Project Runway Season 13: Where Are The Designers Now?

Image Credit: Lifetime Network

In 2015, the fashion universe eagerly welcomed the spectacular season 13 of ‘Project Runway,’ a dazzling spectacle that redefined haute couture with a fresh burst of creativity. Guided by the luminous presence of fashion icon Heidi Klum, this season unfolded as a vibrant tapestry, blending high-stakes drama with an array of sartorial brilliance.  The indelible mark left by Season 13 remains a living testament to the boundless opportunities that emerge when skill and determination collide on the catwalk.

Premiering on the Lifetime Network, it transformed the runway into a fierce battleground, where designers armed themselves not only with needles but also with dreams and an unwavering hunger for victory. Each designer’s journey unfolds as a distinct chapter in the ongoing saga of an industry constantly undergoing metamorphosis, propelled by the ever-evolving trends of the fashion world. As we embark on this exploration, let’s delve into the post-show narratives of these extraordinary designers, sketching the contours of their journeys after their exhilarating ‘Project Runway’ experience.

Sean Patrick Kelly is a Design Director at Retrofête

Sean Patrick Kelly, the triumphant victor of ‘Project Runway’ season 13, has since embarked on a captivating journey in the fashion realm. Currently at the helm of Hercules New York, he’s not just stopping there. This talented individual also assumes the prestigious role of Design Director at Retrofête. But his accolades don’t end there. Recognized for his prowess, Sean Patrick Kelly earned a nomination for Young New Zealander of the Year in 2016.

Before his current ventures, he lent his skills to Coach as RTW Product Design and Development for Menswear, showcasing his versatility in the industry. While his triumphs soared, Sean Patrick Kelly also made an appearance on ‘Project Runway: All Stars.’ However, luck took an unexpected turn, leading to an early elimination. Even in the face of setbacks, this resilient designer continues to carve a remarkable path in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Amanda Valentine has an Online Boutique

Amanda Valentine, a designer whose narrative is etched with triumph, is now blossoming into an entrepreneur with the introduction of her online boutique, Lack of Context. Amanda’s recent spotlight at Dallas Fashion Week and the unveiling of Lack of Context in 2021 mark not just a continuation but a fresh chapter in her fashion saga.

Having graced the stages of ‘Project Runway’ on multiple occasions, including the prestigious ‘All-Stars’ edition, Amanda’s journey is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of resilience and creativity. Beyond the runway, she wears the hat of a devoted mother to two. This new narrative seamlessly intertwines family, entrepreneurship, and an unwavering passion for design, painting a picture of a designer embracing the multifaceted dimensions of her evolving story.

Kiniokahokula “Kini” Zamora is Today a CEO

Returning with flair, Kini Zamora graced the ‘Project Runway’ stage once again, captivating audiences in ‘All Stars’ season 5 after his initial success in season 13. Fast forward to today, he stands as the CEO and creative force behind his eponymous brand, Kini Zamora. Diversifying his portfolio, Kini has also made a mark as a costume designer, notably recognized for his work on ‘WhiteHOT Hawaii: Miss Hawaii 2015.’

His talent transcends the boundaries of fashion, as evidenced by the regal masterpiece he crafted – the coronation gown and robe replica for Queen Kapiolani. Now proudly displayed in the throne room of the Iolani Palace, the official residence of Hawaii’s monarchy, Kini’s artistry takes on historical significance.

Charketa “Char” Glover Now has her Own Brand

Char Glover is now the creative force behind Rock n Remix. Beyond the confines of traditional art, Char has dedicated a website to showcase her eclectic artwork, creating a direct link to her audience. Not one to rest on her laurels, she continually expands her skill set through online courses, demonstrating a commitment to growth and innovation. She also reentered the spotlight in ‘Project Runway All: Stars,’ season 6, bringing her unique flair to the runway.

Char not only showcases her talent but also invites the world to experience her vibrant and dynamic perspective. As her journey unfolds, she remains a captivating figure, seamlessly blending creativity, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Emily Payne is Today a Devoted Mother

Emily Payne is a designer with a passion for both fashion and the art of hairstyling. With an innate love for styling her hair, Emily’s journey in the world of design is uniquely intertwined with her style. Adding another layer to her story, she’s also a devoted mother to her daughter, Devon Rose on whose name she has opened her designing studio, ‘I Love Devon Rose.’ As the designer and founder, Emily has carved a niche for herself, showcasing her distinctive aesthetic in the fashion realm. Her creations have caught the eye of industry insiders, earning her a feature in a renowned fashion magazine.

Korina Emmerich has a Diverse Portfolio Now

Korina Emmerich, now the founder of EMME Studio and co-founder of Relative Arts New York, is a multifaceted creative powerhouse. Beyond her roles, she also owns the Bad Auntie Studio, a recording haven, and hosts the Bad Auntie Podcast, showcasing her diverse interests. Her designs have earned her a place in prestigious venues like The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Denver Art Museum, while being featured in renowned publications such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Fashion, Flare, and New York Magazine.

