Project Runway Season 15: Where Are The Designers Now?

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In the dazzling cosmos of fashion, where imagination dances with textiles to spin narratives, ‘Project Runway’ season 15 burst onto the runway in November 2016, originally a Lifetime TV spectacle, now streaming on various platforms. The catwalk transformed into a battleground for designers armed with creativity, aspirations, and an unquenchable thirst for triumph. Guided by the mentor Tim Gunn, this season unfolded fashion ingenuity.

Post the grand finale in March 2017, the designers embarked on odysseys that would sculpt their futures in unpredictable ways. Some ascended to celestial heights, becoming synonymous with style and forging new paths in the industry. Where are these maestros of design who once competed for supremacy in the realm of high fashion? So, let’s delve into the post-show sagas of these indelible style architects.

Erin Robertson has Delved into a Unique Venture

Erin Robertson, the formidable winner of ‘Project Runway’ season 15, has crafted a narrative that extends beyond the glitz and glamour of the runway. Beyond her triumph in the fashion arena, Erin has delved into a unique venture, co-owning Pickle Pop, an indoor sports facility that adds a layer of versatility to her creative pursuits. Recently engaged to Stephanie McCaffrey, Erin is not only making headlines for her design prowess but also for the personal milestones that pepper her journey.

Her brand, An Erin, is not just a label, it’s a testament to her dedication to the craft. As a small business owner, Erin is resolute in maintaining the boutique nature of her venture, meticulously handcrafting the majority of her clothing pieces. This deliberate choice to eschew large-scale production speaks volumes about her commitment to authenticity and the tangible connection between the creator and the creation.

Roberi Parra has Collaborated with Renowned Fashion Brands Now

Roberi Parra, the brilliant finalist from season 15, has metamorphosed into a true global sensation in the world of fashion. His journey transcends the traditional boundaries of a reality show, finding resonance in the glossy pages of Vogue Mexico and Spin Magazine. Today, Roberi stands not just as a designer but as a creative force, contributing his skills as a designer at Bunim Murray Productions.

In the sphere of philanthropy, Roberi has emerged as an ambassador of Fundación UNO MAS, intertwining his passion for design with a commitment to making a positive impact. His collaborations with renowned fashion brands, including Forever 21 and Moschino, underline his versatility and ability to seamlessly navigate the intersection of high fashion and global influence. While Roberi’s personal life remains a well-guarded secret, his professional journey unfolds as a compelling narrative of creative evolution and social responsibility.

Laurence Basse is Renowned for her Expertise in Leather Craftsmanship

Laurence Basse, a semi-finalist who left an indelible mark on season 15, has evolved into a trailblazing force in the fashion industry. Renowned for her expertise in leather craftsmanship, Laurence has ventured into diverse realms, showcasing her work prominently in Yellow Magazine. Her commitment to pushing boundaries is evident in her role as a costume designer for various projects, including collaborations with NBA superstars such as Dwight Howard and Serge Ibaka.

Laurence’s brand has also found a permanent residence in the digital landscape, boasting a dedicated website and online store. Her appearances in ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ affirm her enduring presence in the industry, and her role as the Costume Designer for productions like Yvonne Orji: Momma, I Made It and Athazagora solidifies her position as a versatile artist.

Rik Villa is Now Steering His Brand

Rik Villa, a standout contestant who reached the top four in season 15, has emerged as a versatile maestro in the dynamic realm of fashion. Steering his brand, Rik Villa Clothing Line, he seamlessly weaves his designs into the fabric of the fashion world through an engaging online store and captivating fashion shows, notably participating in the prestigious LA Fashion Week. In addition to his role as a fashion stylist at All Saints since 2017, Rik’s journey includes a significant stint as the fashion director for Revolve clothing. This multi-faceted approach to the fashion industry exemplifies Rik’s adaptability and keen eye for style.

Cornelius Ortiz’s Details About his Current Endeavors Remain Elusive

Cornelius Ortiz, featured in the pages of Philly Model Magazine, remains an enigma in the world of fashion. With an intentional withdrawal from social media and a conspicuous absence from the public eye, Cornelius seems to have immersed himself entirely in the craft, signaling a period of focused dedication to his career.

