Rachel Lundell From Love Island: Everything We Know

CBS brought together 11 contestants, six boys, and five girls, to a swish villa in Las Vegas for its famous dating reality show. Except for Jeremiah White and Justine Nbida, the rest of the “Islanders” had quite comfortably settled in with their chosen partners within the first week. Two new girls, Rachel Lundell and Kierstan Saulter were introduced to the first batch of the series “Love Island”.  

The viewers are anticipating loads of drama that might follow from the mix-up but are happy for Jeremiah. He had to partner up with Justine without any choice of his own and his “date” too felt coerced into it. To give him a fair shot at coupling up, a secret jacuzzi date is set up between him and Rachel. But who is Rachel and is she on the show to find love or just grab eyeballs?

Rachel Lundell: Where is She From?


Rachel has her permanent residence at Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been flown to Las Vegas to find the love of her life. Not much can be known about her travel history or excursions because she seems to have become active on social media only recently. Her ethnicity and upbringing lend her immense strength to voice the concerns regarding social issues like the Yemen crisis and racism against blacks. 


Rachel Lundell: Age and Profession

Born in 1999, Rachell is a 21-years-old college student. While on the show during her summer break, Rachel expresses her desire to experience “everything” to her heart’s content. At the end of the premiere episode, her entry into the villa is almost theatrical. Jeremiah receives a text, “Islanders! You have a company. Jeremiah, you are going on a date. Please join the new girl Rachel upstairs in the secret jacuzzi. #WaterWerks #UndressToImpress.”


Walking into the villa with an open mind, she plans on having the utmost fun. Rachel is also on the look-out for some “real chemistry” and does not intend to “waste” her time. Her only requisites from her man are his being athletic and taller than her. Not feeling particularly invested in her previous relationship, she called it quits before she got on the show. The new girl has come to “Love Island” in search of something deeper that she failed to find back at her hometown. 

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