Project Runway Season 9: Where Are the Designers Now?

Image Credit: Lifetime Network

‘Project Runway’ season 9 burst onto the scene in 2011, captivating audiences with a mesmerizing blend of creativity and competition. Host Heidi Klum transformed the runway into a pulsating arena where dreams were stitched into reality, and the clash of needles resonated with the aspirations of emerging designers. As the season unfolded, it became clear that this group of designers was not just creating garments; they were crafting their destinies in the world of fashion.

Beyond the runway lights and dramatic challenges, the post-show tales of these unforgettable designers are as diverse as the fabrics they once transformed. In the aftermath of season 9, these designers continue to shape and redefine the industry, illustrating the transformative power of a reality show that goes beyond the seams and stitches, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving canvas of fashion history.

Anya Ayoung-Chee has Created her Clothing Brand

Anya Ayoung-Chee, the talented winner of season 9, has ventured to create her clothing brand, Anya Ayoung Chee Resort.  Beyond her role as a fashion entrepreneur, Anya is deeply involved in various social enterprises. Nudge Caribbean connects makers to the marketplace, Weare Wyld Floor focuses on shopping and retail, Who She Feel She Is aims to inspire Caribbean women leaders, and Together Wi is a group of creatives initiating change in society. Anya, married to Wyatt Gallery and a mother, has been featured in Elle magazine and covered by the Trinidad Express, showcasing her impactful work and diverse endeavors.

Joshua McKinley is Now the Designer Behind the Brand Johnathan Kayne

Joshua McKinley, the talented runner-up of season 9, has left a lasting impact with his appearances on ‘Project Runway: All-Stars’ season 2 and again in season 6, as well as MTV’s ‘Made.’ As the designer behind Johnathan Kayne by Joshua McKinley, he continues to shape the fashion landscape with a dedicated focus on signature menswear and womenswear collections. McKinley’s journey showcases his commitment to evolving and making a mark in the dynamic world of fashion.

Viktor Luna is Currently Working as a Head Pattern Maker Manager

Viktor Luna, a renowned fashion designer, has seamlessly transitioned his ‘Project Runway’ success into a thriving career. After initially appearing in season 9, he made a triumphant return to the spotlight in season 20, showcasing his continued evolution and dedication to the craft. With his venture, Viktoe Luna, LLC., he has become a head patternmaker manager at LA Roxx, further solidifying his influence in the fashion industry. Luna’s journey also includes a stint as an Associate Designer for Michael Costello, known for his remarkable achievements in season 1. Notably, Luna’s creative prowess extends beyond the runway, as seen in his role as a Costume Designer for the TV series ‘Spring Street’ in 2017.

Kimberly Goldson is a Brand Name Along with her Sister Today

Kimberly Goldson, the creative force behind her eponymous brand, has transformed her after the show journey into a thriving career in contemporary womenswear. Alongside her sister and fellow designer, Shelly E Powell, they continue to elevate their craft through ongoing education. Beyond designing, Goldson generously volunteers for Jeffrey Fashion Cares in Atlanta, supporting causes like the Atlanta Aids Fund. Her collaborative spirit shines through fashion partnerships, including a notable collaboration with Harlem’s Fashion Row and Amazon’s The Drop collection. Recently featured on the Tamron Hall show, Goldson effortlessly blends her passion for fashion with meaningful discussions about her life and work.

Laura Kathleen Planck is Today the Adjunct Professor at Washington University

Laura Kathleen, a familiar face from season 9, made a triumphant return in All-Stars season 2. Beyond the runway, she embraced a new chapter, marrying exotic car dealer Danny Baker, and together, they share a family with children Monroe, Harlow, and Taz. Laura’s designs, showcased at New York Fashion Week, garnered attention nationwide under the moniker LK. Notably, she also contributes to the fashion world as an adjunct professor at Washington University. While keeping her life notably private, Laura’s journey reflects a seamless blend of family, career, and ongoing impact in the fashion realm.

Bert Keeter is a Professional Designer, Residing in Italy Today

Bert Keeter, now residing in Italy, has seamlessly transitioned from the ‘Project Runway’ spotlight to a life filled with creativity. His Instagram offers a diverse glimpse into his world, showcasing a range of posts that reflect his ongoing passion for design. Beyond the show, Bert has chosen to keep much of his personal life private, focusing instead on his dedication to creating unique and captivating designs. His journey post-‘Project Runway’ is a testament to his continued commitment to the art of fashion.

