Rachel Stanley: Spermworld Recipient is Now Awaiting Another Lung Transplant

In Hulu’s ‘Spermworld,’ we get to know more about the thriving world of sperm donation that is present on the internet. The system seems captivating for many hopeful parents, including Rachel Stanley, who was seen in the documentary looking for a sperm. Her personal background and her motivations for her decisions allowed many to connect with her easily.

Rachel Stanley Hoped to Become a Mother

When Rachel Stanley appeared in the Hulu documentary, it was with the hope of becoming a mother. Having been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), her health was on a decline, and she had gone through a double lung transplant sometime back in 2019. When she contacted sperm donor Stefan Volker, she inquired if he was a carrier of CF so as to ensure that his future child would not have it. Stefan assured her that he was not a carrier and commended her on her bravery. Even though she had set up a meeting with Stefan, Rachel had initially been reluctant to meet him and go through with the process. However, he encouraged her to meet up and get to know him.

The two found themselves falling into an easy companionship, with Rachel appreciating Stefan’s help. However, she did feel a bit stumped when he asked her about the possibility that her CF might lead to fatal consequences for her. Rachel emotionally confessed that she was not close to anyone who might take care of her child should the worst come to pass. She asked Stefan if he would feel guilty in such a scenario, but he refuted the claim. With both sides seemingly planning meet-ups like a movie night, the relationship between the two depends. However, Rachel soon realized that Stefan might have some romantic feelings for her, and she did not want to lead him on.

When talking to Stefan about this, she confessed that she enjoyed his company and appreciated his friendship but did not see a romantic connection with him. She apologized if she left him on, but Stefan refused, stating that he knew that a romantic relationship between them was a long stretch. Stefan insisted that they should put this behind them and concentrate on the task that led them to each other, which was sperm donation.

However, when multiple attempts between Rachel and Stefan failed, the latter suggested that maybe she should try with someone else. That said, the two seemingly were able to maintain a friendly relationship, and Stefan even went to visit her while she was undergoing treatment. Rachel’s condition at the time was a delicate one, and when she learned that Stefan had been able to provide other women with successful pregnancies, she could not help but feel frustrated about it all.

Where is Rachel Stanley Now?

Rachel Stanley has traveled a hard path during her treatment for Cystic Fibrosis (CF). She had undergone a double lung transplant in 2019, which helped her somewhat, but she is now on the path of hoping through the procedure once more as soon as possible. According to the update that she shared in early February 2024, she was called by Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the week of February 19, 2024, to be evaluated. The passing of said evaluation would mean that the hospital would add her to the list of possible approved people for a lung transplant.

Additionally, Rachel shared that a nurse at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, was also compiling a file for her for the same process. She expressed her appreciation for the person who was doing this for her, admitting that she knew that frustration had made her feel a bit ill-tempered toward the medical personnel dealing with her. She shared that the nurse in question apparently knew her from having met her in the past.

As it turns out, Rachel herself is a part of the medical industry. She presently works at the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Her position within the establishment is that of an Assessment Specialist, and she works hard to help her patients as much as possible. A graduate of the University of Tennessee and a Licensed Master Social Worker, she turned 30 in August 2023 and is hopeful about the future that is to come.

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