Korina’s influence extends to the runway, having participated in fashion shows like Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week, Indigenous Fashion and Arts, Santa Fe Indian Market’s Couture Runway Show, and New York Fashion Week at the Parallax Art Center. Adding to her accolades, Korina has launched the groundbreaking program ‘Garment to Garment,’ redefining fashion sustainability by disassembling and reassembling clothing made from existing ones. Recognized for her commitment to sustainable fashion, she is honored as one of The Slow Factory’s Spring 2023 fellows.

In her dynamic career, Korina has also left her mark as a Freelance Stylist at Warner Bros. Entertainment. Notably, her creations have graced the pages of InStyle magazine, featuring Interior Secretary Deb Haaland in her distinct designs. With each project, Korina Emmerich continues to weave a narrative of innovation, sustainability, and artistic brilliance in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.

Alexander Knox is Currently the Senior Designer for Women’s RTW

Alexander Knox, currently the Senior Designer for Women’s RTW & Coachtopia RTW at Coach, boasts a journey marked by notable achievements. Before his current role, he honed his skills as a Kitwear Designer Assistant at Marc Jacobs, where his passion for fashion design began to flourish. Adding to his accolades, Alexander was recognized as the Young Citizen of the Year by the City of Kankakee in April 2015, a testament to his early contributions and impact on his community. Furthermore, he was acknowledged as the Future of Chicago Fashion by the Chicago Fashion Foundation in April 2014, underscoring his promising influence in the industry.

Sandhya Garg is Today an entrepreneur

Sandhya Garg, the creative mind behind Resort Wear, has made waves in the fashion world with her distinctive designs. Sandhya’s ascent to fashion prominence reached new heights when she clinched the title of ‘Winner of Top Design Competition’ at New Orleans Fashion Week. Beyond her professional success, Sandhya embraces the roles of wife and mother, adding a personal touch to her vibrant narrative.

Her multifaceted journey also includes a notable appearance on the talk show ‘Female Founder Fridays’ with Hayley Antonion, shedding light on her entrepreneurial spirit. Her work has garnered attention from prestigious publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire Mag, Cosmopolitan, and Elle, showcasing her influence on a global scale. Notably, she was recently featured in Scorpio Jin Magazine, further solidifying her presence in the fashion scene.

Fäde zu Grau has a Brand Bearing his Name

Fäde zu Grau, a versatile designer and graphic artist, continues to make his mark with a brand bearing his name. Notably, he made a return to the spotlight on ‘Project Runway: All Stars,’ season 5, showcasing his enduring presence and talent in the competitive fashion world. Beyond the runway, Fäde’s Instagram hints at a personal journey, revealing his love with John. In addition to his flourishing career, this designer’s life unfolds as a canvas of creativity, both in fashion and matters of the heart. Fäde zu Grau’s journey is a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend professional success with personal fulfillment.

Samantha Plasencia is Now a Talented Sportswear Designer

Samantha, a talented sportswear designer specializing in urban and casual styles, effortlessly balances her thriving career with the joys of family life. As a dedicated wife and mother of two, her social media paints a vivid picture of her world, adorned with delightful snapshots of her children, providing a glimpse into the heartwarming intersection of family and fashion. Samantha’s professional journey extends beyond the realm of ‘Project Runway,’ with notable collaborations with industry giants like Target and Nordstrom.

Her expertise in sportswear design has earned her global recognition and featured prominently in various magazines. Complementing her design prowess, Samantha recently added a Graphic Design Certification from Wilmington University in 2023 to her impressive educational journey, where she had previously earned a Master of Education in Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching from 2018 to 2019.

Kristine Guico is Today a Freelance Creative Editorial and Ecomm Stylist

Kristine Guico currently serves as a Freelance Creative Editorial and Ecomm Stylist at Anthropologie. Her journey through the fashion landscape includes roles as a Designer at Julia Jordan and Donna Ricco under the Zar Group, showcasing her diverse design talents. Before her freelance endeavors, Kristine made significant contributions as a Designer at renowned fashion houses such as Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson, both under The Levy Group.

Her career reached new heights when she held the position of Head Designer at Wildflower Sportswear, further solidifying her imprint in the industry. Kristine’s commitment to professional development is evident in her academic achievements. In 2020, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, having completed a Certificate Program in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship. Despite her thriving career, Kristine keeps her personal life private, offering a sense of mystery to her narrative. Her discretion in sharing details about her life outside of the fashion world adds an intriguing layer to the story of this accomplished designer.

Mitchell Perry Currently Serves as a Senior Technical Designer

Mitchell Perry, a dynamic force in the fashion industry, currently serves as a Senior Technical Designer at VENUS Fashion Inc. His journey through the realms of design includes notable stints at Soft Surroundings and Aquarius. Not one to be confined by established paths, Mitchell also ventured into entrepreneurship with his brand, aptly named The Mitchell Perry, adding a personal touch to his design repertoire.

In his quest for continuous growth, Mitchell has delved into the intersection of artificial intelligence and fashion, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to the evolving landscape of the industry. His dedication to technical expertise is underscored by his achievement of a Certificate of Completion in VStitcher 101 Foundations at Browzwear.

