Quaylyn “Q” Carter: Where is The Mole Participant Now?

Although Netflix never fails to bring us one intriguing reality show after another, it is actually the cast that makes the biggest difference in terms of precisely how positively it’ll be received. After all, they are the ones whose personalities shine through every step of the way, inadvertently creating entire storylines, dramatic details, and unique sets of interpersonal relationships. The same is true for ‘The Mole’ season 2 too, but it was Quaylyn “Q” Carter who caught our attention the most with his candid gameplays, overall kindness, plus pure strategies while still keeping an eye on the prize.

Quaylyn “Q” Carter Has Played The Game With His Head Held High

While Q indicated at the very beginning he’s so competitive he doesn’t even let his loved ones win whenever they’re playing the game, he proved he’s an honest man with integrity just as quickly. After all, whether it be the money-driven missions, battles for the elimination exemption card, or putting his own needs before the group’s, he never once disappointed in any manner. In other words, he gave every challenge his best and was never willing to sacrifice any amount of money from the pot so as to move ahead in the game all by himself, making it clear he’s a selfless man through and through.

Q knew from the very beginning there could only be one winner in this mind-bending competition, yet his strategy remained to play honestly to secure the most money in the hopes of winning the same for himself and his family. It’s thus no surprise he actually even followed through with it until the very end, unaware it would win him the hearts of millions of ‘The Mole’ fans across the globe — his sincerity, even in the most stressful of situations, was honestly inspiring.

Q is Now Spreading His Wings

While Q was solely introduced to us as a professional bus driver, the truth is this Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, native is also a public figure, content creator, as well as aspiring actor and model. In fact, around early June 2024, his first-ever commercial went live – he did a 1+ minute ad for Cisco Systems, showcasing his talent, drive, and camera awareness at every step of the way. Moreover, he is a background extra in the upcoming Paramount’s ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 3. As for his online content, the proud 42-year-old primarily either posts about his loved ones or does short comedic skits that are relatable to almost everyone, making it clear that it is never too late to follow one’s dreams.

Q’s Family Means the World to Him

There was a mention of Q’s late mother, Charlene Blannon, in the Netflix original production, and it is clear that both he and his brother were incredibly close to her, so of course, it shattered their hearts when she passed following a battle with cancer in November 2022. He even often posts about her online, but arguably, the most significant is where he announced her demise. He penned, in part, “My brother Taurus Blannon and I lost our mother to the battle of Cancer!… Everyone who knew me, knew I was a big mommas boy! She was my best friend and my mother. I will always love you mom and your pain is finally over!”

Coming to the family Q still has and proudly cares for today; he’s a father of four as well as a fiance – he actually proposed to the love of his life, fellow digital creator Carmen Nieves, in December 2023. As for his children, he has two boys, Lil Q and Amare, plus two girls, Tienna and Callie. The former two are actually his eldest and are already making their way into adulthood upon graduating high school, whereas it appears as if his two daughters are young daddy’s girls, and he’ll do anything for all four of them.

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