Rachel Ambler: The Barnett Neighbor Has Regrets Today

The story of Natalia Grace, a Ukranian-born young lady, is one that has forced many to reevaluate how one can often ignore things going on around them. This certainly holds true for Rachel Ambler, who lived right by Natalia Grace and her former adoptive parents, Michael and Kristine Barnett. In the Investigation Discovery series, her recollection of the events surrounding her allows viewers to under more and more about the dynamic between Kristine and Natalia. As such, one can’t help but wonder just where Rachel is these days.

Who is Rachel Ambler?

Seen in the Investigation Discovery documentary, Rachel Ambler shared how her daughter, Grace, and Natalia Grace were close friends. The two young girls would apparently often play together, with Natalia often visiting Grace’s house. “Natalia came to our house a lot to play with my daughter, Grace,” Rachel shared. “For a long time, I thought they were like connected at the hip, and then, Kristine, she just said that Natalia was trying to kill her.”

Terrified of what Kristine’s words meant for her and her daughter, Rachel asked Grace if she should perhaps find friends other than Natalia because “I didn’t want anything to do with that little girl.” She elaborated on her past reasonings, explaining that “If she’s trying to kill Kristine, my friend, she wasn’t welcome in our house. I don’t want her trying to kill my daughter or me.” This led to the end of the friendship between Grace and Natalia, something that confused and hurt the latter very much.

“Gracie’s parents, they were so nice! But with everything that Kristine said about me, it changed their minds,” Natalia shared her side of the story. “I couldn’t even see Gracie anymore. Nobody stood up for me. I wanna find out why.” Claiming that she had been abused by Kristine and Michael Barnett as a child, Natalia remains hurt by the fact that those around her, particularly peole like Rachel, did not see what was going on and chose to believe her former adoptive mother before even hearing her side of the story.

Where is Rachel Ambler Now?

Rachel Ambler and Natalia Grace did come face-to-face in the documentary series to talk about their past actions and hurt. While the two tried to make small talk, it was not long before Natalia directly asked Rachel just what Kristine Barnett had told her. As such, the former Barnett neighbor revealed that she was told that Natalia was putting thumbtacks on steps and hiding knives in mattresses, which she claimed scared her enough to distance herself and Grace from Natalia.

This frustrated Natalia, who claimed that she had been extremely hurt by the fact that her connection with her best friend had been cut off without any notice. Rachel stated that she should have asked Natalia her side of the story and that she did not want to believe what Kristine had told her, but the latter apparently had pushed her to believe her. Natalia then shared with Rachel how Kristine had tried to overdose her, which shocked her to the core.

Rachel then confessed that she had also been somewhat afraid of Kristine and “what she could do.” She went on to add how she was ashamed that she had let her fears overrule her judgment. Additionally, Rachel pointed out how she had had no reasons not to believe Kristine but did admit that she should not have only heard one side of the story. She concluded how angry she was that she had been manipulated by Kristine to such an extent. Overall, Rachel now leads a private life but has been public about her regrets surrounding Natalia Grace and the Barnetts

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