Where Are Rafael Rodriguez’s Wife and Children Now?

Netflix’s ‘How to Fix a Drug Scandal’ is a scathing indictment of two cases of indiscretion within the justice system. However, the show sensitively makes it a point to explore how the actions of certain individuals go on to have an impact on everyone involved. One of the people whose life is effectively ruined is Rafael Rodriguez.

His case came to light after Sonja Farak’s indiscretions became public, including her drug habits, and how she falsified results. The docuseries also lets us hear from his wife and son. Naturally, you might be curious about where they are at present.

Who is Rafael Rodriguez?

Before we give you the current updates about Rafael’s wife and children, let us quickly tell you about the man and his sad demise. Rafael Rodriguez was born to a single mother in Puerto Rico. He was one of the seven children. He had to fend for himself, on the streets, from a very young age.

When he was in his early twenties, he reached New England. Rafael had no money, no guardian, and knew no English. He did time for petty crimes and got addicted to heroin. He met Madelyn Vazquez in 2002. They had a rocky start, with Rafael going to prison twice, in three years. However, he managed to get into rehab, cleaned up his act, and went home.

By the time he was released in 2005, Madelyn had found God. She found work at a greeting card firm, moved her daughter, Millieonie, and herself to Chicopee, and was spending her nights at Bible study, in a nearby Pentecostal church. She continued working while Rafael was the stay-at-home dad. The couple had another child, a son, named Rafael Rodriguez Jr., in 2006.

Rodriguez Sr was clean and sober for four years, making visits to the clinic for methadone. However, he was set up in a cocaine deal, and even despite Farak’s indiscretions, Judge Kinder’s ruling stood. Rafael was imprisoned in early 2014. As the state kept coming after him, Rafael was depressed and panicked about the third trip to prison. He overdosed on the kitchen floor in April 2016.

Madelyn even shows viewers the spot where he died, in the docuseries. Now, without further ado, let us tell you where Madelyn, Millieonie and Rafael Rodriguez Jr. are.

Where are Madelyn, Millieonie and Rafael Rodriguez Jr., Now?

Madelyn still lives in Chicopee, which is a working-class suburb in Springfield. The docuseries informs us that she worked in Connecticut when Rafael overdosed. From her LinkedIn profile, it appears, she still works at Enfield, Connecticut, as an Industrial Account Manager at Kleeberg Sheet Metal.

It is clear, from Madelyn’s Facebook profile that she’s been married since June 8, 2019. Thus, it appears that she’s tried to make a life for herself, after Rafael’s demise. You can check out her post, celebrating her husband’s birthday.

As for her children, Rafael Rodriguez Jr. should be around 14 by now. While not much else is known about his current whereabouts, it would appear that he enjoys a good game of basketball. Madelyn’s picture below shows her son at a basketball game.

Meanwhile, Millieonie also seems to lead a private life. According to a Rolling Stone article, she used to be a straight-A student, and was 15 years old, when the article was written. Going by the fact that the article came out in January 2018, Millieonie is 17 years old now.

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