Hernan Lander is Now Hannah Lander

Hannah Lander, who formerly went by Hernan Lander, is the visionary behind Chic and Skinny Ready 2 Wear and has left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape. Beyond the creation of his renowned brand, she served as a consultant for garment design at prestigious fashion houses, including Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren Collection, Polo-Ralph Lauren, and DKNY Sport, showcasing her versatile expertise in the industry.

Diversifying her portfolio, Hannah has expanded his influence with the launch of a new clothing line, aptly named Atrevido Wear. Her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her extensive experience as a consultant and designer, paints a narrative of innovation and creativity in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Angela Sum has been Featured in the Prestigious Pages of Elle 

Angela Sum, a trailblazing sustainable fashion designer, seamlessly weaves her commitment to environmental consciousness into her designs. Beyond the runway, she embraces the roles of a devoted wife and mom, adding a personal touch to her journey in the world of sustainable fashion. Recently, Angela’s avant-garde designs garnered well-deserved recognition as they were featured in the prestigious pages of Elle magazine, further solidifying her impact on the fashion scene.

Venturing beyond traditional avenues, Angela has embraced modern platforms to connect with her audience. With a Kickstarter account fueling her innovative projects and a dedicated website for fan engagement, she shares her creative process through vlogs and a YouTube channel. Angela’s story is not just about fashion; it’s a narrative of evolution, combining her background in Data Analytics at J.P. Morgan with her passion for sustainable design, making her a dynamic figure in the intersection of technology and fashion.

Carrie Sleutskaya is Now a Graphic Designer and Concept Illustrator

Carrie Sleutskaya, a maestro in the realm of creative direction and storytelling through apparel, accessories, and illustration, currently holds the prestigious position of Sr. graphic designer and concept illustrator at Loungefly Inc. Since 2012, she has been the driving force as the Creative Director at her eponymous brand, showcasing her artistic prowess in the world of design.

Before her current roles, Carrie demonstrated her versatility as a Graphic and textile Designer at JY Instyle. Her journey also includes a stint as a fabricator and costumer at Quantum Creation FX, Inc. Notably, she lent her talents to the noble cause of Project Runway Charity, participating in ‘Be The End’ for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Carrie Sleutskaya’s career is not just a story of design; it’s a narrative of creative evolution and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Jefferson Musanda is the Creative Force Behind Musanda Apparel

Jefferson Musanda is the creative force behind Musanda Apparel. Hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, he has made a mark in the design world, expressing his creativity through his apparel creations. While Jefferson is celebrated for his design prowess, he maintains a private personal life, choosing to keep details about it under wraps. Beyond his creations, he actively engages in continuous learning, participating in classes and workshops in his locality, showcasing his commitment to honing his craft and staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Emmanuel Tobias Designs Under the Moniker Eman Candy

Image Credit: Emmanuel Tobias/Twitter

Emmanuel Tobias, the creative mind behind designs under the moniker Eman Candy, has left an indelible mark on the fashion scene. Known for his collaborative spirit, he has teamed up with fellow designers for fashion shows, notably gracing the runway at Dallas College for Fashion Week. Despite a brief appearance on ‘Project Runway,’ Emmanuel’s impact transcends the screen. Notably, he has taken a break from updating his social media, adding an air of mystery to his post-‘Project Runway’ journey. His short-lived time on the show, however, translated into significant progress in real life, affirming that sometimes, even a brief spotlight can illuminate a promising path in the world of fashion.

Nzinga Knight has Graced Many Prestigious Exhibitions

Nzinga Knight, a luminary in the fashion realm, stands at the helm of elegant and edgy evening wear and bridal designs, offering full coverage that marries sophistication with a touch of daring. Her creations have graced prestigious exhibitions at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, the Legion of Honors, and the Qatar Museum, establishing her as a distinguished figure in the design world. Beyond her role as an award-winning NYC designer, Nzinga has ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship as the CEO of Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel, specializing in nonalcoholic mocktails. Recently, she launched Nzinga Knight, New York, breathing fresh life into her ever-evolving portfolio.

Known for her innovative approach, she frequently hosts pop-up shops at renowned locations like Nordstrom. Before her entrepreneurial ventures, Nzinga contributed her expertise at Pratt Institute, where she served as a Fashion Professor and Tutor. Her creative prowess extends beyond the design studio, showcasing her talents as both a filmmaker and actress, particularly notable in her short film ‘Alhamdu – Muslim Futurism’ in 2021. Nzinga Knight’s multifaceted journey encompasses the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, and cinematic artistry, leaving an enduring impact on the creative landscape.

Tim Navarro is Now the Co-Founder of Two Companies

Tim Navarro, a self-taught tailor and fashion designer, has carved a unique niche in the industry with his distinctive approach to design. As the co-owner and designer, event producer, and director of operations at TIM+THOM LLC, a collaborative venture with his twin, Thom Navarro, he brings a dynamic blend of creativity and operational expertise to the forefront. Tim is also the co-founder, producer, and director of creative talent at Cult Collective, showcasing his multifaceted involvement in the creative sphere. Notably, he has contributed his talents to Black Fashion Week, adding his unique touch to the vibrant and diverse world of fashion.

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