While details about his current endeavors remain elusive, this deliberate silence only adds to the mystique surrounding Cornelius. In an industry often fueled by constant visibility, his choice to retreat and concentrate on his craft suggests a profound commitment to the art of fashion. The fashion world eagerly anticipates the revelation of Cornelius’ next creative chapter, and whatever path he chooses, his past contributions suggest it will be nothing short of exceptional.

Mah-Jing Wong’s Designs are Now Worn by Renowned Celebrities

Mah-Jing Wong has seamlessly transitioned from the reality show runway to the high-profile stages adorned by celebrities. He takes an interest in anime and his designs have become a sought-after commodity, gracing renowned figures like Megan Thee Stallion and Ciara. His creative flair extends beyond conventional boundaries, as seen in his collaboration with the show The Rap Shit on Max, showcasing not only his design skills but also his ability to merge fashion with the entertainment industry seamlessly.

The allure of his designs, now donned by notable celebrities, positions him as a trendsetter in the industry. Mah-Jing has transformed his ‘Project Runway’ experience into a springboard for a career that transcends traditional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of fashion and pop culture.

Nathalia JMag is an Entrepreneur Today

Nathalia JMag, apart from owning her eponymous label, has ventured into entrepreneurial ventures such as Soft Play Rentals, a rental shop catering to interactive play experiences. Adding another layer to her entrepreneurial journey, she also owns SoFlo Oasis AirBnb, showcasing her keen eye for aesthetics in the hospitality sector. Nathalia’s commitment to sustainability is evident through her collaboration with the Urbano Project, where she participated in creating sustainable fashion.

Her academic prowess is equally impressive, having pursued a Master’s degree with a focus on Nature Culture and Sustainability at the Rhode Island School of Design. Nathalia’s professional journey includes a stint as an Apparel Design Intern at PUMA Group, showcasing her versatility in both large-scale fashion operations and sustainable initiatives. With pop shops, online stores, and a range of collaborative projects under her belt, Nathalia JMag exemplifies the modern entrepreneur who seamlessly blends creativity and a passion for sustainability into a vibrant and multifaceted career.

Dexter Simmons Has Soared to New Heights

Dexter Simmons entered ‘Project Runway’ already established in the fashion world, and since then, her trajectory has only soared to new heights. A multifaceted talent, Dexter is not only a fashion designer and stylist but also a model represented by 3 Model Management. Her notable collaborations include styling for Rihanna and gracing the pages of prestigious publications like Vogue, Nylon Magazine, Elle, Billboard, and Jon Magazine.

Dexter’s commitment to inclusivity and advocacy is commendable, as she actively works for the trans community and engages in collaborations that span artists, musicians, designers, and actors, including Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue. Her honors at Art Hearts Fashion Week and  Style Fashion Week underscore his impact on the fashion landscape.

Jenni Riccetti Recently Made a Seamless Transition Into Sneaker Design

Jenni Riccetti, founder of the Ricetti clothing line, has cultivated a journey that intertwines her passion for fashion with diverse interests. Beyond her successful fashion line, Jenni is a dedicated mother with a family, welcoming a son named Santi in 2023. Her love for plants and her canine companion, Picot, led her to create a separate Instagram page, Plants and Picot.

Jenni’s career trajectory includes being a former fashion designer and production artist at Mad Engine, LLC., showcasing her prowess in the fashion industry. Recently, she made a seamless transition into sneaker design, co-creating her pair of Air Max 95 through Cultivator x Nike. This shift exemplifies her adaptability and innovation, marking a new chapter in her creative journey.

Brik Allen’s Designs Have Found a Place on the  Notable HBO Series 

Brik Allen, now the owner of House of Brik, has expanded his influence beyond the runway. His designs have found a place on the notable HBO series ‘The Staircase,’ worn by the star-studded cast. Participating in events like the Nola Fashion Show and New Orleans Fashion Week, Brik remains a dynamic presence in the fashion scene. In addition to her achievements in fashion, Brik has made significant contributions to the film industry, working in the costume department for films like ‘The Estate’ and ‘Synchronic.’

