Where is The Bradshaw Bunch Filmed? Where Does Terry Bradshaw Live?

If shows like ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ and ‘Chrisley Knows Best‘ are your choice of poison, you’ll be excited to know that a new, family-centric reality show, titled ‘The Bradshaw Bunch,’ is set to premiere soon. The show, however, doesn’t revolve around socialites, models, and business tycoons. Football lovers will be delighted to know that four-time NFL Super Bowl champion and famed quarterback Terry Bradshaw and his family – his wife Tammy, and his three daughters, Rachel, Lacey, and Erin – are the stars in ‘The Bradshaw Bunch.’

For those unacquainted with the retired football player, Terry Bradshaw played for the Pittsburgh Steelers between 1970 and 1983 and retired as a legend. Following his retirement from professional football, Bradshaw went on to build a career in the broadcasting industry and briefly owned a NASCAR team too. Additionally, Bradshaw has also appeared in television shows and films – most notably, ‘Failure to Launch’ (2006), starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. Despite being 72 years old now, Bradshaw is still one of the most recognized and popular retired football players in the US. Seeing him on screen in unscripted interactions with his family sounds exciting indeed.

If you’ve seen the leadup to ‘The Bradshaw Bunch,’ you’ll be familiar with the sprawling estate on which the events of the show takes place. If you’re wondering where this estate might be and where the show has been filmed, we have you covered.

The Bradshaw Bunch Filming Locations:

The sprawling landscape which serves as the backdrop for The Bradshaw Bunch is rural Oklahoma, which the Bradshaw family calls home. Meanwhile, the residence which features prominently in the trailer (and presumably will too in the show), is part of a whopping 744-acre ranch – named the Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch – owned by the Bradshaws and located 70 miles outside the city of Dallas.

Reportedly, Terry bought the ranch about 20 years ago when it was valued at $10-$12 million, and it took them over 15 years to upgrade and renovate the property before they could call it home. You can check out a post about filming having taken place at an establishment owned by Troy Aikman, as well.

Where Does Terry Bradshaw Live? 

To the best of our knowledge, the Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch currently boasts professional equine facilities, including but not limited to an office, a stallion barn, a show barn, breeding facilities, and a laboratory. Multiple houses have been built on the ranch. In Terry’s own words, the Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch has “everything a human could want,” and, unsurprisingly, the football legend lives on the ranch with his family.

Although the value of the Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch has gone up exponentially since Terry bought it and gave it a make-over, Bradshaw isn’t resting on his laurels yet. Recently, the 72-year-old also purchased a sprawling piece of property in Texas and has plans to upgrade and renovate the new ranch as part of his next big project. Terry has always described himself as a project guy and is quite excited to start work on the Texas ranch. He has also not ruled out a move to the new ranch and has said rather bluntly – he won’t be sad to leave [the Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses Ranch], since it is just property.

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