Are Rachel and Bryan From The Bachelorette Still Together?

ABC’s famous reality-dating series ‘The Bachelorette’ has seen many men compete in the search for love. While some men go out of their way to indulge in grand over-the-top gestures for their bachelorette, others take it easy and pour their hearts out when needed. It is safe to say that the best relationships formed are the ones that are easy and effortless. Such instant connections last till the end of the season and promise to survive in the real world. Rachel and Bryan have an unbreakable bond just like this. Featuring on season 13 of the show, he put a ring on Rachel’s finger and branded her his forever!

Rachel and Bryan: The Bachelorette Journey

A Texan attorney, Rachel, was courted by 31 men. But no one came close to what Bryan was. A chiropractor from Miami, Bryan only had eyes for Rachel. As soon as he met her, he warned her that getting involved with a Colombian man would get her into trouble. Not only that, but he smooth-talked in Spanish and made a bold move by kissing Rachel on the very first night. A risky move that could have gone either way; he scored brownie points for his daring personality and received the first impression rose from Rachel.

Bryan was focused on winning Rachel’s heart throughout the game. He didn’t waste his time being sucked into drama or backbiting about his fellow contestants. Instead, he spent every chance he got with Rachel. Whether it was his one-on-one dates with her in Norway and Geneva or her group dates with other contestants, he never missed an opportunity to stand out. He even invited Rachel for a free massage session. Bryan opened up to Rachel about his past, his youth, and his former relationships. Rachel appreciated his honesty and awarded him with a rose at the end of every episode.

Rachel came for a proposal and Bryan came for marriage. Bonding over such beliefs and their love for fitness made it easy for them to be on the same page. Towards the end, both of them received some backlash from each other’s families. But, they managed to ride it out and stick to each other. In the finale, Rachel gave her final rose to Bryan, and he returned the favor by popping the question! The two got engaged, and their sizzling chemistry was applauded by all.

Are Rachel and Bryan Still Together?

Yes! The couple is still together. Rachel and Bryan ended their two-year-long engagement by tying the knot in August 2019. The newly-weds organized a big fat destination wedding in Mexico where all their family, friends, and Bachelor Nation alumni were present. They embodied both of their cultural heritage and hosted a high-profile reception. The couple then vacationed in Greece for a month for their honeymoon.

They had earlier been living together in Rachel’s hometown, Dallas. Post-marriage, they relocated to Bryan’s native city, Miami. Their Instagram pictures keep their fans updated about their life. They have celebrated everything together and with each other’s families, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, or even Bryan’s 40th birthday! Recently, the couple also expressed their desire to plan a baby soon.

But for now, the couple has been busy with their work. While Rachel has appeared on a number of TV shows, including ‘Ghosted’ and ‘The Doctors’, Bryan has been occupied with his profession and health podcast. He has also become a fitness instructor. Rachel, too, co-hosts ‘Game Night’ on ESPN radio and a podcast called ‘The Bachelor Happy Hour’ that reviews the latest happenings in Bachelor Nation.

Currently, the couple has been home-quarantined due to the ongoing pandemic. They have been spending quality time together and told their fans that surprisingly they still haven’t gotten on each other’s nerves. They have also been flaunting their super-fit ripped bodies on Instagram after their daily workout.

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