Tasha “Bessie” Henderson Aimed to Break the Guinness World Record

Tasha “Bessie” Henderson, a stylist, designer, and philanthropist, has created a narrative that transcends traditional fashion boundaries.  Her dedication to philanthropy is evident in her initiative to organize a sewing pep rally, aiming to break the Guinness World Record, a feat covered by Fox News and numerous other media outlets.

Tasha’s impact extends beyond fashion collaborations with Shein; she actively engages in the realms of baby fashion, dolls, and sneakers. Her commitment to breaking records reflects an indomitable spirit, blending creativity with philanthropy, making Tasha a dynamic force in the fashion industry. Beyond her creative pursuits, Tasha has embraced motherhood, welcoming a baby boy in 2023.

Alex Snyder is a 3D Prototype Expert Today

Alex Snyder describes herself as a fashion scientist and has seamlessly blurred the lines between these two realms. As a digital pattern maker and 3D prototype expert, her work has been featured with industry giants like Levi, Old Navy, Gap Inc., and Sony. In her role as a technical design manager at The Walt Disney Company, Alex continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

Her partnership between the innovative curriculum at Arizona State University and Optitex’s leading industry software showcases her commitment to bridging academia and industry. He holds the position of Clinical Assistant Professor & 3D Program Lead at Arizona State University, solidifying her role as both a mentor and innovator in the ever-evolving world of fashion and technology. He, on the personal front, is happily married to Dan Douglas.

Sarah Donofrio Has Been Awarded The Best Women’s Fashion Designer

Sarah Donofrio is a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. Sarah is now the proud owner of Sarah Donofrio Illustrates. Alongside her life partner, Brandon Burg, Sarah’s journey encompasses not only fashion but also pop-up shops and a unique talent for designing statement jewelry pieces. In 2018, her exceptional work was recognized with an award for Best Women’s Fashion Designer and a Gray Award for design.

The recognition doesn’t end there; Sarah’s creations have graced the pages of renowned publications like Hello! Magazine, The Huffington Post, Fashion Magazine, British Vogue, The Globe and Mail, and Marie Claire. Her commitment to sustainability, coupled with a flair for vibrant designs, has positioned Sarah Donofrio as a trailblazer who not only captures attention on the runway but also contributes to the industry’s evolution toward more environmentally conscious practices.

Kimber Richardson Has Now Established an Online Store

Kimber Richardson, a timeless presence in the world of fashion, continues to weave her design magic. She has established an online store named Darthist Ardthy, where she showcases and sells her collections. Recently introducing the enchanting Peter & Pearl collection, Kimber’s designs remain a testament to her enduring creativity and commitment to her craft. Participating in New York Fashion Week, Kimber Richardson not only continues to make a mark in the industry but also adds her unique perspective to the fashion conversation. Beyond her thriving career, Kimber has nurtured a beautiful family, while embracing the joys of motherhood.

Linda Marcus Recently Got Appointed to The Board of Directors at The Museum of Wisconsin Art

Linda Marcus is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute Chicago, with an anticipated graduation in 2024. Linda also holds the role of artist and creative director for Saint Kate Arts Hotel in Wisconsin. Her artistic talents extend beyond visual arts, as she also serves as a writer for Artdose Magazine. Linda’s diverse journey includes a background as a former Morning News anchor. She has been recently appointed to the Board of Directors at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Ian Hargrove Has Transitioned Into The World of Paintings

Ian Hargrove, a visionary in the art and fashion realm, has etched his path under the name Ian Colors. Operating his studio, Ian has transitioned into the world of paintings, showcasing and selling his artistic creations. As the Creative Director and founder of Against All Odds Chicago since 2010, Ian has consistently pushed the boundaries of creative expression. Beyond his professional endeavors, Ian has found love in the form of his soulmate, Romane France, adding a personal touch to his narrative. His studio’s name encapsulates the spirit of resilience and determination that defines Ian’s journey.

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