Anthony Ryan Auld is into Interior designing Now

Anthony Ryan again appeared to try his luck after early elimination in season 9 and became the triumphant winner of ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ season 2. He continues to make waves in the fashion world as the proud owner of COULEUR + BLINDÉ. Beyond fashion, he has delved into the realm of interior design, showcasing his creativity in every facet of his life. Anthony Ryan’s talents extend to his home, where he collaborated with his boyfriend to design a distinctive ‘mudroom.’ Globally recognized, he regularly displays his designs at prestigious fashion shows, from Dallas runways at The Village Dallas to Austin Fashion Week. Sharing his insights on career choices, he graced the set of “On The Table” at Becca, solidifying his status as a multifaceted and influential designer.

Olivier Green is a Proud Dad of his Four-Legged Companion

Olliver Green, the proud dad of the charming Hugo, has embraced the role of a wanderlust enthusiast based in the vibrant city of New York. Beyond his prowess in design, Olliver finds solace and inspiration in painting and photography, as evident in the captivating visuals adorning his Instagram. Traveling to various places, he has cultivated a unique perspective that is reflected in his work. Designing under his name, Olliver balances his creative pursuits with family life, where he shares a fulfilling journey with his wife.

Bryce Black has Ventured into the World of Hair

Bryce Black, a force of creativity and innovation, embarked on a new chapter post-show, venturing into the world of hair with Bryce Black Hair in Portland, specializing in hair extensions. Alongside his professional successes, Bryce found love with Kevin Christopher, adding a personal touch to his flourishing journey.

His design prowess reached new heights as he crafted a collection for New York Fashion Week, garnering attention from prominent publications like Marie Claire, US Weekly, and NY MAG. Bryce’s achievements extended beyond the runway, marked by a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and the prestigious title of Best Emerging Menswear Designer at the 2013 Portland Fashion and Style Awards.

Becky Ross has Recently Ventured into Photo Styling

Becky Boss has evolved since her time on the show, embracing roles as a writer, truth teller, and survivor of Dissociative Identity Disorder. In the creative realm, she ventured into photo styling, contributing her skills to Hanna Andersson. Formerly, she wore the hat of owner & lead designer at Becky Ross Designs until 2023, leaving an imprint with her artistic expressions. Despite the mystery surrounding her personal life, Becky’s journey continues, weaving together diverse elements of design, storytelling, and resilience.

Joshua Christensen is a Former Designer at Guess

Joshua Christensen, a prominent Kansas City-based fashion designer, has been crafting his creative narrative continuously after the show. Known for his collaborations showcased in events like Kansas Fashion Week and Collection Moda Fashion Show, Joshua continues to leave his mark in the fashion world. While details about his personal life remain elusive, his professional journey is characterized by innovation and design excellence. Notably, Joshua has contributed his talents as a former Associate Menswear Designer at Guess, adding another layer to his diverse and dynamic career.

Danielle Everine is a Designer and Entrepreneur Today

Danielle Everine, now married to David Heisserer is the creative force behind The Fitting Room and has continued to evolve as a designer and entrepreneur. Her recent participation in Art Attack 2023 underscores her ongoing commitment to artistic expression. Beyond her brand, Danielle also plays a pivotal role as principal and co-owner at Mixed Media Engineering, showcasing her multidimensional expertise. Notably, she focuses on sustainability, weaving her passion for fashion with a dedication to environmentally conscious practices. Through exhibitions of her clothing, Danielle remains at the forefront of the intersection between art and sustainable design, shaping a distinctive narrative in the industry.

Cecilia Motwani is the Proud Owner of a Fashion Shop Today

Image Credit: Cecilia Motwani/Twitter

Cecilia Motwani, who once made a significant decision to voluntarily leave the show, has carved her path in the fashion industry. Now the proud owner of a fashion shop bearing her name, Cecilia, she embraces a more private lifestyle. Despite her low profile, her work speaks volumes, with notable contributions to the Costume Department in projects like Black Magic Piano. The journey of the Argentina native showcases a determination to follow her passion on her terms, creating a unique space for herself in the world of fashion.

