the glossy pages of prestigious publications like Marie Claire and Essence Magazine, solidifying his presence in the fashion landscape. Laurence’s runway prowess extends beyond the confines of reality TV, as he’s been a prominent figure in the fashion show circuit, showcasing his creations at esteemed events such as Philadelphia Fashion Week and the Bermuda Fashion Festival. With appearances on ‘Project Runway All Stars’ seasons 5 and 6, Ken Laurence has become a luminary in the fashion world, leaving an indelible mark through his distinctive designs and runway presence.

Jeremy Brandrick Specializes in Bridal Wear

Jeremy Brandrick, a maestro in the realms of design, has effortlessly woven his creative tapestry into various facets of the industry. Currently donning the hat of Freelance Design Director at Jack Nicklaus and Director Of Operations at Drew McGukin Interiors, Brandrick’s expertise extends beyond the realm of fashion. Specializing in Custom Bridal and Special Occasion Wear, he brings a touch of bespoke elegance to life’s special moments. Beyond professional pursuits, Jeremy shares his life with his husband Adam Morris, adding a personal touch to his creative journey.

Karen Batts is a Fashion Design Teacher Now

Image Credits: Karen Butts/Linkedln

Karen Batts, the epitome of versatility, seamlessly blends sustainability, education, and entertainment in her post-‘Project Runway’ endeavors. Serving as the Sustainability Coordinator and Fashion Design Teacher at the High School of Fashion Industries, Batts is shaping the next generation of eco-conscious designers. Her journey, however, extends beyond the classroom. A former Assistant Designer and Graphic Designer, Karen graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2018, marking a pivotal moment in her career.

Now, as a designer for the activewear brand Sand, Surf & Sea, Batts showcases her commitment to sustainable fashion on a broader scale. In a surprising twist, she has embraced the world of stand-up comedy and comedy writing, revealing a vibrant and multifaceted personality that transcends traditional career boundaries.

Miranda Kay Levy is Today an Owner and Director

Miranda Kay Levy, a name synonymous with resilience and diversity, has etched her mark in various spheres post-‘Project Runway.’ As an Associate Technical Designer at Kohl’s and the Owner and Executive Director of Miranda K. Levy Fashion Designs, she blends technical expertise with creative leadership. Beyond fashion, Miranda extends her influence as a Coordinator with the Museum of Wisconsin Art, showcasing her commitment to both culture and community. A veteran of the US Army and a former political contender for the Cudahy Alder Seat, Levy’s journey reflects a commitment to service and an unwavering spirit that continues to shape her evolving narrative.

Sue Waller has an Online Presence in Various Fields

Sue Waller, a designer with a penchant for simplicity and elegance, has found a unique way to express her creativity through various Instagram pages, each dedicated to a different facet of her design sensibility. Despite her evolving online presence, Waller remains dedicated to the world of fashion design, where her minimalist yet impactful designs continue to captivate audiences. Her deliberate use of a black-and-white color palette across her social media handles reflects a curated aesthetic that transcends the digital realm and extends into her design philosophy.

Sandro Masmanidi is Today Working with Renowned Brands

Sandro Masmanidi, a luminary in the world of textile design, has lent his creative touch to renowned brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Ralph Lauren. His expertise lies in transforming fabric into works of art, and his contributions to these esteemed fashion houses have left an indelible mark on the industry. Through his work, Masmanidi continues to define the visual language of luxury fashion, showcasing an unyielding commitment to craftsmanship and innovation.

Timothy Westbrook has been Featured in Prestigious Publications

Timothy Westbrook, a co-founder of the Brooklyn Sewing Academy, has curated a journey that extends far beyond the runway. Featured in prestigious publications like Vogue, WWD, and Marie Claire, Westbrook’s creative endeavors go beyond fashion into the realm of education and collaboration. His fashion week collaboration with VERS NY underscores his commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional design, revealing a resilience that overcame a period of deep depression in 2019. Westbrook’s story is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and community.

Kahindo Mateene has a Global Presence Now

Kahindo Mateene, the founder & designer of KAHINDO, has carved a global presence with her collections showcased at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa and New York Fashion Week at the Harlem Fashion Row. Her work has been featured in renowned publications such as The New York Times, Elle, Essence, and Marie Claire, solidifying her status as a trendsetter in the industry.

Apart from her design prowess, Mateene actively engages in workshops and networks, representing her collection as part of the Meta Boost Gathers Leaders Network. Her attendance at the Embrace Ambition conference by the Tory Burch Foundation underscores her commitment to empowering and uplifting fellow designers.

Angela Bacskocky is Today the Program Coordinator

Angela Bacskocky, a multifaceted creative force, has seamlessly integrated her role as the program coordinator for Virginia State University’s Textile and Apparel Program with her passion for handmade apparel and accessories. Her creations have made a mark on the small screen, appearing in the AMC series ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond.’ Balancing her professional and creative pursuits, Bacskocky has ventured into the world of leather goods, showcasing her designs alongside the Lovely Bear Ceramics at Craft and Design in Richmond. With two kids and a vibrant portfolio, Bacskocky’s journey reflects a harmonious blend of education, family, and creative expression.

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