Is Rachel Bradshaw Married? Does She Have Children?

The talented daughter of a famous footballer, Rachel Bradshaw, is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and reality TV star. After establishing her roots in the Nashville music community, she became a famous country musician. Terry Bradshaw raised her into an independent and confident woman who has faced significant setbacks quite early in life but has risen from them like a phoenix. Her experiences and that of the rest of her family have been showcased in a comedic docuseries ‘The Bradshaw Bunch’. We have found some interesting details about her personal life that might interest you as well!

Rachel Bradshaw’s Family and Early Life

Charlotte Hopkins, her biological mother, separated from Terry in 1999 after being married for almost 13 years. But the two did not let their tumultuous marriage impact Rachel or her younger sister, Erin. Rachel currently lives in a close-knit family with her father, step-mother Tameria Bradshaw, and two sisters. She is on amicable terms with her mother and often posts pictures of them together.

She is also really attached to her step-sister, Lacey. The Bradshaw family is undoubtedly famous and entertaining. Their unique equations with one another have been the premise of the reality TV show, ‘The Bradshaw Bunch.’

Rachel was born in Dallas but moved to Nashville to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a country singer. Inheriting a passion for music from her father, Rachel rose to fame in 2019 after being invited to sing the National Anthem for the opening game of the National Football League. Her early struggles include her battle with scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine. She underwent a surgery in 2015 and had to get two titanium rods and 32 screws inserted into her back to keep it straight.

Rachel Bradshaw’s Late Husband

Rachel met the love of her life, James Robert Douglas, in 2012. After dating for almost two years, the couple got married on June 28, 2014. As talented a footballer as his father-in-law, ‘Rob’ was a professional American football placekicker and held the NFL record for eight field goals in a single game. She seemed to be the happiest with him and shared their gazillion memories on her social media accounts.

Rachel Bradshaw/Instagram

But heartbreakingly, in September of the same year, he died a tragic death. The cause of his sudden demise was found out to be a blunt force trauma in a car crash. To this day, Rachel commemorates her late husband by proudly carrying a ‘warrior’ tattoo on her wrist.

Rachel Bradshaw’s Boyfriend

After five years of losing her husband in a fatal accident, Rachel finally moved on and found her happiness in Dustin Hughes. She officially announced the news about her new boyfriend on Instagram on February 10, 2019, with a cute picture of them standing glued to each other. When the Bradshaw family appeared on Steve Harvey’s game show, she publicly announced that she had been dating him for three months.

Dustin sat in the audience, smiling at his gorgeous girl. From what it looked like, he had already entered the inner circle of her family. But as of now, her social media accounts do not show any trace of the couple, and it is hard to comment whether they are still together or not!

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