Julie Tierney has a Spot at the Denver Art Museum Today

Julie Tierney has ventured into entrepreneurship and is the proud owner of JMFT Industries. Notably, she successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign, demonstrating her resourcefulness and the support she garnered. Her commitment to the intersection of art and fashion is further highlighted by her spot at The Denver Art Museum’s Thread Gallery. Julie’s journey showcases her creative endeavors and her ability to carve a unique space in both the business and art worlds.

Fallene Wells has Taken Early Retirement

Fallene Wells while initially drawn to a career in fashion, changed her path and ventured into the world of hair and makeup. Fallen was the proud owner of the “Let Me Have It” salon at one point in her career. After selling everything, she made the bold decision to retire early and relocate to Spain. Her Instagram paints a vibrant picture of her post-retirement life, featuring travel adventures and moments of enjoyment. Throughout this journey, her supportive husband, Kyle Wells, has been by her side. Fallene’s story reflects the courage to embrace change and explore new horizons beyond the runway.

Rafael Cox is Now an Adjunct Professor

Rafael Cox has become a force in the fashion industry. Continuously involved in fashion design, he showcased his talents in the ATL Fashion industry’s male influencers, bridging the worlds of fashion and philanthropy. Passionate about giving back, he played a key role in supporting breast cancer awareness by organizing the Women of Atlanta charity fashion show.

Rafael has also left his mark in styling, having worked with notable figures like Michael Vick in Warrick Dunn’s “Wash & Wear.” His collaborations extend to the world of modeling through the Elite Model agency, particularly in Jeffrey’s “Fashion Cares” initiative. As an Adjunct Professor, Rafael also shares his expertise and passion for fashion with the next generation at The Art Institutes.

Amanda Perna is a Speaker Today

Image Credits: Amanda Perna/Instagram

Amanda Perna has now as blossomed into the creative mind behind the House of Perna. Her identity as a designer and speaker, speaks to her diverse talents. Founding the House of Perna while embracing the role of a devoted mother, Amanda also established an Atelier at Arts Warehouse Delray, adding a touch of artistry to her endeavors.

Having returned to the ‘Project Runway’ stage in season 14, Amanda continues to showcase her flair for fashion innovation. Beyond the runway, she extends her colorful touch to A Little Wyld, a venture curating luxury in the realms of kids, women, and gifts. Amanda’s vibrant journey has been intertwined with the scenic beauty of Palm Beaches, Florida, a backdrop that complements her artistic pursuits.

David Chum is Now into Permanent Cosmetics

After facing initial setbacks post-show, David Chum, the aspiring designer, rebounded from financial struggles and soared to success. His fashion weeks became a testament to resilience, showcasing Selahdor’s transformation from adversity to triumph. Notably, Selahdor was honored as the inaugural recipient of the Emerging Designer Fund, marking a pivotal moment in Chum’s career. Now, his journey takes a fascinating turn with the launch of David Chum Permanent Cosmetics, a bold new venture that adds another vibrant layer to his ever-evolving creative narrative.

Gunner Deatherage has Found Love in a Model

Gunnar Deatherage, a standout from ‘Project Runway’ seasons 9 and 10, has transformed into a creative director and designer at Deatherage Designs. Beyond the runway, he serves as the Fashion Editor for NFocus Magazine, infusing his distinctive style into the fashion landscape. Gunnar’s journey includes a stint on ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ season 4, showcasing his design prowess on Lifetime Television.

On his social media platforms, Gunnar shares TV show-inspired costumes and engaging DIY projects that resonate with his creative spirit. His stellar work hasn’t gone unnoticed, earning him nominations for the Streamy Awards for three consecutive years. Gunnar’s talent extends to crafting red-carpet looks for stars, and he’s found love with Christopher Minafo, a fellow model. Notably, his design contributions include work on Katy Perry’s music video, solidifying his presence in the industry. Recently, he graced YouTube’s Brandcast 2023, marking another highlight in his evolving fashion journey.

Serena da Conceicao has Taken a Hiatus

Serena da Conceição, known for her work in the costume department on projects such as ‘A Good Egg’ (2015), has seemingly taken a hiatus from her professional pursuits. Her Instagram showcases a vibrant exploration of bold avatars and an evident interest in the drag variety, suggesting a focus on personal exploration and a life beyond the spotlight.

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