Proven on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

‘Shark Tank’ on ABC uses an entertainment business formula that has been highly successful. While we are aware of the sharp tongue of the panelists, it hasn’t stopped either the audience or aspiring entrepreneurs to be a part of it.  In the mix of a variety of TV shows, ‘Shark Tank’ stands out distinctively due to its ability to make something serious quite fun. Business is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea; however, ‘Shark Tank’ blends it with the element of reality TV where the personality of the business itself takes predominance. In season 11 episode 21 of the show, we are introduced to four companies. One of them is Proven. Here’s all we know about it.

Proven: Who Are They?

Ming Zhao is the founder and CEO of Proven, a skincare company. Zhao claims that she was tired of being told that she has a difficult type of skin against which many products did not work. The project was an end result of being tired of using products that failed to deliver its promise. Thus, she partnered up with Dr. Amy Yuan, the company’s co-founder, to create a database called ‘The Skin Genome Project’ that became a global phenomenon. It is the winner of the 2018’s MIT Artificial Intelligence Award.

This allows the systemic processing of various ingredients, and its results are stored in a database, which then helps in formulating products that are more effective. This is the scientifically researched and proven date behind Proven’s products. The product then claims that its users don’t have to test and see if the product works, because it will.

Proven: What Do They Do?

The company’s website is quite the sight with testimonials and scientific details of its products. The website also offers a skin quiz that determines the package of custom made products using a combination of ingredients that is required for your skin. At present, there is also a ‘Shark Tank’ special discount of 10 % that is running on all products. Proven is deemed as an upcoming beauty products company by Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC, etc.

The custom range products are a pack one can opt to buy either once or through subscription on a monthly basis. They do not simply sell one product that works on all skin types. They heavily market their products via social media. They have also announced their ‘Shark Tank’ feature. Proven regularly post press coverage on their products, and the various feedback they have received.

They also have a YouTube page in which they give extensive details of not only their products but also the technique that goes behind creating them. The company’s ‘3 minutes skin assessment’ is very much in line with other contemporary beauty products. The philosophy stems from an idea that aims to work on all skin problems one may have. The packaging of the products comes in a simple yet elegant metallic container. The product pack contains a cleanser, moisturizer, and serum that seeks to correct various skin issues. All in all, the scientifically validated product might just be the next new thing in the beauty industry. Watch their video below:

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